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  1. Kymchi

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Basing on the previous event, I think they're the same thing. There's also the fact that most items included in raffle events are account bound.
  2. Kymchi

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    - - - - - - - - - If you're referring to the Rare of Choice Fragment [23824], this one's tradable. However, as of the moment, I don't think that the Rare Holder NPC will exchange these fragments for a Rare of Choice Ticket.
  3. Kymchi

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    For most items with more than 1% drop rate, these do not show up in chat as a global announcement. Although there's the occasional drop announcement coming from instances (not online right now so I can't check if those cards have more than or less than 1% drop rate).
  4. Kymchi

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    So, allow the use of bots during seasonal events? Grinding and farming is basically one of the core premises of Ragnarok Online. Wouldn't you say the same thing about any game (e.g. DN, Els, GC, GI) that makes players grind and farm for hours to get any sort of in-game reward? Play if you have time. If making real money is important for your daily living, go for it. No one's forcing you to do both (unless you can play when you have spare time while you work). If you don't like the grinding/farming aspect of Ragnarok Online, you're free to play any other game that has an AFK gameplay option. Putting it another way, if you don't have time to grind/farm, you're always welcome to donate to the server so you can have access to better gear and to any seasonal event token/coins/materials/items that may be available.
  5. Kymchi

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    So basically, its either to allow the use of any botting programs or have dRO its own botting program? The mining system is already semi-AFK due to the use of macros. Extending this trend to the other server features would probably be difficult and problematic. But, if you're referring to AFK farming during seasonal events (e.g. killing monsters for materials) just because the mobs are killed so easily, would just cause all sorts of problems and potential abuse to the system. Ragnarok Online isn't meant to be played like some mobile game where you just press a few buttons and the game basically plays on its own. "The mobs right now are easily killed, so why not just have AFK farming then?" A good deterrent to this would just have the mobs deal significant damage to players. Which is why there's always the option of donating and acquiring seasonal event tokens/coins via Donation Credits so players who have less time to play because of IRL jobs can still acquire tokens/coins (and to an extent, support the game). Haze already said that you can just sell the card to other players if you don't want/need it. No one's forcing you to like every new card that comes out. This is pretty much the case for the Easter Cards and Christmas Cards. If you don't like their effects, simply sell them to players who might want/need it.
  6. Kymchi

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Farming coins from server features and farming event materials from event mobs should be kept separate. I would like to believe that the exchange feature exists to just supplement the materials/coins that you are getting, not to become the primary source of materials/coins. COINS: Various in-game currencies, usable items, SOH, etc. MATERIALS: Event headgears The exchange rate between materials and coins are fine. Exchanging between coins/materials without consequence, and on top of that, increasing the coins acquired, would probably be bad. Leave the coins acquired from server features as it is. Reducing them would probably just encourage players to just farm materials and ignore doing server features (some people are already doing this, but it would just worsen it). As HaZe already mentioned:
  7. Kymchi

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Yes plsss.. XD But then again, there will be invasion events in Phase 2.
  8. Kymchi

    All Around Ranger MVP / PvE Hunting Guide

    You can always refer to the guides listed in the DreamerRO Wiki. http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Ranger
  9. Kymchi


    By any chance, have you recently deleted a character of yours that was still a member of that guild? That's the most common cause for players getting that guild storage bug. Additionally, adjusting the time (or something) so impatient players can skip waiting 24 hours before a character can be deleted is also a related cause.
  10. Yep. Pretty much a straightforward way of writing a guide, and I like it. Just a few things though. If you could somehow better arrange the texts and images so reading wouldn't be a bit difficult, it would be great . You could also go easy on the text sizes and the huge emoticons. I guess the other guide was somehow misplaced?
  11. Kymchi

    Attractive game not to be missed!!

  12. Kymchi

    Warlock Guide for 3K Caspen Kills

    Well, most guides typically assume that players already know some stuff or the items required come from shops that players are already familiar with. Anyhow, as with the current game status, you can already use AoE skills inside Caspen dungeon. The best one for a warlock or any character that has access to it, is the skill Meteor Storm. You can still follow the guide to some extent, but as with anyone says, if you have better items, use them. You can replace the Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card with a Salamander Card (increases Meteor Storm Damage). If you have enough Skill Delay Reduction, you can replace Expert Ring with Orlean Gloves (has MATK +3%, drops from Bow Guardian in thor_v03), and the Imp Card with a Scaraba Card (dic_dun02). UPPER HEADGEAR Strawberry Cap - Daily Quest NPC Kiel D-01 Card - Daily Quest NPC or buy from players MIDDLE HEADGEAR Neo Artic Wings - DreamerRO Market (@go 49) or buy from other players 30% ~ 45% Delay Wings - Vote4Points NPC, Daily Quest NPC, DreamerRO Market LOWER HEADGEAR Sage Ring - Moose NPC inside the Quest Room in Caspen or buy from other players Sunflower Ring - Buy from other players High Wizard Card - Daily Quest NPC or buy from other players ARMOR Earth Spirit Armor - Armor shop in Zeny Mall (@go 48) Tao Gunka Card - Daily Quest NPC or buy from other players Shadow of Nydhoggur Card - Daily Quest NPC or buy from other players WEAPON Willow Staff / Staff of Sentinel - obtainable from Rank C and Rank B Hero Weapon Quests or buy from other players Celine Kimi Card - buy from other players Necromancer Card - @warp abbey03 Entweihen Crothen Card - buy from other players SHIELD Hodremlin Card - @warp ra_san03 GARMENT Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card - Main NPC >> Warper >> Dungeons >> Pyramids >> Basement 2 Nightmare Mode SHOES Sleipnir of the Gods - Vote4Points NPC or buy from other players ACCESSORIES Expert Ring - Drops from Ragged Zombie @warp abbey02 Medal of Honor - Battlegrounds Equipment Shop
  13. Kymchi

    Question about some items

    Deviling Boss Hat (18043) only drops from Deviling (1582). You can't warp into ordeal_3-2. However, you can hunt for Ktullanux by summoning it randomly via Bloody Branches or summoning it directly via MVP Hunter (@warp caspen 145 219). You can buy a Poring Bag from the Vote4Points Shop (@warp caspen 147 210).
  14. Kymchi


    If you acquire the name of an item (headgears, consumables, etc.) you can search it up via @ii or @whosell. It's not necessary to type the full name of the item, since their searchable (or actual name) is different. Example: Typing @whosell sleipnir will just yield one result (the non-custom one). Typing @whosell sleip will yield several results, including the custom one. Example: Typing @ii sleipnir will just yield 2 results, the custom and the non-custom one. As for most custom headgears (and items for that matter) they typically have 5-digit numbers as their item ID. Their item IDs can be seen when searching via @ii or @whosell. Once you have the item ID, you can then use @ii2 to be able to view the item as if you're right clicking on it (so you'll see their item description/effect and their illustration/appearance/sprite). Example: Typing @ii2 23580 will show a window with a clickable item name. Click on it, and it will show the item's description and image. As for a list of seasonal headgears, I'm afraid I can't give you one as there's too many. You can try asking other players for the item names of seasonal headgears though. Well, if you know that you'll be AFK for a while, I do suggest that you don't do any farming or the like. Just log off or leave your character AFK in towns. If you're at work, better have earphones, headsets, speakers or anything that will be able to notify you if someone's whispered you, so you'll be able to respond quickly. If you've been seen and you've been whispered/messaged to without being able to reply for a long time while mining (or anything that may involve macros), that may cause the person who found you to take evidence (video recording) and report you. If a GM is the one who personally finds you, then what he/she will penalize you with will be up to him/her.
  15. Kymchi


    2. Well, because there's a lot of them. You can see the headgears currently available by vising the shops below (if I have missed some, pls correct me): Dreamerro Market (@go 49) Vote4Points NPC (@warp caspen 147 220) Daily Quest NPC (@warp caspen 184 183) Headgear Quests (pls see link for guides for each one) WoE Token Shop (Treasure Tokens) (@warp prt_gld 156 99) Combat Coins Shops (@warp hero_camp 211 219) Heroic Shop (@warp ayo_in 116 172) Battlegrounds Shops (@go bg) Death Match Shop (@warp casp_auct02 34 28) Of course, there's also some of the discounted headgears available in the Elite Temple. There's also the headgears available via Seasonal Events (though they're not all listed that much here). More or less, right now, several headgears have similar effects (ex. Danzo Bandage and Creed Helm), so most people typically go after those items that have sprites that they like. Most guides typically suggest the best headgears currently available for their build (at the time of their writing), so you can base your decision off that. 3. Not sure, but I believe that's how most of the instances are made. Perhaps messing with the underlying structure might cause problems. Hence why dual clienting is allowed so that solo players can enter the instances without much hassle. 5. If you're asking if it's possible, yes. However, it is illegal. Just because you can do something, that doesn't mean that it's immediately harmless and allowed. Read up on the rules or ask first (like the one you're doing) to avoid making any mistake. You cannot use macros (or any other software) to farm or kill monsters while AFK or away from your computer. (Skill, Jump, Skill), (Casting AoE repeatedly without moving, etc). You need to be physically there to at least control your character and to be able to answer to any chats and/or whispers that may come your way when doing so (ex. mining while using Macros).