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  1. Xadsyath


    I do not need worshiping. Give me zeny instead.
  2. Xadsyath

    Suggestion For PVP

    100% agreed. Except the second last point. That's exactly why they need to be trained and exposed to PvP. And stop crying. They do not need to "recruit" 6 to 12 high standard friends. They just need to join one of the 2 or 3 PvP forces. To do so first criteria is not that they must be very good or up to the par of the vets, it is that they must not be useless / feeder, hence they will be able to join the force and enjoy + learn on PvP. That's why AJ suggested them to play priest, lowest acceptable entry level compare to all other classes. I myself prefer a diverse classes by implementing the system for all to play PvP. If they are not up to the standard and feel stupid in PvP, they can go back to BG. And the dominating team doesn't quit out of boredom. We are just hibernating until our preys come on, like we always do. HAHHAHAHAH Advertisement: MI6 is very newbie PvP friendly one can join easily as long as they are decently geared with basic knowledge, we are happy to teach and share experience for the next generation of PvP vets before we retire for good.
  3. Xadsyath

    Suggestion For PVP

    The essence of PVP is teamwork and team synchronization, you can't do that with random people. Some BG games are actually fun, just that not being able to play it with friends at your team (hence MMORPG) is not fun at all. I am not sure if you have a log on that NPC, but it was never used at least by myself, and my own team + all the vets (I think). Partly because PVP is so inactive now that any kind of war will most likely to end in 2 minutes, and the rewards are simply not attractive. The point of AJ post was never about "sharing reward with priest", his idea, which I think was creative, was to encourage newbies to play priest, a class which would be at least not-useless for a newbie to play so that the newbies who play a priest would be accepted into veteran group / guild / party and build connection and PVP related skills / knowledge from there. I do think it works, but a bit unfair for other classes, I'd still stick to my old suggestion but may tune down the suggested reward.
  4. Xadsyath

    Suggestion For PVP

    If I wanna play auto party I will join BG
  5. Xadsyath

    Coaching System

    I’d get cancer from teaching. unless 200b is paid kekekekekeke
  6. Xadsyath

    DreamerRO 2020

    Hi please do something on PvP (AND PRIEST), I will make sure everyone under my influence will write FANTASTIC reviews. I PLOMIS U KEKKEKEKEKEKEKEKE
  7. Xadsyath

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild

    Congrats MI6 farmers. Pity Xadsyath can never get into the list. Xadlyf
  8. Xadsyath

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Added PVP Map & reward suggestion
  9. Xadsyath

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Those who can call me by that name should be NCDM? Sigh it brings back memories haha. Alma was a friend since NCDM even tho he was with Razzor aka XS, played very well despite being undergeared, and less aggressive comparing to Tier 0 Sura, but he was definitely Tier-1.
  10. Xadsyath

    PvP Balancing Discussion

  11. Xadsyath

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Excuse me No1 Gen. This post is PVP balancing. Not about whose e-dick is bigger, who is no1 Gen, which dog is useful and which is not, which dog is doing what dog shit, or which base belongs to which particular guild/group/individual. @Koyzkie, you need to calm your tits and keep your surgically enlarged e-dick in check, if you are free, go be a security guard at the entrance of @go 6 to prevent dogs from coming. Learn from other people's misery.
  12. Xadsyath

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    3rd was almost fixed in pre-renewal when renewal came in. Now both 2nd and 3rd are fucked. Attempting to fix 2nd first lol. But still long ass way to go. Should stop all new implementations until 2nd is fixed at least, 3rd will be likely remain fucked unless given few years time.
  13. Xadsyath

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    First of all, I was not lecturing anybody. I just pointed out my opinions that were discussed by several parties including yourself. And these, were opinions, not lectures. Do not fall into the self-delusion that I, of all people, would give "free" lectures. Only selected people are in my team's "lecture/coach/discussion/tips/teach/test/focus" group, and it's effectiveness had been, well, proven, although haters are going to disagree and I have no intention to change their mind. Again, an honest declaration: I wasn't lecturing anybody and have no intention in doing so. I am actually thankful to you, that you were one of the first few parties that updated me on several new shits when I came back, what I am going to say may be harsh so I'd suggest stop reading from this point onward if the e-ego cannot take it, but I honestly suggest reading with open mind, it may help in game or in life. People are selfish and people have self interest. I get it. I am the same. But in real world, in black & white, you should not express it. Not here to discuss the attitude of whether it was arrogant or not to give statements or reply like this; nor do I want to accuse / deduce of whether you actually read it or not but in self-denial. But here is this: People can say reading Warren Buffet's annual letters to shareholders is time consuming, people can even claim Warren Buffet is full of shit. But he doesn't care, he does his part to give out his point of views and lessons, he doesn't care if people love / hate / agree / disagree with him. People who read with open mind, learn. People who hate him and think they are better than him in investing because they had a few lucky investments that came with much higher short term CAGR% than Berkshire, will continue to hate him and learn nothing from him. Same thing applies here. I always read, and stay neutral on best effort basis, to come to conclusion that help me in gameplay or life. Chineses say: A cup full of water can never be filled with tea. I say: A cup full of shit can never be filled with anything else. So I am always learning. This is getting repetitive but ya, I am well aware and agreeable to these, maybe you ignored and didn't read like you said. Let me help you. My preliminary test in preparation of my Sorc post also including closing the gap of HP between Prof and Sorc, revamp Elite Weapons, some skill tweaks that may or may not happen due to renewal, and etc. I explained about TIER for me to explain about how I deduce to my conclusion easier. I have 0 attention to explain on the examples given, as the whole TIER and who are the candidates are for my own consumption, however I do take, I believe, unbiased consideration in tier-ing people. I have tier-0'd my enemies, although some of them were dicks, like Diazepam and Extra, I also tier-2-3 my own guildmates and tell them they suck openly. So it's a matter of fact where, people wanna take it openly or not. Awards given in Oscar or Nobel are being questioned and bombarded with 29482 disagreements every year, by people who watch as well as the SOUR candidates who do not win. Just stop watching or participate if you do not agree. Messi can either challenge and be sour of the award won by Ronaldo, or he can work his ass to improve himself and disregards other unimportant aspects. He chose the later. So should all of the people. Put aside on whether I actually "lectured" you or not, as it had been addressed above, I have top tier players coming to me for discussion day in day out for the sake of self improvements, which I had willingly got into for my own learning process as well. One does not need to "play" something to be able to "effectively observe and give advice". A food lover does not need a cooking degree to tell a chef "your steak sucks", and a chef will not say "I don't need lecture from someone who doesn't cook a steak. Cook one and let me know how it goes." José Mourinho never had a top-tier player experience to tell his top-tier players "you sucked today" as the coach, and his players will not say "I don't need lecture from someone who didn't even play football at top tier level. Get into your sportshoes and score some goals yourself and let me know how it goes." Get that fact in mind it will help you in your life. Now this is a helpful lecture.
  14. Xadsyath

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Lol look, we have a few issues being brought into discussion, I'd prefer 1 by 1 but since all are brought in at once I'd like to point my views on them. But whatever we discuss here, is not likely to be fixed unless we create a separate thread for it, so these are just my opinions and observations so far for your consumption, some may be right or wrong as I haven't thoroughly tested them out. Again, all comments based on 2nd, not 3rd. 1st - Sorc I had repetitively said in many threads that sorcs are "overshadowed" in current META, which was afterward confirmed, by myself (LOL) after several wars. Sorcs still do decent damage if they go full boltman build, which coupled with dispel & stone & soulburn & web can kill anyone easily, but in wars they are no long as relevant as they previously were. While LP and dispel are still greatly needed, even great sorcs can no longer play offensive + support decently as how they are designed to do due to the current META of all the insane damages, unless they are the Tier 0 sorcs, which I only saw one in action now aka Exculpate. What I meant by "overshadowed" is that, the opportunity cost is simply not worth it for someone to play a sorc in a war, unless LP is critically needed, or in simpler words: going offensive we have better option aka Wiz, going defensive we have better option aka priest. Nevertheless, sorc is still luckier compare to priests in renewal, at least sorcs get +10 matk from weapon, Kimi card, Zakudam card, new cards for boltman. We priests - read my suggestion post on priest. I am planning a thread on sorc, but wait Haze for the action on the priest 1st. 2nd - OP damages First we cannot walk in and say, THIS SS OP THIS GRIM OP THIS NINJA OP THIS SBK OP THIS SP OP. We need to study the cost and gameplay behind it. Which very unfortunately do not happen in almost all cases, what I keep seeing in forum is that please nerf this damage op that damage op. Second it is almost unavoidable that "each implementation will make damage stronger" because, what else is the server going to implement if it's not giving more damage? So to be fair to all classes we cannot be like "NEW IMPLEMENTATION INCREASE X SKILL DAMAGE > X SKILL BECOMES OP > NERF X SKILL > RENDER X SKILL UNUSABLE WITHOUT THE NEW IMPLEMENTATION". What we need is to switch focus to overall survivability of all classes with some helpful implementations, which is harder for developers to do because, increasing the damage is always easier than coming out with a new defensive gears which is actually useful but not OP. That's where we need to discuss and focus. 3rd - Physical classes as META First I want to congrats physical range classes for being the META now, after magic classes being the META in DRO (except sinx and sura LOL) for so many years. I see that most people in the forum cry about the same thing, SS, Grimtooth, Huuma, over and over and over again. However again when I tested them out, most of them do similar damages, ranging from 100k to 150k with standard gears. SS should be doing 110k, Grim should be 150k, Humma lesser than 100k (I think, not tested after nerf), SBK doing 100k, RS doing 100k. While I agree that these damages may seem OP at time especially in war where we die in 2s after being bombarded by these damages, we need to ask ourselves, is that really OP. I have a very special way to determine whether a class is OP or not, to do this I always have a "friction 1v1" in my brain, trying to have them nerf each other and fight. After doing this you will find that most of them are not that OP in 1v1. You will see a ranger being raped by most of the classes. You see GSs are also doing gayshit damages, but they are not being complained, why? because they do not survive well, and they do not posses the "micro AOE" range META skill. By understanding this you will realize that a class is being OP not because of the damage alone, it's the overall package we are talking about, that's the whole reason why I called for Ninja nerfs in the most righteous way (find in suggestion), even though having 2 strongest ninjas in the guild. But the people voted for the damage nerf instead, easy way out. Can't complain, I am happy, I have 2 top tier ninjas in guild. If you are asking me, rangers are doing fine with steady damage and mediocre survivability, Ninjas are doing relevant damage with too much survivability, GSs are doing great damage with too minimal surviability, and GXs, will be on next comment. 4th - GX First of all I do not really care if the katar was given 10% demi or not, making them 1 handed is OP to begin with. With this implementation GX and Sura can both sit at the "most OP class" throne in 1v1 together, where GX will sit at the "Most overall OP class" as they can play well in both 1v1 and wars of any size. I thank God that all the TIER 1 GX and Sura are now quit that we do not have to face them in 1v1 or war, those vets should be able to name a number of them. Imagine them playing sura with that FO damages and asura damage (btw I got 6m asura in woe in full def juggernaut), it sends shivers down my nerves. Now when I imagine the TIER 0 GX and Sura, aka Extra and Diazepam, I better quit game. All GXs that use one skill aka Grimtooth but nothing else are honestly, no offense, mediocre. If they finally learn how to play a GX, they will appreciate my harshness. But at this juncture, I have not tested GXs fully, but I will say at least make sure the 10% demi is REMOVED, we do not need a class that can backslide and cloak with asprika and hide and use skill when hide to deal damage like this, (IMO -10% demi in katar is the right option). But to nerf further than that, we need to observe how TIER 1 players play GX, unfortunately I have not seen any TIER 1 GX so far, as GX has the highest ceiling to reach TIER 1. 4th - TIER 0 VS TIER 1 VS META VS OP If you are confused about my opinion on TIER / META / OP, here are what I always believe in:- META = People play it because it's very effective OP = People abuse it as it's unfair to play this against others TIER 1 = the top tier players who are maximizing almost the capacity of a class, aka can play the class at peak performance. Adjustments such as boosts and nerfs should be made based on TIER 1 players because these are the people who will determine whether one skill / item / class is OP or not when they maximize the value or the capacity of the class / skill / item. TIER 0 = We should not generally suggest nerfs or boosts based on TIER 0 players because, the skill / item / class is not OP, the player itself is OP. In the history of DRO you will find a number of them where there is no other person, who can play same class as good as, or close to, the standard of TIER 0 players. 5th - Charm & Dispel No opinion on these 2, these 2 are too basic for me to test or post as they are not "balancing", they are just "bugs" that need to be fixed. Charm is not a second skill should be dispelled upon entering PvP. Dispel should get rid of ALL positive or negative buffs (ahem CW). If these are not doing per intended, they need to be fixed. No brainers. TLDR Ask HaZe to make me the key decision maker on PvP related adjustment and implementation, I will rape all with real implementations that actually "balance shit" instead of spending my time fucking around in forum entertaining some replies from people with intelligence level not up to the preferred level of me to have discussion with. JK. I love people who are bias but always claim that I am bias. And I love stupid people, they make me feel superior. I know that's saddening. LMAO.
  15. Xadsyath


    Hi please help to make Siggy HAHAHAHAHHA