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  1. Zaldylheyn02

    Returning to DreamerRO.

    Welcome Back and Good Luck..
  2. Zaldylheyn02

    Hello world!

    Hello!! Welcome to DRO.. Goodluck and Have Fun..
  3. Zaldylheyn02

    NEW player

  4. Zaldylheyn02

    NEW player

    Nice to hear.. I'm from Upper Prontera but from time to time during woe, we would join the guild from your SP. But as I have mentioned, I am no longer active in Myro, I will only go online during Guild of Month event, if a friend of mine is running or know the person running for GOM. Again welcome to DRO.. Hope you like the server as I am currently enjoying it.
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    NEW player

    L heyn How about you?
  6. Zaldylheyn02

    NEW player

    @Zaabu - I've been in and out of myro for quite sometime. I've started playing Myro even before 3rd job was released. but now I am no longer active there.
  7. Zaldylheyn02

    NEW player

    Hello.. I also played in Myro PH.. Welcome to Dro Enjoy & have Fun.. See you in game.
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    Kudos for a nice guide in spanish
  9. Zaldylheyn02

    Donation Rotation 09/2018

    Nice.. Kudos
  10. Zaldylheyn02

    New player here!

    Please see below for my suggestion on how you can earn money as a newbie and buy items that you need to gear up: 1. Do zeph quest - Loot all the cards and miscellaneous stuff that will be drop by the monster while doing your quest. ( This will be helpful when doing daily quest and ScavengerHunt ) Reward: Zeny, War badges, DM points & you can easily farm stuff that will be useful when doing DQ quest and ScavengerHunt. Plus that fact that if you finish the 500 zeph quest, you'll get 1 DM hades and a possibility of getting a Destiny helm if you finish the 120 DQ task as well. Tip: Create your own guild so you will have an extra storage ( Guild Storage ). 2. Do the Daily Quest of yourself and others - Since you are already looting some stuff when you do Zeph, this should be somewhat easy. Reward: Zeny ( Usually 500m ), DQ Coin and 35 Dtokens if you completed 120 DQ quest. 3. Scavenger Hunt - This should also be easy since you'll have most of the requirement from the loot you got from zeph quest. Reward: DM Points ( Some useful items can be bought thru the DM shop ). If you are able to complete 175, you'll get 1 God creation halo from the achievement. 4. Mining - You need to have at least 500m to buy a drill boots and start up mining. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to earn money just by pressing few buttons on your keyboard but it requires a lot of patience since it is somewhat boring and you need to be in a higher level to get better loot. Reward: Minerals that you can sell or forge. 5. Forging - You can forge stuff out of the minerals you get from mining. Prices Vary and of course there is a chance that you'll fail in creating items but if you successfully created one, then the income is better than just by selling the minerals. Reward: Zeny and if you are able to successfully forge 35 items, you'll get a God Creation Hair from the achievement. Hope this help.. GLHF.. See you in game
  11. Zaldylheyn02

    Breath Taking Places in DRO

    Quite a hobby and Nice Screenshots I should say
  12. Zaldylheyn02

    Returning From 2014.

    Welcome Back Good luck and have fun!!
  13. Zaldylheyn02


    Welcome to Dro.. Good luck and have fun in game.. See you around ...
  14. Zaldylheyn02

    Returning player wewt

    Welcome back and good luck
  15. Zaldylheyn02

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    nice update