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  1. Aselica

    wtb slim whites

    it's mainly for pvp; being able to spam the skill will help party stacks last a lot longer
  2. Aselica

    wtb slim whites

    does 2b per stack sound reasonable? or are you looking for a higher price
  3. Aselica

    wtb slim whites

    wtb stacks of slim white potions March of Silver
  4. Aselica

    Honorable Guild

    I hope you understand you're being a little too selfish than we are. You're inclining at having everyone accept your points, and yet you have no intention of taking what we say into your account. But to each his own; you're entitled to your opinion, after all. won't post some more because this drama'll never end though if this is a troll's musings then you have given us a nice form of entertainment today. I'd thank you for that
  5. Aselica

    Honorable Guild

    You've assumed quite the big thing there. A guild splitting already means they aim to secure the top spots? Overgeared split itself into two for the sole purpose of competition. Security? Whether the castle goes to one of Overgeared or another guild altogether doesn't matter in the slightest. Almost every time some guild takes the extra mile to achieve something, they get shot down by people demanding a "fair competition". If the guild's cheating/abusing something then sure, but otherwise? Remember the old WoE Token thread? It's Xmas Hunters all over again
  6. Aselica

    Refine failure experience

    once broke an elite weapon because I forgot div ores were used at a different npc
  7. Aselica

    Heaven Flower Quest

    You can’t access monster arena through Reginleif even after finishing heaven’s flower? Should be a bug if that’s the case
  8. Aselica

    Heaven Flower Quest

    outdated npc dialogue, you won't be needing 200 honor kills for anything
  9. Aselica

    What are you listening to?

    featuring matthew bellamy's ridiculously enticing falsetto
  10. I've been waiting for this moment

    I can finally play ninja without being guilt ridden SSSKSSKSKSK don't buff ninjas or I'll get mad

    1. Yuuvi


      Lookin' forward to seein' u PVP!!

    2. Aselica


      just kidding (partly)

      I only wanted to spam wind blade and flaming petals because they look and sound so cool

  11. Aselica


    Ragnarok's been based on Norse mythology from the very beginning, so it is just fitting to use names loyal to this theme
  12. Aselica

    What are you listening to?

    "produced badly by a nasty piece of work" -muse
  13. Aselica

    Another silly thing

    If you're overweight through sheer item weight, you can abuse the high stat points for high STR. You can also be "overweight" if your character's reached 100 unique items. In that case, the next thing you abuse is the command "@storage".