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  1. × L u m i n o u s × Return of the Beacon Luminous has been a shining beacon for returning players for years. Our family started long ago, in a town named Caspen. The main objective of the group is to enhance the player experience, by providing a friendly base, both for helping and for having fun. If you are a friendly player, actively seeking out a social guild and wish to add to our family of fun and greatness, ask any member for an invite and you will be taken care of. We have no recruitment policies, no level necessities, class specifics, or gear requirements. Our rules are quite simple. Follow the server rules and you'll be just fine. Keep B/S/T chat to a minimum in guild chat and do not beg. Hope to see you come along for the ride and enjoy your stay! × Resist Nothing × × Unity × × Luminous For Life ×