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  1. I have few Raffle Tickets. Maybe I can win now. > ~ <

  2. welcome back michie

    we survived college

    1. Seam


      who is she, is she like u

    2. himoutoumaru


      Thank you ~ It's our time to enjoy. Lets enjoy our Christmas ○》~《○

  3. himoutoumaru

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    That's a smart move. Thanks ~ > ~ < ~
  4. himoutoumaru

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    That's a fast reply. Sorry disregard my other comment. Thank you ~
  5. himoutoumaru

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Follow up question/Restatement: if we need to hunt that certain monster until the end of invasion. Does it add points to the race?
  6. himoutoumaru

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    I think it's not adding the kills in the achievement. Also @Sadie I have a question please. How does race in raid works? Do we need to kill the specific name monster until it reaches the required number goal or do we need to keep killing until the end of invasion? Thank you in advance ~
  7. I will return someday >.< Too bad I'm not active now, so busy in real life studies. Good Luck to those who will join the Halloween Event ! and don't forget to enjoy the game ~.

    1. Meteora


      i'm also drowning in college ee

      good luck mich :th_e20:

  8. himoutoumaru

    Dreamer RO Website Viewing Character Bug

    Fixed. Thanksss ~
  9. Hello ~ I tried viewing my vendor character in the main website of Dreamer RO but it seems that I cannot view my characters. Whenever I click the character's name, it just go back. Thank you ~ ^ ~ ^ ~!
  10. himoutoumaru

    Donation Rotation 09/2018

    I appreciate the new donation rotation ^~^ Keep up the good work ~ Thankssss
  11. himoutoumaru

    Shield of Evalach not working

    Thank you @GM Shuvi >.<. It does increase the damage of Sonic Blow now. But I tried other skill like Spiral Pierce and it does not increases the damage. Is the Spiral Pierce not considered as physical? Also can you help me about what job (Class) is good for defeating MVPs while using the Evalach Shield? I think GX is the best for MVPs but I think GX can't wear a shield while equipping Elite Katar Weapon TwT, if so does the Evalach Shield's effect needs to change or improve? Thank you ! ~
  12. himoutoumaru

    Shield of Evalach not working

    Hello >.< @GM Shuvi May I ask if it's already fixed? I'm sorry for distrubing Schwi ~ Hahaha
  13. himoutoumaru


    Don't forget to vote every 12 hours and you can do others Daily Quest and get paid by 500m. 1. If someone shouts in #trade about B> Daily Quest Service or B> DQ Service message him/her immediately. 2. Then he/she will tell you the list of items to hunt and also the quantity. 3. After you gathered all the items. Trade it with him/her and you will obtain 500M ! Good luck and enjoy the game ~
  14. himoutoumaru

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    @Sadie OMG is that GM Shimizu as a Punching Bug? >.<. Nice update again for broad training choices.
  15. 100 EXP left to obtain maximum master forger skill ~ >_< ~ Good luck to myself ~//~