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  1. i write already for reward ..no gift on npc...you forget?processed but nothing to me...thk in advance...

    Sir Ikiu one month already sry for disturb


    1. Tsuchie


      Collect your purchases from me in game. I don't send gift. Thanks~

  2. Hiiii, do you need help in game? Our friendly SP are eager to help out whenever. Right @Friday05?? 😁

  3. the problem is that i cant invite myself, yes to ikiu or other, but not me, same account

    1. KaedeKyl9


      a completely unrealted matter, you should put me MapleHydra, not Guard in my merit points forum.

  4. Tsuchie

    the game is crashed

    Locate DreamerRO Patcher in your installation folder and double click to run it. Make sure you close the game before running the patcher. You would receive all updates during patching and preventing those errors.
  5. Tsuchie

    Newbie Guide pls

    Hello, check this topic too. It might be easier to start off with You're doing alright. Use the command '@request' in game if you're experiencing difficulties or if there's any questions.
  6. Tsuchie


    @Latte use your fav phrase
  7. Tsuchie

    Heya ! :3

    Hello! Welcome to dRO! Feel free to speak to anyone around you or in our crowded main town, Caspen (@go 0), who knows they might be your future besties Use the command in-game '@request' whenever you're experiencing difficulties or if there's any question and we would be more than happy to answer! Hope to see you soon in game.
  8. Tsuchie

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Use '@mi [monster name/ID]' in-game for drop rate and item list.
  9. Tsuchie


    Welcome to DreamerRO! Yes, look for guild leader or any of their member and ask if they're open for recruitment or not. It's more fun and enjoyable when you interact with others
  10. Hi lead, just wanna inform u my points last week was 97(P e e j a y)+36(BOSSPEEJAY) . tnx IDA told me u forgot the to note it . tnx ^^

  11. Tsuchie


    Please include evidences that OG 1 & 2 are "using cheat". You are otherwise embarrassing yourself with these baseless claims. Welcome back to DreamerRO! It's not easy to quit dro isn't it?
  12. Can you make me ascend my next rank after you process Hiramichi's 1k merit points to me, already bought, and it will be enough for rank, and when is the reward?

    1. Tsuchie


      Post it in Guild Title/Rank Shop topic. Seam will take care of it

  13. This is Atlantooccipital 🙂

  14. hi! it's lula mae 🙂 thanks for accepting me!