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  1. Rios

    Battleground Garment Master

    NO my victory badges all gone
  2. Rios

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    This is actually one of the easiest house in HoT u need to check the shadow of lunatic also off your graymap.
  3. Rios

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Delivery Achievements still gives 2020 Xmas Tokens Kindly fix it thanks!
  4. http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Seamless_Asura_Build Try this build
  5. Rios

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Not just the leader but everybody in the pt list its random pt share. In the first place why would you join a pt without knowing them kekekekek
  6. Bring back the NCDM ploxx

  7. Rios

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Is it too much to get almost 19k coins for about an hour?
  8. Rios

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Also Daily Quest thanks!
  9. Rios

    Elite Enchantress

    Improve Concentration only boost AGI and DEX maybe u got blessing buff on healer npc thats why your int got boost
  10. Rios

    Elite Enchantress

    Looking forward, Thanks again for the update!
  11. Rios

    Elite Enchantress

    Suggestion> Can we have an option to use our elite gloves (division) exp to enchant it, since we don't really use it and the price would prolly 50k-100k exp per enchant to be fair?
  12. Its incarnation spirit now, they changed the sprite because it was too laggy back then.
  13. Rios

    All Purpose WL Guide V2

    I can teach you right now. Go 32