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  1. eraexo

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    @HaZe I'm not saying you're doing bad infact you're doing good (best) for this server for so many years now but i just want to tell you that bug section should get replies because bug should be fix as soon as possible right? what if there's a dupe bug, bla bla bug that has big effect to server. Still no replies? thanks
  2. eraexo

    Donate with Paypal

    WEW. So the admin is active after all? Only here? You just replied to donators i see. No reply on bug fixes. by the way i also created a ticket ages ago still no reply. Hmmmmm. So i think reporting in bug section is useless now. The section should be deleted.
  3. eraexo

    Elite Dungeon BUG Vengeful Eremes Gate

    The support is so very inactive huh.
  4. eraexo

    Elite Dungeon BUG Vengeful Eremes Gate

    I even create a ticket last week ...
  5. eraexo

    Elite Dungeon BUG Vengeful Eremes Gate

    Wow so inactive ...
  6. eraexo

    Elite Dungeon BUG Vengeful Eremes Gate

    Still no reply?
  7. Man. i already check all possible solutions in forums but no luck. the problem is we cannot open the gate for vengeful eremes which the requirement is to kill nidhogg and finish endless tower (defeat naght sieger) already talk to all npcs after nidhogg quest but still no luck. and i found some topic here in forums who has the same problem, i even found one with date of "2013" lol but still not fixed. the achievement cannot achieve if this goes on. my request is can you just remove the requirement for that vengeful eremes gate? or just remove the elite dungeon itself? i dont know why this hasn't fixed since then. but can you please consider this bug? many people already asking to fix for this bug wew. thank you