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  1. how to heal as ab if you ded every time

    1. caramellmacchiato


      Have you tried the self cast macro and 1 different self cast macro with assumptio spams lol

    2. miareeta


      macro for noobs


      ...jokes aside, I'm too dumb to use macros.

  2. miareeta

    Battleground Rewards Update

    HA! I guess my AB won't stay dead no more. Thank you for the generous update!
  3. miareeta

    The Return of Gepard Shield

    I bet you I'll still die within 2 seconds even w/ gepard. super novices just die anyway (lol) but i digress Thank you for extending effort into keeping us alive and kicking!
  4. miareeta

    Vote4Points Shop Update

    I'd just gotten 5 points after voting
  5. miareeta

    Vote4Points Shop Update

    What the, are these the exact same donation clones from DM shop?! regardless: I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART
  6. wtt> your hadesc to my nut shell rare

  7. miareeta

    Changes on Forums and Staff Team

    Significantly more coverage on different sections of the server. Players would also have an idea who to turn to if they have a specific inquiry. Not to mention players can also directly contribute to server development. god bless here's to potential staff members
  8. higanbana is supposed to be a beautiful flower, but everyone's teasing me for having a banana name

    the world is cruel

  9. writing contest pls

  10. miareeta


    Let's all try to picture how the situation was for both parties, no? -If they really did give salary, Amatsu could have told them to patiently wait for them to dish it out. I wouldn't really know since I accepted their request without salary (and I didn't change my mind, mind you). Otherwise, Amatsu could have mentioned from the very beginning that they would really like an alliance without compensation, or calmly break off the alliance and apologize. -If EA got their salary, they could have given Amatsu another chance, and see if they were good allies. Yes, considering they did give them salary, it was a good move. If they actually didn't, they had every right to stop being Amatsu's ally. However, that isn't to say EA can trashtalk Amatsu on every possible occasion. My opinion on Amatsu's members is quite mixed, to be honest. I felt like a ghost member when I was a part of them for a short while. At the same time, there were really nice people in there; some of them are really good friends of mine. I haven't interacted a lot with most of EA's members, but they are a really lively bunch. It's fun to watch them bicker (aside from the times when the pvp-hungry psychos ruin everything). Call me goody-two-shoes or whatever, but both parties were at fault, and both deserved something better. Let's all get along.
  11. miareeta

    Artifact Enchantment Bug?

    Have you tried testing your damage with Recognized Spell active?
  12. miareeta

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    That Luthor guy is a retard, but he won't stoop down to a cheater's level. dun worry (lol)
  13. miareeta

    How can I fix this?

    ^yes if it prompts you whether to run scripts or not, select yes
  14. welcome back michie

    we survived college

    1. Seam


      who is she, is she like u

    2. himoutoumaru


      Thank you ~ It's our time to enjoy. Lets enjoy our Christmas ○》~《○

  15. miareeta

    Fully Updated data and rdata.grf

    Sorry, I don't have an idea either (as of late). I either spam the Y button to instantly close it whenever it pops up, or click start quickly before it appears. It's very unlikely that I'll find a solution, but I'll share it if ever. again sadie would have a more reliable answer