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  1. ††Kaede††

    T h e o s

  2. ††Kaede††


    gracias junachooo :3 eres lo mas !! ajajaja
  3. ††Kaede††

    Mini summer forum event

    Loving all yours summer storys but shy about mine summer xD better refrain from playing
  4. ††Kaede††

    Rare Wings Sprite II

    @caramellmacchiato I can't Im a poor person sir
  5. ††Kaede††

    Rare Wings Sprite II

    As I considerated my last guide about our sprites has been just too long, I decided to do this second guide for rare wings sprites. Note I will not upload all the effects in this guide only sprites: (All rare Melee and magic have the same effect) Melee And Magic Effect Example: Omnious Skulls: Orochi's Spirit: Randgris Wings: Reaper Spirit: Snow Dragon: Spirit Of Eostra: Susano'o Spirit: Swan Of Darkness: Swan Wings: Sword Of Dragon: Sword Of Abbadon: Tiamat's Whisper: Twin Druid Spirit: Tyrael Wings: White Dragon Spirit: White Valkyrie Wings: Thats all thank you for watch
  6. ††Kaede††

    Rare Wings Sprite

    Want to know our rare wings Sprites? Then this is your side.. This guide include Only Sprites The effects: How can I go Donation Girl? Use: Main NPC>>>Warper option>>>Casino And mall >>>Donation Mall ATTENTION: You can have a review of wings before to buy it using Review option under "Purchase" Be SURE to have zeny if you want preview! Abstract Swan: Description (Melee & Magic) Angel Of Power Description: Antai Dragon Spirit: Description: Azure Incantation Spirit: Description: Dark_Sorrow: Description: Blade Of Sparda: Description: This one have movement. Bloody Tiamat Spirit: Description: Celestial Spirit: Description: Dark Basilisk Spirit: Description: Demon Fox Cloak: Description: This one have movement. Demonic Spirit: Description: This one have movement. Divinity Blades: Description: This one have movement. Evolved Susano'o: Description:This one have movement. Fallen Angels: Description: Fire Dragon Wings: Description: This one have movement. Ghost Claws: Description: Guards Of Glacial: Description: This one have movement. Hitsugaya Wings: Description: Icarus Wings: Description: This one have movement. Itachi's Susano'o: Description: Kiel's Spirit: Description: This one have movement. Kyuubi Tails: Description: Lilith's Spirit: Description: Lucent Permafrost Wings: Description: Madara's Susano'o: ~This guide is still being edited, more Rares Soon~
  7. ††Kaede††


    Mmm Hi o.O xD
  8. ††Kaede††

    Daily Quest Revamp

    Ty for this update on DQ I has been waiting for so long for new items on this quests +1 Lets collect them all
  9. ††Kaede††

    Normal Cards

    Hi Lili cards can't be exchanged this cards (normal mobs) are usually for spend in Scavengers quest or daily Quest then Poring cards are part of e quest pack so you can sell this cards in gold mart if you farm enough... same tip for MvPs cards (boss cards) you can sell it for zeny into gold mart or by using #trade channel to another players but no, you can,t exchange normal cards for album
  10. ††Kaede††


    Welcome back Scarfacehill ^-^ I suggest you read the guides cause dRO have a lot of new updates and good things that you can go discovering If you need my help in game just look for this IGN theoS Nâomi or pm for here Im always open to try to help Enjoy dRO and have good luck .
  11. ††Kaede††


    I have my own build with my warloc but I should try this one!! sooo thank you for your contribution
  12. ††Kaede††

    [UPDATED] Automated Events Schedule Philippines Time GMT+8

    Thank you for this contribution about event time @AngelicaHale
  13. ††Kaede††

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    thank you for this update we are all in casino now !!! good prizes
  14. ††Kaede††

    Hay hispanos en el server?

    Hola chicos. Yo soy hispana igual si necesitan algo les dejo mis IGN con los que suelo estar conectada casi siempre: Warloc>>>theoS Nâomi Wanderer>>> †Persefone† Gx >>>PrincessOfDarkness
  15. ††Kaede††


    Welcome dRO SolanineFfrost Have fun!!