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  1. I am doing hero quest.

    I am now on Rank B what equips is good for GX

    1. GM Ethan

      GM Ethan

      It’s vary with type of Gx u play, I would suggest you to check our guide section at Job guide. There is a thread where all useful job guides are linked and pinned.

    2. raj2113
    3. GM Ethan

      GM Ethan

      Most welcome.

  2. GM Ethan


    Try the solution above.
  3. GM Ethan

    Help PLZ

    If the unknown character appears means you can’t use it.
  4. GM Ethan

    Cestus (TK E.Weapon)

    Redirected. @HaZe
  5. GM Ethan

    GM/Helper/Police/Consultants Hiring Season

    Good luck!!!
  6. GM Ethan

    Eluminare's Corner

    Would you make me one too?
  7. GM Ethan

    winner of poring catcher

    Prize granted.