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  1. kinomeowmeow

    Meow Meow

    Ill be off for a while, since I work at the World Health Organization (WHO)... Im so sad that I cant play for the past weeks since we are very busy. Hopefully by November maybe i can see my friends again... Keep safe everyone... I will miss you guys a lot
  2. kinomeowmeow

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    Is it possible to get the new cards from old card album ??? just curious
  3. kinomeowmeow

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    House No. 36 giving christmas loots
  4. kinomeowmeow

    Shadow Chaser Holiday Farm~

    pan dark illusion good on lower btw
  5. kinomeowmeow

    Shadow Chaser Holiday Farm~

    include shadow chaser skill auto shadow spell
  6. kinomeowmeow

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    hmmmm... some people already opened presents (btw its in consumable items not in etc items) =^ . _ . ^=
  7. kinomeowmeow

    Royal Guard Caspen Farming

    Hello Everyone... Since a lot are asking me how I do my farming in caspen dungeon its better to share it as a guide Equipment: Card: * Equips I use * Other alternatives Upper: Strawberry Cap --------------------------> High Wizard Lower: Bee Ring/Same Effect --------------------------> Gierth (Any Lower that adds % MATK) Middle: Ultimus Wing ---------------------------> Kiel D-01 (+30 Stat Wing/Felacity Wing) Weapon: Death Grimtooth ---------------------------> 4 Sniper / 3 Sniper 1 Fused Dracula Armor: Lord's Tunic ---------------------------> Angeling (Valk Armor, Formal Suit) Shield: Valk Shield ---------------------------> Draco/Golden Thief Bug (Keeper's Shield) Garment: Elite Asprika ---------------------------> Hode (Keeper's Manteau/Valk Mant/Proxy) Footgear: Agile Cleats ---------------------------> N/A (Sleipnir/Valk Shoes) ---------------------------> Eddga/Boss Egnigem/Determined Kathrynn/Fallen Bishop Accessories: Black Rosary ---------------------------> Judicious Eremes (Bradium Ring/Rosary) ---------------------------> 2 Yoyo/ 2 Scaraba ========================================================================== Stats: Str: --------------> 250 ... Optional (Use Gympass) Agi: --------------> 101 ... You Don't Need ASPD since you're Grandcross build Vit: --------------> 167 Int: -------------> 500 ... Max this for Effectiveness Dex: --------------> 150 Luk: --------------> 400 ===================================================================== Strategies: 1. Lure as Many As You can then group them then use Grandcross 2. If you see that your HP is decreasing rapidly, use yggdrasil berries 3. Here are the items that you need to loot: Gold ore = 7231 Yggdrasil Berry = 607 Mastela Fruit = 522 Emblem of Sun God = 7068 Bloody Branch = 12103 =================================================== That's all... I hope you enjoy
  8. kinomeowmeow

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    how to know if which global buff is active ???
  9. kinomeowmeow

    Forum Awards [Applications]