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  1. Trongo

    New Player :)

    Hey Helena . I’m new too, server seems fun so far . Hope to see you around !!
  2. Trongo

    Battle Grounds

    Hey!! Thanks so much , found several post from you which have been useful so far . Also that is the point I enlist and ente the number provided by the bg official. The announcement goes 5 players needed for X battleground to start but it never starts....maybe there should be some kind of participation token . (I.e player can earn up to X battleground tokens a day . Each time you enlist for a battleground and there is not sufficient people to start player wil be rewarded with Y tokens) ??
  3. Trongo

    Battle Grounds

    Hey guys, Recently joined and was in the lookout to improve my gear/hunting equipment. Saw someone the other day doing insane damage and told me he was using a death weapon . So I dipped into the forums and found that death weapons are sold in the battle grounds arena and one of the shops in Caspen. The price in the shop is insane , doing daily quest to farm around 2K is going to be a life time . So I’m always joining the battleground but they never start ? Any idea ...? Am I doing something wrong? Are battle grounds not that popular anymore ? Any other way to get those BG TOKENS? Appreciate the help!!!
  4. Trongo

    It's Time to Wake Up Dreamers

    Hey Xero, you still active ? What jobs do you play ? Mind doing some charity work every now and then ?? I joined recently and I’m still working out the quest , the equipment and the classes to play ....
  5. Trongo

    It's Time to Wake Up Dreamers

    Hello Haze, First of all thanks for taking time and replying in the forum. I recently joined DRO a week back. I used to play in another mid rate server a while back and keeping up with your hobbies or side activities keeps getting more complicated as we become older. I used to spent hours playing RO , now with a job and other responsibilities it has become a lot more complicated and I spent a lot less time playing . In regards to the server, I find the having the 3rd jobs is quite fun , never got to play them in back and that is the main reason I joined DRO. The treasure chest events help those active players progress ...however other events as battlegrounds required a fixed amount of people to start , and sometimes the quota is not met. Which turns obtaining battleground items harder than expected . Other events such as city invasions (yesterday was Satan Morroc invading prontera......I think no one showed at least I warped and could only see my lonely sniper and it’s wurg. The server mostly says 500 players logged but most of them are vendors....the mvp arenas are empty and I rarely find another player around when mvp hunting . Don’t get me wrong I love the game (the reason why I came back) and like the server (thus I made a little donation )....but thinking in a egotistical manner ...I’m new and I would like for things to be easier , experience the hero quest , visit casspen and do the endless tower. But we current game if I don’t know anyone I won’t be able to do any of that . I know that what I’m telling you my discourage some of the veterans , but I might attract new players( just cycle through...start account , vote , obtain nice gear , level up, do endgame content and probably after a month lose interest and leave ; but hope some other player will take that place). Anyhow thanks for the time spent managing the server and creating new content , also props for the returners gear (helps a lot). Always remember family first kids only grow up once..... I will find time to post my review on ratemyserver. But at least I try to vote 2 each day lol.... sorry for the long message