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  1. eraexo

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    @Sadie lol my bad. May i ask what is the good change to give value or at least rewarding effect for odd refinement? Sorry i'm bad at this.
  2. eraexo

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    @Sadie hello. can i suggest here to make the Gigant snake skin effect from Increase resistance to all elements by 1% each 2 refinement to Increase resistance to all elements by 0.5% each refinement? This is to give value on Odd Refinement specially on +7 and +9. Example you refine from +8 to +9, at least there's 0.5% resistance. thank you. or should I make a topic about this on suggestion? or here is enough?
  3. eraexo

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 [Ended]

    I'm a bit greedy for costumes, aight I understood sir.
  4. eraexo

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 [Ended]

    @HaZe Donation Mall Discount The majority of the NPCs in the Donation Token Mall have a 25-30% discount over their original price. This discount applies even to the recently added collectibles and the soon-to-be-gone Rare NPC Shop. Unfortunately, this discount does not apply to the MvP Card Sellers. So for this black friday it's not implemented?
  5. eraexo

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    Love you Sadie
  6. eraexo

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    Nvm idiot me. Already read the changelog about this. So Yeah my friend told me that they are luring it to that npc but the queen property is not changing (lol i didn't know until now, well i only do resurrect using ab in that instance most of the time). xD @Sadie can you check about this? thanks.
  7. eraexo

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    does it transform to other property when you lure it to guard npc?
  8. eraexo

    Pets Intimacy Upon Death

    thanks didn't know this before XD
  9. eraexo

    Pets Intimacy Upon Death

    But still. When i get home later i'll try to die many times and check if the pet's intimacy lower and ill tell you immediately. Poor me and my pet xd
  10. eraexo

    Pets Intimacy Upon Death

    Well my suggestion is accepted and it's been 4 months now still not implemented. Take note my suggestion needs reboot. Also Haze told me reboot is random, "we're not sure when will be the reboot". Also they can't just go reboot the server evertime manually. Edit: if it already reboots then RIP my suggestion .
  11. eraexo

    Pets Intimacy Upon Death

    I think not yet. Why? Because I have accepted suggestion about vending and it needs reboot. You can notice that the server reboots if all the vendors on go 39 are gone or small amount of vendors.
  12. This is FUNNY AF Hahahahahaha XD. I want to use it on OGH because i'm the party's wanna be damager. If i choose star gladiator can i reach 999999 there? Not on boss and general but lower monsters. Also what skill is good to kill commanders (using magic like warlock or other skill except sacrifice and GC). I will be grateful to any answer that can help me. thanks i will never call her weak again.
  13. Hahaha you even have the proof.
  14. Hello guys. I want to ask about other skills that can reach 999999 damage. Royal Guard = sacrifice Rune knight = spiral Warlock = ? Mechanic = ? Star Gladiator = ? Other Jobs = ? thanks for helping me.
  15. eraexo

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    thanks ma'am