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  1. Justin Isaiah McIntosh

    Coming back.

    New forums and everything, much wow. But yeah, after wandering around for a bit (and I do mean quite a bit), I decided every RO server sucks and RO sucks as a whole, but there is one server I stayed on longer than the rest and that's this one, so this is as close to home as it gets. Since I last played (late 2016 officially, dipped in for a second in 2017), the server has apparently become renewal and RP. Pretty different. But alas, so long as Haze is running the show, it's still the DreamerRO I'd call home. As of posting this I haven't downloaded the game yet nor do I really remember my login, so I'll just leave IGNs out for the time being.
  2. So apparently I need to make 200 posts to get my old username back. GGWP.