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  1. zpunk

    V4P server broken

    Can confirmed I got 5 vote too
  2. zpunk

    Miner World

    Can you add more chance to spawn mine 5, 6, 7, 8 its kinda hard to find them and if I do the mine blows up rather quickly
  3. zpunk

    Sage Ring +15% ATK and MATK Not Working

    Is this increase damage applies to everything?
  4. zpunk

    Summoning Ktullanux second time

    Haha yeah will be appreciate it man my ign is Cr1T1k4L
  5. zpunk

    Summoning Ktullanux second time

    I need 14 more to make headgear
  6. zpunk

    Summoning Ktullanux second time

    I see but the chances really low since there so many items OBB have
  7. I did the quest to summon him and looks like I can only do it once. Is there anyway I can summon him again in this server without bloody branch? because if I want to summon him again I need ice scale which is drop from him.
  8. zpunk

    Halloween Event [2018] Phase 1

    Can you add top 3 kill tracker like every 10 mins so players know what to expect
  9. zpunk

    Halloween Event [2018] Phase 1

    When you get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will the game announce it?
  10. zpunk

    Fox Hood

    I can't seem to make fox hood as I have all the required ingredients and zeny. How so?
  11. zpunk

    Mineral Forgery

    To be honest the requirement to forge the items are fine, it just that maybe increase 1% to 3% chance to gain exp when you MINE so you can level up faster and able to do higher level mine much quicker therefor hasten the process into getting these minerals. At the rate it is going right now its really slow to level up. I been mining for about 12 days and only gotten to lvl 60 with average of 1 level per roughly 1 and half to 2 hours.
  12. Gotcha, well rip my 15b lol
  13. Testing my enchanted diamond dust but the dmg output is the same https://imgur.com/a/VcOhUZp