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  1. I didn't see that option the first time! I can play now. Thank you!
  2. This might be entirely my fault as I messed with the hair color for my Doram character. When given the input box I went to number 127 right away, and the whole game crashed. I didn't screenshot the error message at the time, but when I tried to reopen the game, I get as far as the server selection before a similar error message pops up again. It looks like this: Then it crashes. The error can be repeated and the same error message appears. I assume this is due to me selecting a non-existing hair palette for the Doram race. So if there is no fix to this, I'd like to request for that particular character to be deleted. I still want to play my other non-Doram character on this account I'm happy to provide any other relevant information. Thank you.