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  1. ooyaya

    B & S (poor zone)

  2. ooyaya

    B & S (poor zone)

    BUY .:Dragon Wing of Damage/any mid physical increase (non rare ofc) or stat wing .:Addax Card = 5b SELL .:Daehyon Card = 9b
  3. ooyaya

    Wholesales Stock Clearance

    is this still avaiable? i want to buy that DWOD and 1 addax
  4. ooyaya

    Absen Anak-Anak Indo

    Nama : Yosua Ari WIGN : •†Mettra†• // Anvand // AmmoniumAsal : SemarangFacebook : Yosua Ari W
  5. ooyaya

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    this is awesome (with Patrick voice)
  6. ooyaya

    Indonesian Lounge -

    misi mas,mba,om,tante,suhu,sepuh nubi mau tanya biar lancar main DRO butuh VPN(kyk WTF*st) kah? soalnya pas main aga patah" kalo buat jalan *(spek laptop standar ram4gb amd A8, koneksi smartpret 4g)