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  1. Tsuchie

    What are you listening to?

    One of my favourite ost in AOT series.
  2. Tsuchie


    Welcome baack! Looking forward to see you in game ^^
  3. Finally had some time to leave a review for the server due to removal of Magic Easter Egg (unsure the reason for the removal) XD


    Now I can continue my anime and slumber off my Sunday.

    1. eraexo


      The reason is the event should be already over but haze extend it for the farmer in easter field for phase 3 gears.

  4. Tsuchie

    Favourite Quotes

    “Even if it's a life in shackles, if you have somebody who accepts you for what you really are, how reassuring would that be?” - Ishida Sui
  5. Instead of regretting doing nothing, I would do everything and then regret it.

  6. Tsuchie

    Halloween Event?

    Getting excited for the Halloween event and the next rotation! Good work, as always to you and team members. Thanks!
  7. Tsuchie

    Halloween Event?

    When will be the next Surprise Box rotation?
  8. Tsuchie

    B> Executioner's Armor

    PM me in game or leave offer here. Thanks! IGN: TsuChiE