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  1. MagicFlakes

    Mini summer forum event

    Enjoying My Summer I went outside and viewed the trees,Smelled the summer air,I felt the warm breeze.The sun with its golden bars
  2. MagicFlakes

    Job Builds Submissions

    WARLOCK [PVP] [Poochie.] INFORMATION ::: RED COLOR for CARDS BLUE COLOR for Items White Color for Description Recommended Stats: (Please include a brief explanation of the stat usage and reason for increasing or ignoring each stat) STR: 121 (for carrying supply such as Gemstones, Panacea, Berry, Blue Pots, etc.,) AGI: 200 (195 asp, WL got Increase Agi skill so getting Dec Agi isn't really much of a problem.) DEX: 201 (You'll need a decent hit for using Magic Crasher and for Kimi Card's Critical Wound.) INT: 500 (For higher magical damage) VIT: 120 (Vit Def of 45 - 50. Going beyond, Thana-Users will rekt you.) LUK: 417 (for Sacri Type RGs, Auto-Sonic Blow GXs, TK/SG. It slightly increase other stats such as Atk, Matk, Hit, Flee, etc., Adds slight Resistance to status.) Recommended Equipment: (Please include the headgear and card's effects next to it's name) Top Headgear: +9/10 Marshmallow Cap , Condom Hat or Any Reduce Helm (Reduces Damage received by Demi-Humans by 35%) Card 1: Kiel-D-01 Card (Reduces after skill delay of all skills by 30%) Middle Headgear: Any Magic Rare Wings (Increases Magical and Physical Damage against Demi-Humans by 25%, Reduces after skill delay by 30%) Card: Kiel-D-01 Card (Reduces after skill delay of all skills by 30%) Lower Headgear: Any Immune Freeze and Silence + 60% Speed Auras (Become immune to Freeze and Silence status, Increase Walking Speed by 60%) Card: Glorified Orc Hero Card (Gain immunity to the Stun status, Reduce Long-Range damage by 5%. Mdef + 2) Armor: +9/10 Juggernaut Armor (Max HP + 120%, [Refine +8~10] Max HP + 150%) Card: None Weapon: +10 Arcaena [4] (Int + 20, Vit + 6, Increase HP by 10-12-15%, Reduces Damage by Demi Humans by 8-9-10% , Reduced Defence 25% [Level 4 Effect] 5% autocasting Wall of fog on yourself when receiving Attack , Matk 3% ) Card 1: Celine Kimi Card (Matk + 10%, Adds a chance of auto casting level 3 Critical Wound to all enemies when dealing magical attacks. Every refine level, increase the trigger rate.) Card 2: Spirit Enchanted Box Card (Adds a high chance of inflicting Curse status on enemy when dealing magical attacks.) Card 3: Randgris Card or Golem Card ( Weapon is Indestructable ) Card 4: Zakudam Card (Increase magical damage inflicted on Demi-Human monsters by 10%. Stacks up to 2 times) Shield: +10 Valkyrie Shield [1] (Reduces damage taken from all elemental attacks, except Neutral element, by 20% and Mdef + 5 ) Card: Hades Card / [DM] Hades Card (Reduces damage received by Demi-Humans by 30%, Reduces Neutral property damage by 10%, [Refine +8~10] Reflect 10% of the physical damage received.) Card: Thara Frog Card ((Reduces damage received by Demi-Humans by 30%) Robe: Asprika (Flee +30, Mdef +5, Reduces damage taken from all elements by 30%, Enables use of Level 1 Teleport) Card: None Shoes: +8 Poseidon Shoes [1] (Max HP + 10%, Movement Speed + 40%, Increase resistance against Water and Wind property by 8%) Card: Determined Kathryne Card (Maximum HP + 5%, Increase Magical damage against Non-Boss enemies by 40%, [Refine +8~10] Adds a 30% chance to auto cast Dispell level 1 on the enemy when using Magic Crasher) Card: Fallen Bishop Card ( Matk 10% MaxSP -50% Increase magic damage to Demihuman and angel monster by 50 % ) Accessory 1: Specialist Gloves [1] [Wizard Class] (Level 1: Int + 25, Mdef + 5 , Level 2: Int + 30, Mdef + 5,Increase Damage of Storm Gust 15 % , Level 3: Int + 35, Mdef + 5,Increase Damage of Storm Gust 15 % and + 5% HP) Card: Scaraba Card (Matk +200 , MaxSP -1%) Accessory 2: Copper Rosary [1] (Vit + 10, MaxHP + 5%, Reduces after-skill delay by 5%) Card: Scaraba Card (Matk +200 , MaxSP -1%) Card: Gem Of Pheuma ( adds 10% Chance of auto Casting Pheuma on yourself when receiving attack, Like Rangers or all Long range attack )
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