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  1. Hey, how have you been?

    1. Jean


      ~kicks chin

  2. Shaw


    Can I join too?
  3. Shaw

    returning player

    I'm now playing again after 4 or 5 years of inactivity, probably next week! To those who remembers me, I know you will still hate me because of my attitude 4 years ago but I'm a changed man now and hoping for you warm welcome. For newbies, I'll be more than happy to help out to make you guys progress to the game but I can't promise that I can give you all but I'll give what I can. My IGN is Ignis Nox.
  4. Gameplay Consultant, that sounds good.

  5. Shaw

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    let's just be thankful whenever something new is implemented regardless if it improve everyone's gameplay or not, which means that our developers are trying to make the server more interesting and do accept the fact that not all updates are beneficial to everyone and it depends if it's up to the developers to do something about it or it's up to the players to figure out how to overcome the change. change of metas is a key to figuring out new builds which could entirely change on how pvp works (which is interesting IMO). you don't want to live and play in a server that keeps the same meta forever. ~just sayin.
  6. Can someone provide me the link to where I can check the new items and its effects? (i.e headgears, wings, auras, armors, accessories). TIA.

    1. Aselica


      There's no link for one whole list I think. You might have to check different topics.

      A few new item effects in the seasonal events.

  7. Thinking of playing again. 🤔🤔🤔

  8. I would like to get the link where I can see all the headgear and rare sprites 😄

    1. Latte


      How about this sir 


    2. Shaw


      hey thanks! however all of the images are broken ☹️

  9. Shaw

    Surprise Rare Boxes and Chests

    Is there a section where I can view all the sprites of rare and all headgear equips?
  10. Shaw

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    Well, you could have banned me, yeah? Not gonna turn this to a flame thread. Just stating the fact though not relatively aligned with the topic. Just sayin. Btw, I did said "great effort" and I agree with your opinion about what's being suggested.
  11. Shaw

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    perhaps, add an additional card which can also boost/amplify magical damage same goes with the set effect.
  12. Shaw

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    Great efforts but... Let's just face it, the glory days of PVP era ended since 2015 and will never be the same.