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  1. Tsuchie


    Please include evidences that OG 1 & 2 are "using cheat". You are otherwise embarrassing yourself with these baseless claims. Welcome back to DreamerRO! It's not easy to quit dro isn't it?
  2. Can you make me ascend my next rank after you process Hiramichi's 1k merit points to me, already bought, and it will be enough for rank, and when is the reward?

    1. Tsuchie


      Post it in Guild Title/Rank Shop topic. Seam will take care of it

  3. This is Atlantooccipital 🙂

  4. hi! it's lula mae 🙂 thanks for accepting me!

  5. Hi @TsuchieIm new Member OG!! 

  6. Hi @Tsuchie,

    Why i got only 80 points from last week?

    I got 140+ points from last week and got top 5

    tnx XD

  7. Tsuchie

    Hi, I'm new here!

    Hello and welcome to DreamerRO! You'll find lots of unique features such as Hero Quests, Custom MVPs, and instances in here. Take your time exploring around in-game and don't be afraid to speak to anyone in game especially in Caspen (our main town). Use @request if you're having difficulties or in need of help.
  8. Tsuchie

    I forgot my password here on this forum.

    You can retrieve it here http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/lostpassword/
  9. Tsuchie

    High Level Mining

    Have a read through in this topic, full map list of possible spawns are listed in this topic
  10. Hello and welcome to Dreamer! It's perfectly fine, all of us started from the same ground on day 1 joining. Take your time in learning and get used to DRO as it's highly customised with equipment and headgears. Use "@request" in game if you're having difficulties and helpers would not hesitate to answer any of your question! See you in game soon!
  11. We can't find out what caused the crash from just that part of crash log. Please attach the whole crash log by copying and pasting it here. Have you tried to update your client by running DreamerRO Patcher in your installation folder?
  12. Tsuchie

    Another Mining bit

    Higher mine level has shorter lifespan and thus, depletes faster. But depending on your luck as well since it has certain amount % of destroying the mine. The skill 'Mine Guardian' at higher level, helps a lot in this case. If you get stuck and can't move, just go anywhere especially in main town and start 'detecting' and let the bar finishes loading. That'll debug your character from the stuck. Stuck happens when you move/jumped when the detection bar is loading.
  13. Tsuchie

    Heaven Flower Quest

    Did you spoke to Reginleif? What message did Reginleif said? Try speaking to Hero Debugger NPC at ayo_in02 108 171 to see if it helps