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  1. GhostAlpha1

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    For me the Class Imbalance should be focus on not the equips.... too many op classes plus equips = GOD LIKE
  2. GhostAlpha1


    Please Dont be Mad If your accnt got Banned ask 1st why in a polite manner we are all civilized here act decent so that GM can answer accordingly ask question nicely...
  3. GhostAlpha1

    winner of poring catcher

    i did sent a support ticket
  4. GhostAlpha1

    winner of poring catcher

    how bout my ticket in achivement tbox 750
  5. GhostAlpha1


    maybe a liltle bit boost wont do harm since gs has 1 of the low hp in game and its fun to use GS
  6. GhostAlpha1

    Malangdo Instance and BG update

    katar with demi reduction would be nice update for gx since its the only class atm who has been left out
  7. GhostAlpha1

    Returning From 2014.

    welcome back happy to see returning players to play again on this epic game and server BTW if you want some action in woe join in HELLA hehehe were super active
  8. GhostAlpha1

    Malangdo Instance and BG update

    up for this finaly bg weapon are not worthless anymore
  9. GhostAlpha1


    Read 1st about what job u will be taking so that u can plan ahead and TIP. do Zeph Quest and always vote every 12 hours it will help you to have a decent equips for hunting MVP and loot everything you will never know when those loots you will need once you do the hero and daily quest... 1 more thing have a warlock also for farming
  10. GhostAlpha1

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    no to magic damage its to op
  11. GhostAlpha1

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    up good things are comin keep up the good work Gm Sadie!
  12. GhostAlpha1

    GX Class

    Gx had rebalance in official server maybe coming updates in DRO this will happen the double attack critical was included in the update including the New job SOUL REAPER AND STAR EMPEROR...
  13. GhostAlpha1

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    been waiting for this cards to come tnx so much GM's greatly appreciated for the time and effort
  14. GhostAlpha1


    follow the guides in the forums its there somewhere hehehe
  15. GhostAlpha1

    Permanent Body Changer

    +1 for this hehehehe