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  1. ajiajiaji

    Christmas Seasonal Phase 3 Item Effects

    spring cape plox 20 stat, 2% demi, 20% ACD
  2. ajiajiaji

    GM abuse, well bye to my favourite server

    come go 10 instead, these ppl are m
  3. ajiajiaji

    Mini summer forum event

    nvm late dy
  4. ajiajiaji

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    Either delete all the custom items made or allow everyone to obtain these items easily. Making all the custom items (combat eq, hades drops, ED cards) drop from normal mobs, mini bosses, mvps from bb would allow newbies to fight back against rich no brain pvper. Our custom items makes it impossible for newbies/returning veterans to have equal equipment among active pvpers. By them knowing how expensive these eqs are, 99% of these ppl will get discouraged to continue playing. The costs to obtain a full set compared to before (2014 or earlier) is very different today. For ex: Last time 2 tg 2 hydras, VA, SoG are the only items required to farm other than dons and kiels; whereas today, a damage card costs 50b, Poseidon 40b++, and any custom item would price 50bish. With this system + renewal pvp mechanics = surely every newbie + Dro pre-re veteran would get discouraged to play.