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  1. miareeta

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    lol where did your badges go
  2. miareeta

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    S> Poring Ring
  3. miareeta

    guys is it ok to upgrade ur armors for pvp? pls help

    Minor correction: Fused cards such as Fused Mistress and Fused Pharaoh give the refine bonus at +9, not +8. Fused Pharaoh: Reduce SP Consumption of skills by 50% Reduces after-skill delay by 20% If refine 9+: Reflect Magic Damage by 15% Compounds on: Headgear Fused Mistress: Nullify the Gemstone requirement of spells Reduces after-skill delay by 20% If refine 9+: INT+ 5 Compounds on: Headgear
  4. miareeta

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    re-bump B> Hero Quest
  5. Super Novice Bows. Highly improbable, but I wouldn't ask for anything else.

  6. miareeta

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

  7. miareeta

    Dead Branching (Boring as hell, but profitable)

    Yes, just that it isn't as fast as the more popular ones (high-level mining, forging). I think the stones (rose quartz, pyroxene, etc.) are both useful and somewhat profitable. I almost never see a buyer for those stones nowadays, but it'll save you a big headache when you start your EHQ. The mentioned cards are a pain to farm, very much so. Most of the other items are part of the HQ requirements, which you could either keep for your other characters you plan to raise, or sell them in the complete HQ bundle. The consumables are pretty much staples for PvP, or you could sell them in bundles as well (cheaper than one would via the Tool Dealer).
  8. miareeta

    Your favorite Game OST

    Fire Emblem: Awakening - Conquest
  9. miareeta

    What even is this

  10. miareeta

    What even is this

    I once saw a bunch of MVPs loose in my beloved wasteland (Verus), and it was distracting. My character almost died after being AFK for hours.
  11. miareeta

    What even is this

    lol who did that mvp gx's go kill it and ill buy the card if it drops
  12. miareeta

    Finally mining lvl 150 AMA!

    twilight boots
  13. Still wondering how people are just so tanky. I can't even do my only job properly.

  14. miareeta

    Guide Request for Job Build / Eqs for Newbie

    If you are looking to farm with a Warlock, Returners' set is more than enough. Outside the set, you can refer to this guide (made specifically for new players without kiels): This one in particular is easily farm-able without using up zeny, just through a few minutes of farming, and waiting for a few vote coins. However, if you find Battlegrounds a little too off limits (and consequently, find Speedy Recovery Wand too hard to get), then I suggest to wait for even more vote coins to get your hands on your first 45% delay reduction wing. Furthermore, there are class-specific guides included in this collection (PvP, Caspen Dungeon, Bossnia, etc.): Some other guides are also not included on the thread above, so if you have time, you may browse the entire Job Guides section. http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/13-job-guides/
  15. miareeta

    New Player in Game

    Welcome to the server. As stated, you should join a guild to help each other out.