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  1. miareeta

    thank you for wasting my time

    Most new players knew what to do and what to aim for before either continuing their grind or quitting, and here you are. Regardless, it's unfortunate that you'll leave very early. Good luck on your endeavors.
  2. miareeta


    Mm, for starters, grab some White Wing Suits from Anubis (in_sphinx4), and refine it as high as you can. +8 is pretty good. Use an Elven Bow with Elven Arrows until you get your death weapon(s)//glorified equipment/elite weapon. They're dropped by Gargoyle (gl_sew02). There's also Bow Thimble for your accessory. It's slotted, and it gives %ranged damage. For your top/mid/low hg: since you're just starting out, any top hg should be fine for now. For your mid, grab the Union Wings from the vote4points npc. You'll earn vote tokens by voting. Check out the main website for it. Lastly, for your lower, for now, any slotted lower with an orc hero card. However, as you progress, you could aim for: 60% movement speed Resist Silence and Freeze Slotted with orc hero card/glorified hero card E.g. music ring With that, you won't get stunned, silenced, and/or freezed. Falling Snow would also be fine, but you won't have silence resist. I don't know a lot about rangers, so I'll stop there . Otherwise, I could be handing out misinformation. Anyway, welcome to dRO. P.S. the market's in a bad state right now, so try to stay away for now (lol)
  3. *sees magic class with kimi*

    *is an ab*


  4. miareeta

    Division Leader Achievement

    ^ the debug option from the achievement npc should do something. there's the hero debugger too but idk about that lol also god bless the active super ecivon
  5. miareeta

    My opinion about DreamerRO

    I believe new players are entitled to their opinion, including you, so I think your post should be fine. In fact, it's very welcome. Anyone else who says otherwise is probably drunk. I lost quite a lot of friends, and the only reason was that "there's no point". I was very fortunate to have started a little earlier. Yes, when the market wasn't THAT ridiculous. but it was The market is probably the reason why new players lose the motivation to gear up for PvP. There are factors regarding things you can only have if you have been playing for a reaaally long time (e.g. lvl4 elite weapons), but let's set that aside for now. I overheard some players talk about the price of donation tokens back then. When I had just started, it was going for around 1.8b. These people were talking about the price of tokens back in the day: apparently, it's less than 1b. After the rotation, the price of tokens jumped to around 2b, then eventually 2.5b-ish. Inflation sure is a scary thing. Kiels costed 4b, and anything above 5b was considered overpricing. The vending arena used to sell it for 7b, but that place is almost always overpriced anyway. But I digress. As you have pointed out, kiels now go for 10b-ish (JESUS CHRIST). Perhaps it's because the supply can no longer keep up with the demand, but who am I to say that? i don't farm mvps qwe Can an experience player tell me about how much it would cost to actually be something in PvP? I'm pretty sure having 65% redux with a 35% redux helm and thara'ed v.shield still isn't enough. Even if we took out the damage boost thana/isc gives, the players still deal humongous amounts of damage, mainly due to their very gears. <- and how much do those gears cost? Let's not talk about that. But I'm not here just to spread negativity. I have horrid, disgusting, ridiculously stupid gear. I'm a SN, by the way. I use sleipnir for my boots. Some awkward scaraba cards. The other cards cost 1-3b each. Zakudams and gracefuls aren't a lot. I do have the strongest shield in the game (novice shield), but eh lol. I gave my SN some love by making it elite. Trust me, it should take 1-3 days if you're really into it (yah, even without cheesy gear). And you know what, I can somewhat survive in the PvP environment. Not exactly dominate (lol as if), but I could at least be a nuisance, and not get instantly whacked in less than a second. This has been a pretty long post, but here's a tl;dr. If you REALLY like it here (you know, friends), then don't give up just yet. Maybe it'll all be balanced soon. Maybe the staff would eventually give new players incentives to invest time someday. I know I might've just been spouting utter nonsense throughout this entire post, but I hope I got my point across. Ah, and welcome to dRO (LOL)! maybe youll catch me in game
  6. ASDFGHJKL i be active agen soon™

  7. why can't poor people just buy money like god it's so simple

  8. miareeta

    NEW player

  9. miareeta

    Donation Rotation 09/2018

  10. metralleta

    pew pew

    1. Lowhigh



  11. miareeta

    Glorious Weapon Update

    SSSSEAAHHHHHHH brb gearing my sn edt: nvm i dont have +10 lol
  12. miareeta

    Sage Ring +15% ATK and MATK Not Working

    ^yah no problem with it, just that the desc is also wrong
  13. miareeta

    Sage Ring +15% ATK and MATK Not Working

    To be fair, there are quite a handful of items that have 'unreliable' descriptions (e.g. Waterdrop Brooch's Reduces damage taken from Water element monsters by 5% in-game description, but it actually reduces water damage from all sources by 5%). For now, you should test the items concerned on your own to see if the description is correct. IMO, it'd be pretty nice if descriptions were accurate, but let's not stress the staff out too much; as you know they're working on more updates right now.
  14. please release glorious weapon update eeeeeeee 😗