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  1. whitenote

    OverGearded Member

    hahaha . . . .its dreamer . . .. Toxic Player Cultivated in DRO but its not person, 2020 on Pandemic Corona, Virus must be deleted Happy Birthday Oakley.
  2. whitenote

    Automated Event Rewards Boost

    hello can u check this all nick name in 3 day top Hero arena still same https://gofile.io/uploadFiles thankyou @HaZe @HaZe @HaZe i dun know its my opinion we all dun know what happen in hero arena thankyou GM
  3. whitenote

    BOT in BG (poweroff)

    BOT please banned IP its look like seamless or Fivihttps://gofile.io/d/Twmpkj @HaZe
  4. whitenote

    COD 29 MEI 2019 SALARY COD Nancy Jeewel Melisa Ronju

    @HaZe @LightOfGod