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  1. Juhairi

    Are Rainbowring Hat drops disabled?

    Actually bro I haven't tried the Rainbow Poring hat. But when I get back to the game I will be surely make some experiments again. :)
  2. Juhairi

    Are Rainbowring Hat drops disabled?

    Actually it is not disabled, due to the server changing to renewal the items for example Myst Case Card(Sure drop effect before renewal) even though it is indicated in the original script that it has 30% chance on dropping Gift Box each time a monster is killed. My point is that when the server became renewal the original script of Myst Case Card which is 30% chance to drop is in effect. I've tried making a warlock which was equipped with 3 cards and the chances of dropping went up. Correct me if I am wrong and you can also try it to verify what I've done, as for me it is successful.
  3. Juhairi

    MVP Monster list information

    Hello, I'm afraid there is no such thing as that list. You can browse some cards in the Donation mall. Most likely the cards here are what you see in the ratemyserver database it's just that some were like adjusted to meet the highrate setup. You can view the custom cards in the Donation mall. via Custom Cards npc.
  4. Juhairi

    It's Time to Wake Up Dreamers

    In my honest opinion, some players left the server because of the Renewal patch, as the formulas make it very hard for people to adapt. Geared classes got fucked by some skills of classes that are also OP'd in renewal. Just I'm wondering if DreamerRO is really up for the renewal and my conclusion is not. Sorry for the bad comment but it really is my honest opinion.
  5. Juhairi

    3rdjob skill

    some or most or all of the 3rd job skills got fixed delay as far as I can remember.