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  1. Artemia

    Simple macro for skill spam

    Can you try it on buttons other than F1-F12? Maybe on 1 or Q. Also, make sure you run it as administrator.
  2. Artemia

    Scintilla [Guild]

    But I'm fine? ?@_@? Now that you mention it, maybe the lot of us need some help (lol).
  3. Artemia

    Scintilla [Guild]

    I can think of a hundred different witty responses to your post, but in regards to your mental stability, I will refrain from doing so. hello junko, and i'm not being bullied. I refuse to be verbally bullied. Not by this idiot in particular.
  4. Artemia

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Dumbass. P.S.: I'm definitely not trying to fool anyone
  5. Artemia

    Scintilla [Guild]

    Welcome to Scintilla. Come to me if you need any help.
  6. Artemia

    ~ B/S/T ~ Updated ~

    Yes, that was me. Thank you.
  7. Artemia

    ~ B/S/T ~ Updated ~

    Still selling Ignus Fatuus?
  8. N> guide on how to last longer than 5 seconds in pvp

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Artemia


      Reminds me of 'you cannot lose the game if you will not play the game'. Good riddance to my non-existent pvp skills.

    3. Feurille


      It's 3 words because "don't" is two words, "Do" and "Not".

    4. caramellmacchiato


      But thats 2 syllable

  9. Artemia

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    S> +0 Creed apparently i'm blessed with buyers every time
  10. Artemia

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    S> Blessing of Porings
  11. Artemia


    Great guide. Straight to the point, easy to understand! +1
  12. @whitenote You should have posted this in the Reports section. No one but you and the staff-in-charge would see your report.
  13. Artemia

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    S> Gem of Sight +0jugg B> 200VF or Hero's Remains IGN: [space]Mana[space]
  14. Artemia

    HHH: Grand Cross RG vs Warlock

    I will refrain from mentioning anything about GC RG as I have not played the build myself, but I use a WL to farm HHH. On average, if I fully commit the entire hour on farming, I earn 450-500 Heroic Coins and at least 1k War Badges (in the form of Rok Star Badges, of course) in PK Mode. Relatively easy to play as well; just remember to stock up on berries and have FCP waiting for you in Limbo. Your Alice/Thara Frog/Hades-slotted shield makes a difference, especially when mobbing.