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  1. Tsuchie

    High Level Mining

    Have a read through in this topic, full map list of possible spawns are listed in this topic
  2. Hello and welcome to Dreamer! It's perfectly fine, all of us started from the same ground on day 1 joining. Take your time in learning and get used to DRO as it's highly customised with equipment and headgears. Use "@request" in game if you're having difficulties and helpers would not hesitate to answer any of your question! See you in game soon!
  3. We can't find out what caused the crash from just that part of crash log. Please attach the whole crash log by copying and pasting it here. Have you tried to update your client by running DreamerRO Patcher in your installation folder?
  4. Tsuchie

    Another Mining bit

    Higher mine level has shorter lifespan and thus, depletes faster. But depending on your luck as well since it has certain amount % of destroying the mine. The skill 'Mine Guardian' at higher level, helps a lot in this case. If you get stuck and can't move, just go anywhere especially in main town and start 'detecting' and let the bar finishes loading. That'll debug your character from the stuck. Stuck happens when you move/jumped when the detection bar is loading.
  5. Tsuchie

    Heaven Flower Quest

    Did you spoke to Reginleif? What message did Reginleif said? Try speaking to Hero Debugger NPC at ayo_in02 108 171 to see if it helps
  6. Tsuchie

    Alternate 3rd Job Sprite Guide

    Ah yes, I'll add a note there just in case. Thanks! Eheheh I'm no goddess, just a newbie
  7. Tsuchie

    Alternate 3rd Job Sprite Guide

    Hello everyone, here's an alternate 3rd job sprite guide that's currently available in DreamerRO. Hope some of you would find these previews useful. This service allows you to permanently change from normal 3rd job sprite costume to an alternate sprite. You can revert to normal sprite by speaking to Fox Lady as well. Alternate 3rd job sprite are only available for those completed Elite Hero Quest in DreamerRO. Requirement: > Completed Elite Hero Quest > Paid Elite Temple Entrance (10b bag) > Additional 10b bag fees to pay for alternate sprite changing service Fox Lady (upper left in Elite Temple) Note: Alternate Sprite would revert to normal sprite after unequipped Ragnarok T-Shirt (2nd job sprite costume). Just speak to Fox Lady again if that happens. Job Classes Preview: Rune Knight Warlock Ranger Mechanic Guillotine Cross Arch Bishop Royal Guard Sorcerer Minstrel & Wanderer Genetic Shadow Chaser Sura Soul Linker Star Gladiator
  8. Tsuchie


    Not true at all. There's plenty of guide shared here in forum, just gotta spend a little time to look for it. You can refer to Yachino's guide there, she just shared it. There's more guide for Ranger at DreamerRO Wiki Ranger Guide as well.
  9. Tsuchie

    What are you listening to?

    Except it's not Sunday today
  10. Tsuchie

    Heaven Flower Quest

    Hi, are you still in game and would like to try it now? It's working now.
  11. Tsuchie

    What are you listening to?

    I miss going out over the weekend..
  12. Locate the globe icon on upper right of your chat bar (on the right side of keyboard icon) and turn on Public Log and Public Chat Display. Then you should be able to see those @commands. You can add another bar by clicking "+" icon and customise it to suit your needs.
  13. Tsuchie

    What are you listening to?

    I'm so lost..
  14. Tsuchie

    What are you listening to?

    Umbrella all day long