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  1. ><Ghost><

    Mining Maps Issue

    An update for mines hmmm goin to go back now to mining
  2. ><Ghost><

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    same feeling bro
  3. ><Ghost><

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    Rip Gx tsk tsk tsk
  4. ><Ghost><

    B> Asgard Blessing or Similar Items

    Hmmm 15 atleast
  5. ><Ghost><

    B> Asgard Blessing or Similar Items

    I can sell it for 25dtoks
  6. ><Ghost><

    Complete dRO card list

    Visit donation mall you see all the cards there
  7. ><Ghost><

    Item List [Boss]

    Meow lets farm caspen now
  8. Better go pd build in caspen dun and bolter type gx also no need for edp this what a call crit bolt gx
  9. ><Ghost><

    Hey everybody!

    If u see me in caspen ill teach you how to farm and what to do
  10. ><Ghost><

    Suggestion For PVP

    Pls close this post its kinda nosense already its been like this even before covid and atleast now bg is alive...atleast there's a chance if you want to play just for fun in pvp bg style
  11. ><Ghost><

    Suggestion For PVP

    Yeah but like time event and by teams also pvp style no reduction on damage since they want to go pvp or if you want to pvp it must be equal party before it starts since pvp nowadays are party based
  12. ><Ghost><

    Suggestion For PVP

    Why not make the pvp just like Gm Haze made event last time Heroes VS Villains that was succesfull autoparty and it wont start untill both teams have the same numbers
  13. ><Ghost><


    Faceworm queen card 130b
  14. ><Ghost><

    Spaming keys with Autohotkey~

    Wating for this
  15. ><Ghost><

    GX Accessory Cards

    For acce mostly used cards are the ff: Ifrit card Pneuma gem Safety gem Status gem Stat gem Scaraba card Btw if you want i can guide with your gx i main gx also just leave your ign so that i can explain more regarding equipment and items need for gx in this server