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  1. awras


    Thank you for the calculation. I try multiple setup, union winq did give more damage from rare, but it still marginal. 5k~10k each Full buster to another player (same def) . Benelovent Cecil card is the worst even compare to hydra/vil shadow card. For a full buster increase 5-10k each skill seem marginal right?
  2. awras


    Yes that why i said it same effect since will add to X formula. unless over here renewal Attack d calculate differently ( at my answer 3). If so, kindly enlight me again. Since its a community game, we could calculate accurately. so we know which part need improvement. We need to understand how things work, before able to suggest things correctly. Since your suggestion to the topic creator is some RANDOM things, i have doubt about the % suggest by you to improve elite weapon. Unless you can provide me/us with proper calculation or effect.
  3. awras


    It is assuming when you said : 1) Union Wing will deal more damage than rare 2) When Fused Atroce in your card list 3) When golden scaraba card been mention If you ever try playing GS, u wont said such thing.
  4. awras


    For me, is better to talk fact rather than assumption. next time maybe you should test first before commenting something like that. So your argument will be valuable.
  5. awras


    Hi, i try a few setup as per recommend by you. Now i keep wondering are you a GS/ try that build or you just assume it? 1.) you said the target has 43 def. but the gunslinger is using Memory of Thanatos Card = Agreed should be inca2.) the gunslinger is NOT using cards such as Tyrant / Fdoppel / Benevolent / F.atroce / Incantation Samurai = I have all card mention here, but current damage still a joke. Yup try multiple combination the best as per damage calculator would be Vilanous Shadow/Hydra/Tyrant or F.doppel (both can only beat hydra if ability trigger)/ Inca3.) the gunslinger is using rare instead of range wing like union wings = Noob question here since both adding 25%, and will be add at the end of x (times multiplier formula) damage would be similar? correct me if im wrong4.) the gunslinger is using dex ornament instead of sheriff's Badge = Did not have yet5.) the gunslinger is using Gem of Full Buster instead of another gold scaraba card or gem of rapid = This make i question your credibility, even with Dex Meg damage is better compare to aluminium glove + gold scaraba. ( or you mean using with diff accesory?)6.) the gunslinger is using Specialist Glove instead of another sheriff's Badge = I dont understand how % ATK work, with helm of destiny(sacrifice 20% demi human)/albite garment +8, not much significant damage diff. Kindly enlight me Im just a new GS with Lv 1 elite weapon both +10. emssae
  6. awras


    I do agree with you even with +10 elite weapon hardly kill non-thana bait using non-thana weapon. with low hp (bal def at 90 vit) and low damage, hardly can survive in hero arena. 80% will die before able to kill someone. Disarm is not 100%, best way to do atm change to shotgun, cancel buff, slug shot make ppl sit change to revolver disarm and spam rapid.