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  1. Ayla

    Ayla's Shopping List

    Buying: 4x Kiel Cards 1x Celine Kimi Card 1x Tyrant Cecil Card 8x Vengeful Eremes Cards 1x Cloak of Azure 1x Felicity Wings Leave prices through PM along with your IGN(s) and usual time/schedule of activity in-game.
  2. Ayla

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    I think this is because Gepard Shield is designed to prevent your client from loading any grfs with a higher priority than gepard.grf, especially grfs containing 0 delay sprites.
  3. Ayla

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    This one. The point is, after the Snowflakes are exhausted, hundreds or even thousands of Magic Dusts and Christmas Blessings will sit useless in our storage. At least allow us to exchange them to tickets or at least, other loots, to keep our deliveries going.
  4. Ayla

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Any official countdown? Or at least the time for the raffle/Christmas party? Will there also be recognition for those who completed the Christmas Legendary Achievements like last year?
  5. Ayla

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Will the Collectibles Trader NPC return?