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  1. yachino

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    Even without comparing this event to the past events, what we have right now is already good and all. You're not forced to burn out yourself to farm the event mobs for Coins (but yeah, you lose out on the Vouchers and the Raffle Tickets) as there are alternate methods of earning them. Since we are still in the farming phase, you should also look forward to the headgears and other items that will be added in the future. Why not aim few items that you want or might want. Please don't be too greedy and ask for more coin rewards per activity just because you probably want to get your hands on all or more items. Just because you've seen that player suggestions can be taken and implemented by the admins, it doesn't mean that you can comment/post and ask for whatever you want and be mad later because it didn't get implemented. As a fail safe, you can convert your Coins into different currencies in case you don't like the headgears/items later on or you didn't farm enough. It's still a win-win situation and you still get something (unless of course you went full lazy mode and barely did anything). This event is already great and it will probably become even more so in the next phases.
  2. yachino

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    At least you can continuously keep on doing Contracts for as long as you want, unlike Zeph where the Halloween Coin rewards were adjusted and you have to wait for its cooldown. That's not taking in account the occasional Halloween Boss kills which will increase your reward per turn in.
  3. yachino

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    Most people wont even bother doing the hard difficulty zeph missions for this event. Did you mean that a player with less time farming/doing dailies should have equal if not more Halloween Coins than a player that is farming with 6+ characters per hour? That sounds a bit unfair to the one giving more time and effort. (Ahem, the coins are account bound, so the only benefit that a player gains from doing zeph with 21+ characters is the zeny, unless that player plans on gearing all 3 accounts) Apart from just spamming zeph, you still have Daily Quests, Scavenger Hunts, Battlegrounds, the automated events (though this isn't a consistent method of farming coins), and more ways of getting coins. If this would be implemented, then I'm pretty sure that the drop rate would not be 100%. This already defeats your purpose of "farming a good amount of coins for players that can't spend all day farming." I mean, Caspen Dungeon, Bossnia Dungeon, and the MVP Warper are there all the time. Players with more time than you are bound to spam these places, thus getting an additional method of farming instead of just AFKing or doing Battlegrounds while waiting for Zeph cooldowns. The upcoming Phases of this event will most likely have event maps, so, there's that. Yes me too. I cannot spam zeph all the time due to work (although I'm still online). I'm aware that the rate I'm farming coins right now isn't the best and I'm already outclassed by most players that have more time and are consistent with farming. It's their advantage and it would feel unfair for them if I would gain the same (if not more) coins as them with less effort. But hey, this didn't bother me in the slightest. Just work your way up slowly. There's no need to burn out or stress yourself in farming. After all, we still have about a month to farm coins and the upcoming Phases are sure to have more opportunities for you to get coins and/or items.
  4. yachino

    Hades Lines

    I just noticed that one of the lines that Hades says upon spawning: "...Destruction! Carnage and Despair!" It was so close to a part Ark Scorpion's Transformation Jingle: "...Destruction, Ruin, Despair, Extinction..." I just need to get this out of my head. I'm referencing Horobi's Ark Scorpion Transformation Jingle from the Kamen Rider Zero One.
  5. yachino

    Hi Im TopengGaming

    Oh. Was it you that he was talking to the other day (the yellow H. Wiz named 'lGranny' )? I was just referencing his conversation with you. :3
  6. yachino

    Hi Im TopengGaming

    Like hitting on grannies? XD Anyway, enjoy your stay. Have fun. :3
  7. yachino

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    The guide is pretty great. I will be adapting some strategies to my class. - - - - - - - - - Seriously, what is wrong with people nowadays? The other day, I had someone calling me a liar, berating the GMs for their "inactivity", threatening to report me, and a lot of other stuff just because I was just genuinely trying to help him with his problem. And now we have this one getting triggered by something that was just meant to be a reference of some sort and not as a direct insult to any sort of religion.
  8. yachino

    Coronavirus Event [ 2nd Wave ]

    Why can't we just be grateful to Haze-sama? He had already extended the event way beyond its intended deadline (and now extended even more because some people cannot read or cannot be bothered to read). The fact that he gave us this 2nd wave just to give us something to do and keep us indoors during these hard times shows that he cares for us, the players.
  9. yachino

    Alternate 3rd Job Sprite Guide

    Ah. So you meant changing directly from Hero/Non-Hero to Elite? There's the Spirit of Heroism item in the Dreamer RO Market that allows you to become an Elite Hero (it also gives you other benefits like quest completion and Elite Weapons and Gloves). It costs 250 Dreamer RO Tokens. The Spirit of Heroism is also available via the Corona Virus Shop.
  10. yachino

    Alternate 3rd Job Sprite Guide

    If you mean changing jobs (like from Mechanic to Warlock), then there is. It costs 100 Dreamer RO Tokens or 250b. The NPC for that is inside the Elite Temple. (I haven't exactly tried it, so I'm just writing the costs that the NPC states)
  11. yachino

    Why not add MVP hunt in achievement

    Limiting it only to their natural spawn points is already a big yikes. To give an example, even though completing the Scavenger Hunt achievement is done through competing with other players, even if you fail to submit the items in time, you continuously have the chance to do so until you submit the needed items. An achievement like that will take way too long to complete, since you will be competing for MVPs that have at least 50 mins to respawn.
  12. yachino

    ZEPH QUEST - Corona Virus Collection

    Unless there's a 0.00001% miracle that allows us to convert excess Covid tokens into something else (zeny perhaps?), the Covid Tokens won't have any further use after the event (the same as any event currencies that came before). So, just delete them when the Corona virus shop becomes unavailable.
  13. yachino

    Why not add MVP hunt in achievement

    There's currently only one achievement that is directly tied to MVPs and all of them are accessible via the MVP Warper. [The Boss Hunter] - Achievement for killing 10 Baphoments, 10 Eddgas, 5 Phreeonies and 1 Mistress. - [1x Skin Color Coupon] Linking the achievement to MVPs that only naturally spawn in their own respective maps will be a long and tedious process to complete. Several of those MVPs are already being killed the moment that they spawn (e.g. Tao Gunka, Turtle General, etc.). You're lucky if you see one alive. So as Aegus said, MVPs that can be summoned via Bloody Branches and Gallajorns should be included since they do share the same monster ID and item drops with the ones that spawn naturally (correct me if I'm wrong with this). - - - - - - - - - - Why was this posted in the guides section when this is clearly a suggestion?
  14. yachino


    Oh? Here you go. Not the best. Hope it helps.
  15. yachino

    Monster & Pet Talk

    Most mobs summoned by MVPs are especially annoying because they flood the chat box. MVPs' talking are just fine though. For pet talks, perhaps there should just be a time limit in-between usage of 'Performance' to manually make them talk because this is can be spammed. Pets automatically talking when you're doing stuff, really aren't a bother and somehow gives a feeling of companionship when you're playing solo. They also do tend to spam a lot by themselves when you have pretty low HP. Instead of completely removing the speeches, perhaps there could be a set time in between the speeches that it makes. And yes, if it is possible, speeches suited to each pet may be made, even if they're just a few new lines. It's a bit weird that a Naomi pet is complaining that it "does not have any hands" when its model has it (referring to the Poring pet talks imbued in most custom pets).