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  1. Can u make instead golden abbadon sword that may fit with the destiny or legendary set. - ranger is stronk
  2. trowabarton1


    Give ur GF contact # to me tomorrow morning ur 101% lucky.
  3. trowabarton1

    Mora Coins/Splendide Coins/Sea God's Anger Farming 24/7

    How is it done? Ill just kill and kill the mobs inside? How do i earn the coins?
  4. what a lame alibi bro, you just cant accept the truth that it really hurts to be bullied. As a golden rule dont do unto others what you dont want other to do unto you. It's your words against mine and yes its im not escaping the fact that it was my negligence to be scammed, i even proud to say and announced that is why i have the courage to report that i was scammed and hacked. But you? your claiming that your were helping the newbie? you want me to show the screenshot of your statements expressing how you rejoiced after knowing that i was scammed. Oh common bro if you really want to challenge me, let's meet in person coz i have a courage to face you coz for me your the ones doing the bullying and not me. your just unfortunate that i am here in the server confronting your wrong doings. anyway i know you dont have balls to meet me in person so just accept the fact that you are the ones hiding your own weaknessess. you are just good in bullying but you dont have the courage to confront me face to face. be man enough to fight before bullying others. WEAKLING.

    1. Seamless


      Wait, first you say you're being bullied and now you say we're being bullied? What is it, really. im getting confused with all your twisted facts. I'm not gonna correct your English this time because every fucking sentence is constructed wrong. LMFAO. Btw this is a one long irrelevant letter you got here. 

      What's the connection of Helping a newbie and LAUGHING MY ASS OFF when you got hacked? I mean, it really is your fault you got hacked, and i'm here to laugh at your uttermost stupidity. 

      It's 2018 and people are still getting Scammed / Hacked. This time, a Police Officer got hacked. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA bruh you don't belong in the force. SHAME

    2. jimvictor


      okay, Seamless is uneducate.