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  1. Kymchi

    Genetic Zeph| Daily Quest Farming: Illusion Doping

    Hmm. I didn't really follow this guide. I just remembered someone mentioning which stats and effects improve Illusion Doping's damage, and I started from there. But i ended up with pretty similar equipments. Did some tests on my available items to try and see which gives me the most damage potential. Though I'm happy with my damage (10k ~ 20k+ depending on the monsters), some items on my current build can still use some better alternatives.
  2. Kymchi

    Genetic Zeph| Daily Quest Farming: Illusion Doping

    Me. :3 Illusion Doping all the way for all Zeph difficulties (of course except for those mobs on izlu2dun)
  3. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    You can find images of the Virus Annihilator Set, Lucifer's Demon Set, and Infernal Wolf Set on the first page of this:
  4. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    Just an observation. I've only noticed this now cause a lot of new players are complaining that they're not getting their Divine/Easter weapons. Dunno if this was already put out there. If one talks to the Easterlude Assistant to try and get their weapons and basket while they're not yet at least a 2nd Job Transcendent Class, they'll just get the basket and they can no longer get the weapon with that character. Of course, this excludes baby, doram, taekwon, ninja, and gunslinger classes. It's pretty much a given that most players wil be typically using either 3rd job or transcendent characters. It's just that some new players tend to go into the map without giving it a second thought while they are still 2nd job classes.
  5. Kymchi

    Server Condition

    Win or lose, how BG isn't rewarding enough? Victory Badges, War Badges, Silvervine Fruit, Divinium Ores, among other things. All of those could translate into zeny and better equipment for anyone. Veterans would probably have tons of these and don't know what to use them for. But for new players? It's a place to have a chance of getting better stuff. What are people waiting for? Perhaps getting BG sets like the Worldbreaker/bringer and the blue wolf thingy set every month? Or perhaps giving players 10b after each BG? WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT JOINING BG/PVP? Perhaps it's the mentality? Lose, and they trash talk the enemy player into submission. Win, and they will brag to their enemy's face all day. So, to avoid these stuff from happening? Some people don't go to PvP. Perhaps it's the drive to win? "If I don't even have a chance to win, then there's no point in PvP." I would love to to BG or participate in most PVP related stuff (whether I win, lose, or die 99% of the time) if not for the reason that I will tend to lag and I'll just end up being a burden for not moving or just get kicked. - - - - - - - People got spoiled by being able to buy SOH during past few events and are complaining why there's no SOH for the Valentines Event and the ongoing Easter Event. Vets probably convinced new players that SOH is the way to go to getting a proper elite character. I would also love to get an SOH every chance I can during events. But, by putting out an easier alternative to getting an Elite Hero, defeats the purpose of the Hero/Elite Hero Quests. It also has affected the way that SOH is supposed to be acquired. I'm aware that the road to getting an Elite Hero the normal way is long and tedious, but I believe this will also instill a sense of accomplishment and closeness to their characters for those who complete it for the first time, especially new players. - - - - - - - If you ask me what made me stay for over a year now despite not getting involved with PVP related stuff or end-game PVE content: RO was my first online game, and for some reason, I really loved this server. The opportunities for getting betters aesthetics. Lol. I'm probably only after getting more gears to make into costumes and most of my zeny are spent into doing so. I love the social aspect despite not interacting with players as much as possible. And many more thing that are on the top of my head right now. >.< - - - - - - - It's just unfortunate that majority of the players are probably looking forward to PvP related stuff, which I cannot blame them either.
  6. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    You might be the one who dealt the last hit but loot distribution is affected by the damage you've dealt to it. Of course, it's an entirely different case if you dealt a lot of damage to it while it was still alive. If going by the last xmas event, I also had last hit several Ice Queen Knights but got no loot from them
  7. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    Perhaps other people dealt more damage to it compared to you?
  8. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    @warp caspen 171 215
  9. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 - Pre-Phase

    I can't still get over how generous the pre-phase event was.
  10. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 - Pre-Phase

    Just try talking to the NPC and see how things go. :3
  11. Kymchi

    House of Trials

    It is, for now. At least until when it gets released again.
  12. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 - Pre-Phase

    Can't help myself. This will be the last one.
  13. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 - Pre-Phase

    Players swarming the NPC be like:
  14. Kymchi

    Easter Event 2021 - Pre-Phase

    Definitely made my day.
  15. Elite Weapons aren't made for 3rd Jobs. That's the reason you don't see any of them having effects that directly mention 3rd Job Skills