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  1. Xadsyath


    Wew you bobos haven’t died haha
  2. Xadsyath

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild

    Is PVP back in action. If yes I may come back for a little. And is there anything new that I should know. TLDR forum wew
  3. Xadsyath

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild

    Wew hi is anyone alive?
  4. Xadsyath

    iOS & Android Mobile Client [Beta]

    What the fuck. I had been joking about how I played DRO on iPad since 2013, now it's real? TESTING IT IN ONE HOUR LOL
  5. Xadsyath

    "That name is familliar"

    Congrats Nonie. You are bro'd. Welcome back.
  6. Xadsyath


    I do not need worshiping. Give me zeny instead.
  7. Xadsyath

    Suggestion For PVP

    100% agreed. Except the second last point. That's exactly why they need to be trained and exposed to PvP. And stop crying. They do not need to "recruit" 6 to 12 high standard friends. They just need to join one of the 2 or 3 PvP forces. To do so first criteria is not that they must be very good or up to the par of the vets, it is that they must not be useless / feeder, hence they will be able to join the force and enjoy + learn on PvP. That's why AJ suggested them to play priest, lowest acceptable entry level compare to all other classes. I myself prefer a diverse classes by implementing the system for all to play PvP. If they are not up to the standard and feel stupid in PvP, they can go back to BG. And the dominating team doesn't quit out of boredom. We are just hibernating until our preys come on, like we always do. HAHHAHAHAH Advertisement: MI6 is very newbie PvP friendly one can join easily as long as they are decently geared with basic knowledge, we are happy to teach and share experience for the next generation of PvP vets before we retire for good.
  8. Xadsyath

    Suggestion For PVP

    The essence of PVP is teamwork and team synchronization, you can't do that with random people. Some BG games are actually fun, just that not being able to play it with friends at your team (hence MMORPG) is not fun at all. I am not sure if you have a log on that NPC, but it was never used at least by myself, and my own team + all the vets (I think). Partly because PVP is so inactive now that any kind of war will most likely to end in 2 minutes, and the rewards are simply not attractive. The point of AJ post was never about "sharing reward with priest", his idea, which I think was creative, was to encourage newbies to play priest, a class which would be at least not-useless for a newbie to play so that the newbies who play a priest would be accepted into veteran group / guild / party and build connection and PVP related skills / knowledge from there. I do think it works, but a bit unfair for other classes, I'd still stick to my old suggestion but may tune down the suggested reward.
  9. Xadsyath

    Suggestion For PVP

    If I wanna play auto party I will join BG
  10. Xadsyath

    Coaching System

    I’d get cancer from teaching. unless 200b is paid kekekekekeke
  11. Xadsyath

    DreamerRO 2020

    Hi please do something on PvP (AND PRIEST), I will make sure everyone under my influence will write FANTASTIC reviews. I PLOMIS U KEKKEKEKEKEKEKEKE
  12. Xadsyath

    MI6 | PVP Oriented Guild

    Congrats MI6 farmers. Pity Xadsyath can never get into the list. Xadlyf
  13. Xadsyath

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Added PVP Map & reward suggestion
  14. Xadsyath

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Those who can call me by that name should be NCDM? Sigh it brings back memories haha. Alma was a friend since NCDM even tho he was with Razzor aka XS, played very well despite being undergeared, and less aggressive comparing to Tier 0 Sura, but he was definitely Tier-1.
  15. Xadsyath

    PvP Balancing Discussion