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  1. kaiiruuu

    la petite art shoppe

    resurrecting this thread from the dead!!
  2. kaiiruuu

    Eluminare's Corner

    you draw?! make me art pl0x!
  3. kaiiruuu

    la petite art shoppe

    welcome to la petite art shoppe open | [closed] update! (18018) i'm losing motivation on drawing and i'll prolly never finish the arts that you guys requested i'm also quitting dRO because i'm planning to go back to my orig. RO server. hello guys! i'm a new player here and i'm in dire need of zeny xD so please fund me, in return you get an adorbs art~ if you need me, ign: Kireila or Meredyth but i'm most probably online here in the forums! Slots (three at a time) [1] GM Lorien [2] Xero [3] Just Me Waitlist [1] Allen Aaron [2] Imminent [3] Ciwo [4] Kailya [5] Samples (click the thumbnails to view the full picture!) chibi mature half body/knees up mature whole body siggy (these are old lmao but i'd like to make new ones again!) note: all artworks will have a simple patterned background + transparent background Pricing (if you think i'm being unreasonable, please do let me know) chibi : 2 B 5 B half body/knees up : 4 B 10 B full body : 5 B 12 B i might do siggies siggy (non-animated) : 250 M siggy (animated) : 500 M additional characters will have an additional amount of half the original price heavy armors have extra cost Order Form (copy paste this in your reply or private message) Finished 1. iamhii : paid 2. Eluminare : paid that is all! i hope you enjoyed stopping by my shoppu and i hope you order arts! yay see you in game!