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  1. 1. If your character is behaving like a dual, a GM will conduct investigation and you can get caught for that. 2. We punish players who do nothing in BG especially those who only join to collect reward. Being a newbie etc, is not an excuse for not doing anything in battleground. You still have roles that you can play while in battleground that could help your team. We have plenty of rules that cover this. 3. Be it a hero or not, if a player is abusing too much we can do a gepard ban to the said player which is the worse punishment a player could receive. Just because you can repeatedly create an account easily doesn't mean you can easily evade punishment in the server.
  2. Added Garment Enchanter / Garment costume converter @ firstcity 218,222 and caspen 125 234 .

    Forget about complaining about the cost, I've warned you guys it's cheaper during the event lmao.

    1. Xel


      @Irish Heart OP

  3. Added temporal enchanter at the glast_01 near the instance entrance. It cost contaminated magic. 5/10/15/20/25 each level.

    The garment enchantment will be added soon as well as the costume converter for the loli ruri.

    1. Wallace


      I saw it, the npc is just in front of the Old Glast Heim Instance.

    2. S N I F F U P

      S N I F F U P

      Is there any reset NPC?

  4. Irish Heart


    @sound nobody
  5. Irish Heart

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    We are now closing this Eastertide event. We owe much gratitude to our admin for without his permission we won't have this event at all. So again thank you @HaZe and also to everyone who participated and contributed in this event. Thank you very much. Again, I know not every was lucky enough to win a rare in the raffle but I hope that you at least got something from other features of the event. Maybe next time work harder, pray harder and avoid some unlucky people so you'll have nothing to regret during the raffle. Notes: Eeaster Event NPC will be removed in about 24 hours from now so spend all your remaining tokens if you have too. Mobs will no longer drop any loots but you can still get some from events and daily quest until tomorrow script's reload. Treasure chest will still spawn and will be removed after 24 hours. Raid and Race had been removed. Again thank you guys. Goodluck and see you next time! Ciao
  6. Irish Heart

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    it's causing an error and will require a spriter to adjust it and test it for before i can use that sprite again. That is quite a hassle. I think the sprite i replaced it isn't so bad and it also fit "super fire" lmao, it even come with attack animation, so I guess it will stay.
  7. Irish Heart

    Elite Weapon Exchange NPC Changes

    nope, you still need to get the 2 weapons first as far as I know.
  8. Irish Heart

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    yes. but most rewards from bronze to plat are random.
  9. Irish Heart

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    every 10 minutes everytime someone successfully unlocked it.
  10. Irish Heart

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Raid Boss will now spawn 20 minutes after Easter Egg Hunt Race. Reduce Raid boss hp by 30%
  11. Irish Heart

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Treasure Boxes, Treasure Keys and Easter Raid Easter Raid (To be implemented Later today. I'm letting the other key owner who obtain it from normal bosses to have their keys used first.) The easter raid will respawn one Raid Boss every 3 hours. The party of the player who will manage to last hit the boss will get a chance to obtain a Treasure key at 10% chance as well as other rewards. The player who can deal the highest amount of damage to the boss will receive it's MVP reward. The treasure chest key is a wearable item (weapon) that you can refine. Treasure Key Each refinement of your treasure key affects your chances of successfully opening a treasure chest. (Ex. +4 Treasure key = 40% chance to unlock the treasure chest, +10 = 100%) If you failed to unlock a treasure chest, your key will be broken and will be downgraded by 1 refinement. You can repair it and upgrade again If you succeed in unlocking a treasure chest, your key will be consumed. The treasure key has 1 slot, if you compound any card on it, it will also be consumed. Additionally the refinement of your treasure chest determines the type of rewards you can obtain from that treasure chest. Treasure Chest Reward Classification. +4 and Below - Bronze Reward (easter items) +5 ~ 6 = Silver Rewards (some zeny bags, sea god wrath, glorified orc trophy, bubble gums etc) +7 ~ 8 = Gold Reward (bloodstone, pure ori, elu , comabat coins etc) +9 ~10 = Platinum Rewards (forge headgears, easter pets, giant cat bag, enchanted temporal boots) Note: While the Platinum rewards can be extremely valuable, there's no guarantee that you'll get one, I'll say it will still depends on your luck. Make sure to open up some space in your inventory. Especially on high refine keys. The NPC has checks but better be sure as I am not going to compensate you if you accidentally drop any item.
  12. Just a short announcement, since a lot of players had been asking me to look into this NPC and I got some free time to change it now. Changes: Will only transmute weapon you are wearing in your Right Hand. Will retain weapon refinement Will retain compounded cards The NPC is now live, though I suggest taking screenshot just in case.
  13. Ungrateful people complain about the one thing you haven't done for them or that time you didn't grant their wishes instead of being thankful for thousand of things you have done for them.

  14. Irish Heart

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    temporarily change its sprite to an actual "super fire". until fixed. I'll ask a spriter to adjust it and fix it on the next patch. Players need to re- wear the item for now.