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  1. why can't poor people just buy money like god it's so simple

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    NEW player

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    Donation Rotation 09/2018

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    Glorious Weapon Update

    SSSSEAAHHHHHHH brb gearing my sn edt: nvm i dont have +10 lol
  6. miareeta

    Sage Ring +15% ATK and MATK Not Working

    ^yah no problem with it, just that the desc is also wrong
  7. miareeta

    Sage Ring +15% ATK and MATK Not Working

    To be fair, there are quite a handful of items that have 'unreliable' descriptions (e.g. Waterdrop Brooch's Reduces damage taken from Water element monsters by 5% in-game description, but it actually reduces water damage from all sources by 5%). For now, you should test the items concerned on your own to see if the description is correct. IMO, it'd be pretty nice if descriptions were accurate, but let's not stress the staff out too much; as you know they're working on more updates right now.
  8. please release glorious weapon update eeeeeeee 😗

  9. miareeta

    New player here!

    ^What he said Let me also tell you about Daily Quest service. They go for 500m each provision. Here's how it goes: The buyer will give you a list of the items you need to farm, along with it the amount they need. Farm those items. Once you're done farming, PM him/her again and give them the items, while they pay you 500m. If you do about 2-3 services a day, you could get around 10-11b every week. Even more if you're a madman and do like 10 services per day (LOL). That isn't counting the $$$ you get from zeph, mining, or even War of Emperium. Good luck!
  10. miareeta


    Just to add my two cents. As mentioned before, stacking different scripts are better when increasing damage dealt since they are multiplied instead of being an additive increase (as opposed to going defensive, where stacking same scripts (e.g. demi-human resist) is better).. I'll give an example for clarity (applicable in PvP): 2 hydra+ 2 TG (100% base+20%+20%)(100% base+20%+20%)==196% Meanwhile, 2 hydra + 1 TG + 1 F.Doppelganger (100% base+20%+20%)(100% base+20%)(100% base+18%)=198.24% --- Let's look at 2hydra+2TG+ranged wing (100% base+20%+20%)(100% base+20%+20%)(100% base+25%)=245% Now, 2hydra+2TG+melee rare (100% base+20%+20%+25%)(100% base+20%+20%)=231% 2hydra+1TG+1F.doppel+ranged wing (100% base+20%+20%)(100% base+20%)(100% base+18%)(100% base+25%)=247.8% 2hydra+1TG+1F.Doppel+melee rare (100% base+20%+20%+25%)(100% base+20%)(100% base+25%)=233.64% And we're not even taking equips such as FVH (same script with hydra?) into consideration. It's just how it works. For Pete's sake, it's right here! And even if I did make a mistake somewhere in my calculations, ^my point still stands. My point in this post is: it's meaningless to ask someone to test why it's not just the card combinations that you have to worry about; that some items have the same script as the cards. We have an explanation right here in our forums. "What's the script of item X?" God forbid a random player like me would -easily-, and for emphasis, >EASILY< know. Sorry to lead the thread off-track again. Back to topic please.
  11. I can't believe BG is starting to be more active.

    im not complaining

  12. miareeta

    Malangdo Instance and BG update

    tq for malangdo instance! kudos to the glorious weapon update from BG. They'll be very useful for new players looking to PvP -even better if the freebie equipment gets implementeddd
  13. is physical sn still not viable, or am i too dumb to make a build

  14. miareeta


    Welcome to DRO! tip: don't join bg just yet