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    Guide to Buying Vend

    *Will be updated later for future item/skills changes WHAT IS A BUYING VEND/STORE Basically it's a vend skill where instead of selling you are buying a specific item under a specific price and budget limit. It is also considered to be a Vending skill which means you are only allowed to use it in our vending arena (poring_c02). Take note that you may only buy Consumables and etc items. (NEVER EQUIPS; no CUSTOM ITEMS - for now) UPDATES: (4/25/14) You cannot buy account-bound etc items (ex. thanatos fragments) (09/22/13) The price limit changes randomly upon vending but does NOT directly affect buying of each item. Store closes when all items are bought (10/04/12) There is no Tax placed on buying vends at the moment. Only the Non-merchant way works at the moment HOW TO OBTAIN THE SKILL/ITEM Non-Merchants (ALL JOBS) Shops are created by using a Black Market Buyer Shop Licence. These are usable items which disappear after use. In Morroc, enter the pub (morocc 45, 106) and talk to the Black Marketeer. He will sell you one time use licenses to create Purchase Shops. Each license costs 500 Zeny and can be bought in bulk up to 10 at a time. Note: (09/30/12) The Black Market Buyer Shop Licence is currently names as an Unknown item but it is still usable. Making a contract with the Purchasing Npc cancels your deal with the Black Musketeer (you can no longer buy licences from him). Merchants In Alberta, go to the Merchant Guild (alberta 37, 41) and talk to the Purchasing Team NPC. He offers to sell you a license (to buy licenses) for 10,000 Zeny. After paying him, he will teach you the skill and give you 5 Bulk Buyer Shop Licences. You can purchase more licenses from him for 200 Zeny each, up to 50 at a time. Note: (09/30/12) currently not usable but listed in the skill set HOW TO SET UP THE SHOP You may initiate the shop by using either of the two and make sure you have at least a piece (1) of the item you wish to buy After choosing your way to set up, a window will pop up and you need the following blanks filled There you go, you have yourself a buying vend, and yes you can mix this with @autotrade (source: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Buying_Store)