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  1. itechnology

    How DreamerRO is slowly dying *in my opinion*

    and the warlock class too haha super power macro+secret = gg
  2. gotta love trolls
    talking about you if you can't comprehend sarcasm. not my fault you don't have friends and your only output for stress is this game and still no one cares.

  3. I wish I could just block you . you are really irritating 🙂 oh well haters gonna hate 

  4. yeah reacting downvote on all my post makes you the reason for this community not to grow 🙂 just letting you know that.

    go figure something out rather than making this community die

  5. itechnology


  6. itechnology

    how to make tao gunka scroll?

    anyone know where , how to make tao gunka scroll? or hunt
  7. can make gem of vit. account bound and can buy it from donation npc?
  8. itechnology

    Elite Hero quest - Goddess Tear quest

    hi im on this quest also . what should i do to see progress bar on my head? i walk ok cords or what?
  9. itechnology

    bug on dawn essence?

    hi guys i have problem on making dawn essence i have all item like emblem of the sun god == change to amblem of the sun god 15pcs , 600 crystal fragment and 1b zeny cos i failed sign quest but still cant make the dawn essence any tips? i only finish the kiel hyre quest .. new here .