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  1. 500kfirst

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Haze just following up. This part is bugged. 1. There is NO 10% max HP bonus when wearing the Legendary set. 2. Another finding. Wearing ONLY Wings and Aura -- Already shows hidden enemies. Thanks! p.s. can you allow usage of Discount Coupons pls? Id like to get destiny as well but zennies are short
  2. 500kfirst

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Legendary Set Legendary Crown: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 35%, Matk and Atk rate + 5% Legendary Wings: Reduces after-skill delay by 30%, Increases Magic and Physical damage to demi-humans by 25%, MaxHP + 5%. Legendary Aura: Provides immunity to Freeze and Silence status ailments, Movement speed + 60%, MaxHP+5% Legendary Bonus: Reduces after-skill delay by 15%, MaxHP + 10%, Enables user to see hidden enemies. Haze the 10% Max HP in the Legendary Bonus is not Active Ingame Thanks for all you do
  3. 500kfirst

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Its already opened.. I thought this is my mistake but others mentioned the same to me.. Ill send a ticket..
  4. 500kfirst

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Haze, 3 people already bought the eon set without allowing to escape. There's a bug on the NPC. I was just trying to verify the stats and it did purchase the eon set automatically without confirmation. please advise man! Thanks!
  5. 500kfirst

    Elite Weapon Expert

    it removes entire idea why haze did this.. The main purpose of this is to lower the prices of Dtoks and control the ecomony little by little by doing a zenny Shrink and giving more power to zenny.. Right now its 1 DTOK = 3b.. if we need more zennies than DTOK now then the price of Zenny would go up. Thus all prices would go back to its normal prices. Not completely but it will add up.
  6. 500kfirst

    Elite Weapon Expert

    8 months for COD / STP But its not the question seam haha.. Not at all.. It says that we can get our weapon maxed out at 240Billion zenny in this New NPC. Where at current rules we cannot get the lvl 4 max effect of the weapon without getting the seal. So is the 240 billiion we pay including the seal? If not, why does it say its maxed out when its not? Only GM's can clarify this and make it clear. Thanks
  7. 500kfirst

    Elite Weapon Expert

    HI there Haze, Something came up. We cannot activate lvl 4 effect without Seal and becoming a Division Major. I have troubles with my Seal and got it after 8 months of COD. Question: Whats the use of allowing the weapon to go upto lvl 4 and pay zenny when there's no way of getting the lvl 4 effects but to go on PVP? Think of it as a Newbie Donator Perspective. I think we need to make it clear on this part because its kind of misleading to say that we can max our weapon when infact there's another block ahead which is the Division seal Or We can get the max weapon now without becoming a Major using this function? Maybe? maybe not. Or I might be entirely wrong and wasted my 8 months waiting for the seal haha. Kindly confirm Thanks guys Thanks GM's! Great update!
  8. 500kfirst

    Elite Weapon Expert

    One question about this Haze. The 3rd Elite weapon using Division coins, will it be removed or can we now get a 5th weapon using that? What about those players with 3 elite weapons already from Div coins? will the max weapon be 5? Thanks! p.s. Nice move and great plan!
  9. 500kfirst


    How long will the NPC last? for an entire week or 3 days or 5 days or 48 hours only? Thanks!
  10. 500kfirst

    HWC ignore mdef soft or hard?

    You need around 95-100 after-cast specially if you are a high Wiz trying to go PVP.. but remember some accessories gives 5% after cast.. so compute according to your needs but yeah in general you need kiel.
  11. 500kfirst

    B> +10 Combat Asprika

    Bump willing top pay any amount you want Message to discuss
  12. 500kfirst

    B> +10 Combat Asprika

  13. 500kfirst

    B> +10 Combat Asprika

    B> +10 Combat Asprika serious inquiries only. Thanks!
  14. 500kfirst

    Wholesales Stock Clearance

    want to get that libra and CA. PM whnever available. Thanks!