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  1. Infamous


    ya yumi-ro.com wewew
  2. Infamous


    ya i love yumi say hello to her for me
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    bye fags say hello to yumi for me i'll miss her
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  5. Infamous

    Client Lag

    Update: While trying to search for answers. I found out that there are some players also who's experiencing this kind of lag during clash / whenever going to pvp arenas where there are a lot of players fighting which makes them not able to do anything because their character just freezes then fast forward then bam hello limbo! which makes them afk and losing hope to play. Hope GM can find some solutions to this.
  6. Infamous

    Client Lag

    So everything's running smoothly before then suddenly, last night during HHH, I started lagging and freezing so badly so I thought it's just a connection problem e.g download etc. I tried checking my net by running command prompt and all that thing and it shows that I got a stable ping to dreamer RO. Then I tried playing dRO again. All is well but then everytime I enter HA where there are a lot of people using skills or standing, my dRO just freeze until I disconnect from server but when I go in town where there are lesser people, me not lag at all! HELP!!!!!!
  7. Infamous


    ...and you'll know how OP it is.
  8. Infamous


    Indeed. Not that old but kinda average Sura player back in pre renewal days and even now, I can really say that Asura is really op right now even tho "it is meant to do alot of damage" it's crazy how much Asura can do even with ghostring + grc lol. And finger offensive got killed a bit because of the client's click delay that made FO not spam-able.
  9. Is it possible to bring back pre-renewal formula for def?

    1. Xero


      Embrace 500 VIT.

  10. Infamous

    Neutral Barrier

    It doesn't mean that if no one barely used them in PvP situations, makes the job dead lol. I can play Mechanic anytime for a 1 v 1 situations or etc and mechanic don't sucks, actually they are OP especially having repair and other good skill.
  11. Infamous

    Neutral Barrier

    Can we at least nerf Neutral Barrier of mech after giving an immune from range attacks and giving very high MDEF and PDEF of all targets by 25% ( and set aside the high resistance against fire ) ? And especially, having approx. 10 seconds cooldown with 60 seconds duration skill lol.
  12. Infamous


    That what makes a certain job dead. When it's working fine but other people think it's over powered because of how the skill works, it'll be nerf to the last bone until it kills the skill and later on, the job.
  13. Infamous

    Sura or FO delay 90%

    As far as I can remember, back in pre-new 90% delay is all you need for Sura. You can use every skill w/o delay but now, I just tested it with 90% and it seems that it gives me a bit of delay when using some skills, then when I tested with 100% delay, and it didnt give me FO cd.