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  1. Artemia

    post market/clearance

    B> magnetite, silicon
  2. Artemia

    post market/clearance

    S> +8CA or trade to +8libra Done deal. Thank you, cruel world.
  3. what is going on

    1. Latte
    2. Feurille


      I think some weirdo's self control over himself snapped. 

    3. Artemia
  4. I returned because of Halloween Event. Lets play together!

    1. Latte


      Yiiiy leggo

    2. Artemia


      I hate you guys

      I guess I could play for at least one week

    3. Latte


      My gx is idontwannabeyouanymore 

  5. Artemia


    Are you creating a Doram? Stick to the default hairstyle; the other styles cause your client to crash. If ever you really want a different style, you should opt for the quest itself.
  6. Artemia

    bye bye

    final straw today did have a few good memories, so i'm going to miss this place. goodbye to friends; it's been a long ride. send me a message if ever you have an item in my possession.
  7. Artemia


    WoE is still a thing. It's pretty active, just that it's usually only 2 guilds against each other. The other guilds drop by sometimes.
  8. Artemia


    1. From what I've seen, 150-350? Peak would mostly be during WoE 2. Honestly I've never tried those games you mentioned, but it's more of a pay2speedthingsup. Haven't encountered any paywall as of now. My definition of paywall is probably something like Elsword where the game mechanics themselves cost money (lol). 3. I've seen 3-4 guilds, though not all of them participate in every single war 4. Mostly Asians, and a few Western ethnicity here and there
  9. Artemia

    Rare Wings Sprite II

    Bigger slots for my "things I will never get my hands on" list. @topic tq for the collection
  10. Artemia

    post market/clearance

    I will be on in a minute will be @ caspen prontera/tournament spectate
  11. Artemia

    Hero Quest Guide

    personal messenger
  12. Artemia

    Hero Quest Guide

    I recommend trying out a dark lord card on your footgear. Slap in an Angeling Beanie as well if ever you have one. Of course, you should restat for high INT to deal damage. ToG is a walk in the park for AoE classes and builds.
  13. Artemia

    post market/clearance

    sorry for late reply i do have to sleep i'll be on for about 1-2 hours from this point
  14. Artemia

    post market/clearance

    from 15-20b, 6b bruv
  15. Artemia

    post market/clearance

    are you on right now? Last price I've seen @ vend is around 10b as well; I'll sell it to you for 3b