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  1. Yes. But you're gonna use the Storm Gust equipment. Old Parasol isn't an elite weapon.
  2. From what I've gathered from my tests, upper headgears that give ATK% tend to lower Illusion Doping's Damage. Not sure how much of an impact the +200 ATK that Fresh Rose will do to compensate the reduced damage though.
  3. Jack of All Trades, Masters of None. Be warned that this isn’t really a newbie friendly guide because of the recommended equipment. But if you like doing Zeph Missions a lot like me, it doesn’t hurt to try and improve on efficiency. While you can always make a Warlock for Zeph Missions and Goblin Invasion, a Genetic for Zeph Missions, and a Ranger for Treasure Boxes, it feels a bit satisfying that I don’t really have to keep on switching characters whenever I need to do those activities (unless you have a LOT of characters that you do Zeph Missions with). This is my personal build and has undergone a lot of testing to maximize the damage using whatever items I have access to. This was primarily made for the purpose of increasing efficiency when doing activities that can earn honorable points and for fun at the same time. As such, its damage lies in the usage of Illusion Doping and Storm Gust. While you can do the other activities that are indicated in the lower parts of this guide, your damage will not be that high compared to the original users of the copied skills, but they’re still doable to an extent. This guide may be updated in the future whenever there will be changes or improvements to the build. One more thing. I have no idea if there are Genetics or Shadow Chasers out there that get similar or better damage in terms of Illusion Doping. I guess there probably are, but only a few. Besides, all I'm seeing a few times is that there are Zeph Mission monsters that still have less than 30% HP, which are most likely dealt by a low-damage Illusion Doping. The probable mindset of most players is that if Zeph Mission monsters are getting tougher to kill using a Genetic with Illusion Doping, they either switch to using Warlocks, or delete their Genetics and make new ones. I also wanna apologize if you're trying to view this using a mobile phone as the layout of the tables may get messy. (I know, I know. This is probably probably a drawn-out guide. Aside from posting this, I'm also trying out some stuff like adding tables and what not.) SAMPLE DAMAGE SHOWCASE (I apologize for the unintended background music. I forgot that I was playing it at the time of recording XD) PRIMARY EQUIPMENT ILLUSION DOPING STORM GUST ITEM CARD ITEM CARD UPPER HEADGEAR + 10 Fox Ear Ribbon Duneyrr Commentator Headset Kiel D-01 Halloween Hunter Cap Christmas Neko Hood Green Captain’s Hat (Any headgear that adds +MATK%) (Any headgear that adds +20% Ranged Attack Damage) MIDDLE HEADGEAR Union Wing Duneyrr Cat Ears Red Cape Kiel D-01 Royal Marksman Wings Neo Artic Wings Molten Bloodstone Wings (Any headgear that adds +MATK%) (Any headgear that adds +25%/+22% Ranged Damage or Physical Damage to All Race) LOWER HEADGEAR Easter Birds Blessing Duneyrr Cons of Water High Wizard Cookie Ring Eremes Christmas Scarf Dragon Aura (Any headgear that adds at least +15% MATK or +? % Damage to All Race) Icicle Ring (Any headgear that adds at least +450 to ATK) ARMOR Executioner’s Armor Amdarais Executioner’s Armor Amdarais or Realized Amdarais or Realized Amdarais or Nightmare Amon Ra WEAPON +10 Beheader (Elite Weapon, Bow) Tyrant Cecil +10 Old Parasol (a.k.a. Old Yangsan) Celine Kimi White Knight Turtle General x2 Ancient Tree Incantation Samurai SHIELD Shield of Evalach Khalitzburg Knight Same as Illusion Doping’s GARMENT +8 Albite Garment Menblatt +8 Rustic Mantle Antique Book (Any enchanted garment that has +ATK%) (Any enchanted garment that has +MATK%) SHOES Twilight Boots Fused Eddga Twilight Boots Faceworm Egg or Sleipnir that has +ATK% enchant or Sleipnir that has +MATK% enchant and/or Determined Kathryne ACCESSORY 1 Medal of Honor Gold Scaraba Orlean’s Glove Scaraba or Fortuna ACCESSORY 2 Medal of Honor Gem of Carting Same as Illusion Doping’s. Do not switch out if you’re wearing Gem of Carting. Division Glove Adamite Pendant or Gold Scaraba Aluminium Glove Mercury Relic *For any of the upgradable equipment above that do not have an indicated upgrade level, feel free to upgrade them as much as you can. *For any equipment that has more than one suggested item (except for the weapon cards), choose whichever is available to you. RECOMMENDED STATS AMOUNT STR 350 AGI 81 VIT 100 INT 350 DEX 500 LUK 150 RECOMMENDED SKILLS NOTES Illusion Doping Copy from Genetics using Reproduce skill. Storm Gust Copy from Warlocks or from monsters (Garm, Stormy Knight) Preserve Prevents you from losing your copied storm gust. Auto Shadow Spell Helpful for when skills are disabled during Goblin Invasions or when killing Zeph mobs in izlu2dun. Use with Old Parasol. Triangle Shot For killing those MVPs you stumble at times. Hiding Use these two when being surrounded by mobs. Hide first, then immediately use Raid. Raid Chase Walk Allows you to have breathing room when you’re in a dungeon that has aggressive monsters. Arrow Storm (optional) Copy from Rangers. You can use this skill instead of Illusion Doping when entering Endless Tower or even farming for Warrior’s Skull in Biolabs 3. Invisibility (optional) Allows you to normal attack while invisible. Your normal attacks become ghost property at this state. Cannot use skills and items. This buff will cancel out when you run out of SP. RECOMMENDED ITEMS TO BRING AND USE NOTES Alcohol Your bread and butter item. Have at least 500 of these when doing Zeph Missions. You can buy it cheaper compared to Merchants because of Rogue’s Compulsion Discount skill. Oridecon Arrow Your default arrow for dealing neutral damage. Arrow of Wind For imbuing Illusion Doping with element damage. To be honest, as of late, since I’m 1-hitting almost every Zeph Mission targets using Oridecon Arrow (except for some monsters that have really high HP, ghost attribute monsters, izlu2dun monsters, or MVPs), I don’t really switch to these that much. Crystal Arrow Fire Arrow Stone Arrow Holy Arrow Arrow of Shadow Immaterial Arrow Rusty Arrow I haven’t really used this, but hey, there’s nothing to lose by bringing it. Mastela Fruit Useful when you’re nowhere near a Healer NPC. The Incantation Samurai and Amdarais Cards will slowly drain your HP and SP. Panacea Use when cursed, poisoned, silenced, confused, etc. Guarana Candy / Lv 10 AGI Scroll Use when afflicted with Decrease AGI Gastraphetes Use when participating in Treasure Box Hunt. Dark Lord Mask Equip with Kiel D-01. Use along with the Storm Gust equipment when you want to farm in Caspen Dungeon. You could still use Storm Gust along with it, but you’d get Dispelled a lot. Raver Skeleton Pet/ Chuluphant Pet / Penguin Nervoso Pet +15 to all stats, +100 ATK, and casts Odins Power Lv. 1. Cure Free Removes that fugly Reverse Orcish face. This item can be crafted by Genetics. PLACES OR ACTIVITIES YOU CAN FARM NOTES Zeph Missions One of the primary purposes of this build. As stated above, you can 1-hit most monsters that you encounter in Zeph Missions (even in the highest difficulties) Goblin Invasion The other primary purpose of this build. The damage might overkill and is too high for the Goblins, but hey, the more the better. Endless Tower You can start from floor one if you like, but it’s more efficient to start at floor 51 instead. Bossnia Dungeon Use the Storm Gust equips. For lower headgear, use Eremes Christmas Scarf for more damage. For the shoes, use Determined Kathryne Card. But you can get dispelled here, so pay attention and immediately use Preserve when that happens. Use Illusion Doping to gather the monsters. Caspen Dungeon Use the Dark Lord Helm along with the rest of the Storm Gust build. You can get dispelled here, so use Preserve as much as you can. Or you can just let yourself get dispelled and just focus on Meteor Storm. Biolabs 3 You can use Arrow Storm to farm Warrior’s Skulls here. Treasure Box Hunt Use Gastraphetes for increased range. Scavenger Hunt and Daily Quest If you’re saving the etc. items and cards from the monsters you’ve killed, you can participate in Scavenger Hunts. Daily Quests will be done much quicker as well. You can also start selling Daily Quest services. COMMANDS NOTES @aloot clear You don’t want to literally loot everything (unless that’s what you want). @aloottype +6 For looting cards. @aloottype +3 For looting etc. items. @mission For showing the Zeph Mission monster list. @whereis For showing what maps a certain monster spawns. @showmobs For those monster that only have 10 or below spawn numbers in a map. @warp For warping to maps. @jump For warping around the map. @warp kh_dun01 @jump is disabled in these maps. @warp ama_dun01 ADDITIONAL TIPS AND NOTES For increasing efficiency when doing Zeph Missions, use Gray Maps so you can have a better view of the monsters and the map layout. When doing Zeph Missions, you’ll need to use Illusion Doping 95% of the time. It hits a wider range than Storm Gust and targets everything in its line of sight. Pretty useful for hitting hard to see monsters like Anopheles. When using @whereis, just because there are more monsters in one map, it doesn’t mean that it’s more efficient to go there. A good example of this is the Leaf Cat. There is 65 Leaf Cats in ayo_dun01 while there are 35 Leaf Cats in ayo_fild01. In this case, it’s better to go to ayo_fild01. This is because the maze layout of ayo_dun01 severely limits the range of Illusion Doping and Storm Gust. While you can use Dark Pinguicula Card instead of Duneyrr Card, using the former will make you loot a lot of poisonous herbs. Use it if you don’t mind getting the herbs. Since the damage is high enough, most other normal monsters that aren’t Zeph Mission targets but drop items that are required by Daily Quests and Scavenger Hunts die in one hit. If they cannot be killed in one Illusion Doping hit, they will usually die in two or three hits. Get familiar with the monsters. If you do, you’ll often recognize that sometimes there are some Zeph Mission monsters that have common spawn map. There will be times that your damage is lower when using Oridecon Arrows. In this case, switch to an elemental arrow that will deal more damage to your targe. For certain monsters that have Ringleader versions, if it can be helped, try to spare the Ringleader and kill only their summons, because they will still count towards completing your Zeph Mission. This is especially helpful if your target monsters have low spawn numbers in a map. While you can use a +10 Hailstorm (+20% Physical Damage to all Race except player) instead of a +10 Beheader, I have yet to get my hands on that item. There’s also the new Battlegrounds exclusive garment, the Kingsmen Backup Blades that gives 20% increase physical and magical damage against all elements. And before I forget, there are those new accessories that come from the Elite Endless Tower. If you have the ones that increase range damage, use them. If you wanna run instances, there are more specialized jobs for that, like Royal Guard and Guillotine Cross. As I’ve said in the very beginning, Shadow Chasers are a jack of all trades and master of none. As such, you’re free to copy and use whatever skill that you can use for a given activity. Don’t have a Dark Lord Mask? Use Reproduce to copy Meteor Storm. Want to use more magic skills like Heal and Fire wall? Copy them or use scrolls and then adjust your build accordingly. **01-23-2022:
  4. Kymchi

    NEWBIE.can anyone tech me how to make my screen like this..

    You mean that the buildings, trees, and other stuff are replaced with just tiles? If so, you need to use .grf files. You can look up this thread. For that look, that is called a Gray Map. There's one on the link below but it doesn't cover all maps/dungeons/towns. You can further search up here in the forums about other gray map .grf files.
  5. Kymchi

    Christmas Event Feedback

    1. In your estimate how much time did you spent during this event? Probably 2~5 hours per day. 2. Which event/npc did you like the most about the Christmas Event? The addition of HoT Purchase Rights to Pastries. 3. Which event/npc did you dislike the most about the Christmas Event? Nothing comes to mind. 4. Did you participate in the raffle? Did you get anything? Yep. Got the Striking Mikoshi garment. 5. If you could change one thing about the event, what would it be? If anything, the event headgears expired a sooner than expected. But that's not really a big deal though. 6. If you could add something new to the event, what would it be? Nothing comes to mind. 7. In scale of 1-10 where 1 is the lowest, how will you rate your enjoyment of this event? Why? A solid 11.
  6. Kymchi

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Well, if you no longer wish to buy any more headgear, pet, or other items, just ignore it. If not, well, just farm for more Christmas Trinkets and Doodled Letters.
  7. Kymchi

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    You probably need to file a support ticket for this sort of issue.
  8. Kymchi

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Use item ID 24013
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    New to here :)

  10. Kymchi

    Warrior's Skull

    If you're just killing the Lord Knights, the warrior's skull actually drops from all mobs in bioloabs 3 at a 3% drop rate. But yeah, it does take quite a bit of time to get 100 skulls there. On the other hand, it's faster to just buy it from another player (just as you probably had intended to do when you first posted this topic).
  11. Having trouble with getting good drops from xmas mobs? Here's a tip: review the server now! Your review isn't expired yet? Delete it and make a new one now!

    Worked for me. I hope it works for you too. There's nothing to lose. Try it now! :th_no1:

  12. Kymchi

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Don't worry, you're not alone in your battle against RNGesus.
  13. Kymchi


    Since the Remmington Shotgun is an Elite Weapon, you first need to become an Elite Hero before you can have access to it. Once you've become an Elite Hero, if you do not wish to do the quests for your Elite Weapons, you can buy the weapon instead for 300b Zeny from the Elite Weapon Expert inside the Elite Temple (only accessible if you're already Elite) http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Elite_Weapon http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Hero_%26_Elite_Hero http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Elite_Weapon_Expert http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Elite_Temple