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  1. himoutoumaru

    Elite Dungeon Bug

    Thank you very muchhhh ~
  2. himoutoumaru

    Elite Dungeon Bug

    I will make a genetic >.< but I need to defeat 3,000 caspen monsterssssssss ~
  3. himoutoumaru

    Elite Dungeon Bug

    I think it was after renewal since we're new here >.<
  4. himoutoumaru

    Elite Dungeon Bug

    Hello ~ My friends and I did go to Elite Dungeon. But it seems that we cannot open other gate even though our party leader has already finished the nidhoggr and endless tower. What we can Open ? Tyrant and Obsessive Only. The rest we can't open it. >.< What we did: 1. Cleared all the monsters first before fighting any Boss Monsters ~ 2. Re-check all the gates but still no luck TwT Can anyone help us?
  5. himoutoumaru

    Benevolent Cecil STP

    Thank you everyone.
  6. himoutoumaru

    Benevolent Cecil STP

    Thank you we will try that build >.< I will reply here after. For update ~ Although we have to wait 3 days XD
  7. himoutoumaru

    Benevolent Cecil STP

    Hello, Thank you for replying ! We also tried equip/unequip the Ghost Headgear and we also tried to use Cursed Water but still >.<
  8. himoutoumaru

    Benevolent Cecil STP

    Hello, I need your help TwT During Save the Princess event, I can hit Benevolent Cecil and can even defeat her but sometimes something changes her that I can't hit her in anyway. 1. No safety wall 2. Tried with 1908 hit 3 Tried with Freeza Hat (Ghost Property) - My job is GX Question: What skill does she use to negate attacks? and how to resolve it? Thank you ! -Umaru