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  1. GhostAlpha1

    Thanks for the years of play

    To all of my friends i made in this server thank you for the help and friendship its been a roller coaster ride for years past i hope someday we see each other again tru a different game... Its time to move on...
  2. GhostAlpha1

    Need Help with Some Item Effects

    Two gemini cards and keeper armor 50% immune to silence at stun plus dsl card top hg takes care of all status with 80 vit and 80 agi Alternative knockback armor if your just a newbie is bryhyld it has hp attck/magic attck and anti knock
  3. GhostAlpha1


    try to read 1st that for all your questions as a newbie
  4. GhostAlpha1

    New player, looking for people

    Apply for american guild look for jay arcy hes the guild leader always in caspen city
  5. GhostAlpha1


    Racist comments should be address seriuosly and a player ahould be atleast be jailed minimum of 5 days this is a common broken law in dro in which all players should be put aware off...
  6. GhostAlpha1


    whats this for jay bro
  7. GhostAlpha1

    Returning RK looking for an experienced PvP guild.

    be elite hero HELLA Will WELCOME You. c",)
  8. GhostAlpha1

    returning player

    welcome back bro
  9. GhostAlpha1

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    its just for 2nd HERO ARENA HHH has nothing to do with this tread
  10. GhostAlpha1

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    Guys see GM HaZe point of view and look on data also would you like that only a few playin in ha rather than having some war with everyone is enjoyin the game.... try to think out of the box also we need changes not al lthe time its christmas for just one char to dominate pvp scenario and have u even noticing the declain of wars late because of just one class dominating in HA... accept changes too and adopt and evolve also... geesh...
  11. GhostAlpha1

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    I think he wants cool downs instead of just some skills to be nerf in ha so that all ninja class will be useless in other area in which is a lot i think will suffer pursuin personal gain just for some skills to be abled in ha....
  12. GhostAlpha1

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    Vote yes or no its simple question thats why it has a poll survey...
  13. GhostAlpha1


    Howling wind 55b +9 titanium plate 55b
  14. GhostAlpha1

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    Its not banning ninja in second its just banning certain skills like charms hide jump shadow trapple and so in second tab skill tree of ninja thats whats ninja op in ha
  15. GhostAlpha1

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    welcome to New Meta Change is coming....