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  1. GM Ethan

    about thanatos card def

    At our server, Thanatos card work on soft def only, meaning to say the higher the soft def u have which is affected mainly by Vit, the higher damage you will receive. Exclusive on our server only.
  2. GM need help cant log-in returner po

    client out-dated ung RO ko 

  3. image.thumb.png.b06d0c0f494454e1c35d8c333182cf47.png

    1. xupamacabala


      Thats my computer setting I really dont think that would be the problem causing the freeze.

  4. GM Ethan

    My Time Here in DreamerRO

    I like it!
  5. Dreamers !

    Check this out!


  6. Ani Haseyo! Dreamers. Just a short and simple announcement. We have recently received a lot of report regarding player being scam , and it’s getting serious. Therefore, I would like to advice all of the dreamers to be careful with anyone that ask for your personal information, that included your security pin, email , user, pass and etc. Scam is often performed by close friends. Besides that, I would like to advice my dear dreamers to obey and follow all Server rules , better to have a look at it. AND for request, for convinient , please directly state your question , don’t do like “HELLO? GM? “ THANKS! for the attention!
  7. GM Ethan

    Surprise Box Rare Rotation (03/24/2019)

    The only items get from rare box is the seasonal limited rare or “ rare “ Jellopy.
  8. GM Ethan

    Nice to meet you all

    Welcome to the server! For your issue, I believe it’s cuz of the function key is enabled. Try to disabled it. As far as I know these function key is enable when you have shift on. Try to turn that off.
  9. GM Ethan

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    GO HHH!
  10. I am doing hero quest.

    I am now on Rank B what equips is good for GX

    1. GM Ethan

      GM Ethan

      It’s vary with type of Gx u play, I would suggest you to check our guide section at Job guide. There is a thread where all useful job guides are linked and pinned.

    2. raj2113


      Thank you GM

    3. GM Ethan

      GM Ethan

      Most welcome.

  11. GM Ethan

    New Player here

  12. GM Ethan


    Bump for You! ( U have to pay for this though )
  13. GM Ethan

    GM/Helper/Police/Consultants Hiring Season

    Good luck!!!
  14. GM Ethan

    Eluminare's Corner

    Would you make me one too?