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  1. BONUS CONTENT AT END! Made this for my friends, now we hunted enough, made a couple dozen of billions camping spawns. I think is a great money making build. You can make this 5min after start playing. HEAD TOP: Punk Beanie (10 votepoints) Gemini-S58 card (lhz_dun02) LOW TOP: Any gear with 1 slot (i use romantic white flower from NPC) Gemini-S58 card (lhz_dun02) ARMOR: Naga armor (kill naga at spl_fild01) Evil Druid card (gl_church) WEAPONS Ice pick[1] - Buy from NPC and go try to slot in NPC, this is why u need to make at least 1 hunting mission, it can cost up to 20m if you're really unlucky. Abysmal Knight card (gefenia01, gefenia02, gefenia03, gefenia04) Mine is +6 because i bought 10 to try to slot and succeed in 3, so i start refining post +4 till one was left. Main Gauche[4] - preferably +10, sold on NPC. 3 Abysmal Knight card (gefenia01, gefenia02, gefenia03, gefenia04) 1 Minorous card (in_sphinx4) ROBE Wool Scarf - Banshee (abbey01) Giant Whisper Card (get this last, you can find one in pvp_n_8-3, the last arena from Beta MVP, but you need to keep killing mvps there, so no worries you can still kill all without this card) SHOES: Tidal Shoes - Ragged Zombie (abbey01 and more at abbey02) GET TWO One with moonlight flower card (pvp_n_8-2 is her arena) One with Edga card (same arena as moonlight) ACESSORIES: So, i left those empty untill i got both rings from ifrit, it speeds up a lot the killing. OBS: IF YOU CAN, DROP MULTIPLE EQUIPS AND TRY TO GET A GOOD REFINE, THE HARD DEFENSE THAT COMES FROM EQUIP+REFINES WILL MAKE DIFFERENCE HUNTING MVP. STATUS (this is how many points you add, without the bonus) STR 500 AGI 110 VIT 100 INT 1 DEX 471 LUK 1 This is the maximum 1-target damage possible stats build. I dont know why some genius add agi up to retarded amounts, you only need damage, you will kill any mvp under 10 secs, no need to dodge or any shit, you wont be doing pvp so basically there is no need to have more HP or Flee or whatever the fuck they are thinking while making those lame ass builds. Also, elemental conversor will speed up a lot, you should always aim to attack with the element that outputs most damage to that specific MVP. In many cases players will come during your mvp and try to steal, or you will find players already killing mvps and need to output more damage to get the loot from them. Remember MVPS are free for all, so no crying over KS. FACT: I never lost a MVP while hunting with this build, i even stole a few from people with donate gear and with gear worth billions, while my crap set can be made in three minutes. With this build i made more than 100b selling mvp loot, selling cards, buying the same cards cheaper, selling again... You gotta play with the market too, its impossible to be real rich only by grinding to NPC, free player market is the most beautiful thing about ragnarok. So, what is worth in dRO: Some loot is worth if you can refine, some ETC loot is worth for quests. But whats really worth is the cards, you get a kiel thats 5b, now you might think its only 3% chance, but if you play a week and hunt them all, and merciless camp respawn after respawn, you will drop many cards, thats the mega jump from poor to rich. LOCATIONS: @mobsearch is to verify if the mvp is alive, if its dead, you have to find the tombstone and check the time (is server time, use @time to convert to your time zone) get the respawn time and good luck in the next one. First teleport to the mvp map, then use @mobsearch <monster name or id> This is organized as follow: MVP name map, respawn time, mobsearch id/name damage that you cause to the monster with the elements GTB prt_sewb4 1hour respawn go to the map and type @mobsearch 1086 Neutral 100% - your damage with normal attacks Poison 125% - your damage with enchant poison Water 175% - your damage with elemental conversor TURTLE GENERAL tur_dun04 1h @mobsearch 1312 Neutral 100% Poison 125% Fire 175% FALLEN BISHOP abbey02 230 90 2h no need to mobsearch, always those coordinates Neutral 100% Holy 150% KIEL kh_dun02 2h @mobsearch kiel_ Neutral 100% Holy 150% MAYA anthell02 2h @mobsearch maya Neutral 100% Fire 200% TAO GUNKA beach_dun 5h @mobsearch tao gunka Neutral and any element (except ghost damage) 100% GLOOM ra_san05 5h @mobsearch gloom under night Neutral 0% and poison 50% only. must use elemental conversor (any) VALKYRIE RANDGRIS odir_tem03 8h @mobsearch RANDGRIS Neutral 100% Shadow 200% Undead 175% IFRIT thor_v03 11h @mobsearch ifrit Neutral 100% Water 200% BEELZEBUB abbey03 12h @mobsearch 1873 or 1874 Neutral 0% and poison 25% only. must use elemental conversor (any) SATAN MORROC moc_fild21 @mobsearch MOROCC (one r and two c) Neutral 100% Holy 200% ANGELING pay_fild04 60-90min xmas_dun01 60-90 yuno_fild03 60-90 DEVILING pay_fild04 2-3h yuno_fild03 60-90min Thats the basic, i guess any beginner can jump into mvp hunting straight away and make billions soon. Its very lucky based but I know one thing for sure, the lucky times always comes, stick to camping and you will eventually drop more than one card per day, to compensate for the bad days, your weekly output can be 10b+ per week. TRYHARD MODE (BONUS): Free Alarm Clock for PC, play alarm when mvp time, just edit timer again and go. Download: http://freealarmclocksoftware.com/ Bubble Gum Bubble Gum doubles your drop rate, making cards 6%, its really a big difference. But only last for minutes, only decrease time as you're logged in. So you can do this: Get Bubble Gum by donation or event. Create 2 GX with this same build. Use GX1 to hunt MVP. Activate Bubblegum with autoloot Kill MVP and logout. Use GX2 to find and damage other mvps till ~30%, get coords with /where and use alt+m to open a window, in alt+1 put @warp map cordx cordy (you have to be fast, other people can come) Logout and login GX1 Alt+1 Kill and logout. This way you can profit a lot with bubblegum.