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  1. redblue222

    about silvervine fruit

  2. Ok pm muggle

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    2. MAAARRK


      Seriously i don't know the price but I prepared 9~10b thats all i got 🙂

    3. redblue222
    4. MAAARRK


      Ok ipm you in game 🙂

  3. redblue222

    @whosell FIX PLEASE

    @whosell "item" "price" prioritizes 1b zeny bag currency over 100m zeny bag currency. It considers the 1b as cheaper than 100m, making the "true" cheapest one hard to find if they get listed as the same price (Price: 2b zeny bag vs Price: 2 100m zeny bag)
  4. redblue222

    Hawk Eye item bug

    I crash every time I click this item. Thus, I can't store it, drop it, or sell it.