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  1. Update (15) All prices are FIXED because I cannot login for almost 2 months due to out of country. Thank you and goodbye for now, will return as soon as i come back home. Cya
  2. Update (14) ADDED 2pcs +8 Libra, 1 +9 Juggernaut Armor and 1+8 Albite Garment.
  3. eraexo


    bought your 8 p elus XD read my message in chat room please for my other message.
  4. Update (13) Another 1pc +8 Onyx Guard SOLD. All +8 Onyx Guard SOLD. Thanks for buying!
  5. Update (12) 1pc +8 Onyx Guard SOLD. Thanks for buying!
  6. eraexo

    is Mining worth or not?

    Haha that's funny and cool man. I want to be Santa too xD. Can you give me any tips on how to level up faster please man?
  7. eraexo

    is Mining worth or not?

    Thank you guys i really appreciate your opinions now I feel i will start mining now ! good luck to me. i will now read tips about mining here in forums. again thank you guys.
  8. Update (11) +8 Albite Garment SOLD. Thanks!
  9. Hello guys. Is it worth to invest time on Mining? Because i have met a friend in game who has super high level in mining and he told me that it is NOT WORTH even you get high level on mining to mine high level mines? He told me he don't feel rewarding and i should switch other farming? I need your opinions please. Feel free to reply. Thanks
  10. eraexo

    AZZY AI for Homunculus and Mercenary

    @Lv1 Akikiw Sir you still here? can i ask for mirror link? because the link seems not available anymore thank you sir.
  11. Update (10) ADDED: 2pcs +8 Onyx Guard [NEW!] 1 +8 Bronzite Buckler [NEW!
  12. Up (9) Sold 65 DTOKS
  13. Up (8) - Added Furious Seyren Card, pm me your Offer.
  14. Update (6) 1pc +8 Malevolent Shoes SOLD. thank you