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  1. zpunk

    Glorious Ring has no effect

    If you talking about the ATK AND MATK you need to wear it together with medal of honor
  2. zpunk

    hello from louyang gang bangers

    Hey there good luck to your new guild. Its always fun to see people create social guild. I'll come by and say hi also I'm not sure if you notice but there is guild section on the forum hehe Cr1T1k4L
  3. zpunk

    Wheel Of Fortune WAND bug

    My armor was +7 and got +5 upgrade on WAND but the armor got upgrade only to +9? is this a bug or intended?
  4. zpunk

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    @Sadie since these bosses had been adjusted for this server, could you provide a little bit more information about the bosses like skills and attacks elements and such? thanks
  5. zpunk

    Indonesian Lounge -

    oh gitu yah waduh haha hmm nga di solo juga sih gw bawa masuk rg jg ke dalem buat nge tank tp slalu kena 1 shot sm skill nya corruption root wkwkwk
  6. zpunk

    Indonesian Lounge -

    @Aan gan tau cara nya nge tank old glastheim nda? gw coba pake evil druid tapi corruption root masih 1 shot? gw research di internet katanya evil druid di corruption trus bathory di amdarias. tp cara survive nya gmn nya?
  7. zpunk

    Indonesian Lounge -

    hahahahahaah gile bro mantep build nya addax ga kerasa skrg td gw bunuh 1x thank you for the tip
  8. zpunk

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ohhh ok gan sip nanti tak coba lagi thank you
  9. zpunk

    Returning to DreamerRO.

    Hey there welcome back, there are a lot of things added to the server since you left. Look around in forum announcement section to see whats up. If you are looking for a guild to join in come to go 17, EA will welcome you
  10. hype for christmas event 🙂

    1. eraexo


      Me too so guys dont forger to review the server and re-review your expired review. For Haze to have motivation and such!

  11. zpunk

    Indonesian Lounge -

    ni gear yg gw pake dmg nya udh lumayan turun tp bowling bash nya sakit bgt yah wwkwkwk. trus tataco card lebih bagus dari pada alice di shield?
  12. zpunk

    wheel of fortune

    Yes use SWORD +1 or -1 on any random slot or all slot
  13. zpunk

    Indonesian Lounge -

    gan ada yg tau stategy buat ngebunuh addax? gw pake gx sm rg buat devo cmn bisa stay alive buat 5 sec tp addax down to 80% hp. gmn cara nge tank nya?
  14. zpunk

    thank you for wasting my time

    Thank you for taking your time to write your review.
  15. zpunk

    Fused MVP cards

    Correct, regular atroce is fine