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  1. waiting for new updates 😤

  2. zpunk

    Greetings! An Oldie Returns

    Hey there welcome back, make sure to read the latest news and changes in announcement section because there are a lot of new updates since you've been gone. Have fun and enjoy
  3. zpunk

    Nekogami here!

    Welcome to forum. I like your profile picture
  4. zpunk

    Gear Progression/Gear goals

    Hmm thats pretty much all really, farm up zeny and look for the gears I mentioned and slaughter dem mvps lol. Also if you want to, look for Scintila guild for guidance and whatnot and enjoy the game
  5. zpunk

    Gear Progression/Gear goals

    Heart beanie has 25% dmg reduction against demi-human, I used it cus I pvp as well but punk beanie will do just fine.
  6. zpunk

    Gear Progression/Gear goals

    Yeah we don't use the trading house no more to trades. People are selling their stuff in vending market now in @go vend. There are still people selling hero weapons in the market but not that many. Oh yeah try farm some and you'll see how many people want hero quest. But the problem with hero quest is that, its kinda hard to get the skulls and people sell them with ridiculous price on the market. Item id for skull is 7420. The easiest way to cash out your badges are to buy str megingjard, they cost 800 war badges and can sell for 2b-3b. So if you cycle through each warlocks in a day you can get 3b+ just from farming zeph alone and prize will get better as the difficulty increases.
  7. zpunk

    Gear Progression/Gear goals

    Make like 4 warlocks and you cycle through each warlocks for more rewards and badges. Also you can get donation gears in bg now from the new updates, thats another way for you to get gears. No one really farm hero quest materials nowadays and there are a lot of people who are looking for them but price ranging from 3b-4.5b per set. Yeah most people are mining to farm zeny nowadays. For cards, if you do PvM, look for thanatos, randgris, turtle general, ghostring, gloom under night, orc hero, dark pinicuila for headgear, fireclock soldier, gold scaraba for accessories, pretty much use anything that increase atk and/or hp.
  8. zpunk

    Gear Progression/Gear goals

    Gotcha, use anything that increase your MATK for warlock plus 2 int meginjard should be fine farming in biolabs 3. Yes, your end game weapons will be elite weapons. For now use any weapons that has 4 slots. Because of renewal thanatos change its name to memory of thanatos but still retain its effect. Correct ice pick effect thanatos. For gears, look for twilight boots, albite garment, executioner's armor, mystical chakra, ladybug wings, medal of honors from bg / aluminum gloves. Or use any manteau, boots, valk armor, drake jacket, dragon aura, 2 str megingjard. It really depends on what they want to do pvp or pve, so gears are vary. You can farm materials for hero quest, there are many people who will buy them. Other than that people farm their zeny through mining.
  9. zpunk

    Gear Progression/Gear goals

    Hey there welcome back. To farm zeny use your warlock to do zeph missions. If you have some money to invest in try mining but this takes a long time to see profit if you just started. Since your warlock is non hero, I would make new warlock cus when you create new character you will get freebies set with the stats you need to start the game. For your GX, rank up and strive to be elite hero so you can get elite weapon. For now any weapons that you can use will be fine, don't worry too much. Depends on which MVP you doing, use abysmal cards, cards that increase damage vs races, increase damage vs elements. Normally, thanatos + 2x abysmal + turtle general is the basic build. If you use 2 weapons, thanatos + 4x abysmal + 3x turtle general should do just fine. You can start MVP hunting with gx just with these cards and punk beanie. Vote point shop is changed with many donation-like-type gears. This way you can easily obtain part of your gears just by voting.
  10. zpunk

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    It's not 100% guaranteed that you will tame the monster. Also you will have much better chances of taming one if the monster hp dropped below 50%.
  11. zpunk

    Hi guys :)

    I'm Cr1T1k4L haha
  12. zpunk

    Hi guys :)

    Eyyy welcome to forum Sophie, the Vampire Gurl lol
  13. zpunk

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    hateful rabbit has 1100 flee so you need 1200 hit to be able to hit them
  14. zpunk

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Lol u still alive? Maen lg gan?