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  1. Phantasmagorika... phantoms.. phantoms everywhere...

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    2. Sadie


      next next next year

    3. caramellmacchiato


      What is this cryptic message im too old for this 😂

    4. Greencross



  2. Sadie

    Dispel on meele attacks

    randgris has 0.5% chance of casting dispel and at the same time it only has 60% chance to succeed since it's only lv. 1. It's not a bug, it simply how it works.
  3. Sadie

    Glorious Pistol Bug

    The problem with your damage is the enchantments. It doesn't work if EA is slotted on first slot. Fixed too.
  4. Sadie

    Glorious Pistol Bug

    The double rapid shower procs, it's quite difficult to notice because it cast immediately when it procs, but I can assure you it works. The only one that doesn't work there is the auto flip coin. To test it you can keep on using rapid shower every few second. Check the battle damage of your target and you will notice that it sometimes deal 2 different damage overlapping to each other even though it only show 1 rapid shower casted. As for the def ignore, no. Only Glorious pistol has wrong description when it comes to def ignore. It's because I increased it after I noticed that it deals very low damage against high vit target though it seems underwhelming even with 50% def ignore. Edit: I figured out that the autoflip coin actually works, I don't remember changing it and it has 100% chance to trigger even in RMS that's why I was wondering why it's not working.. . bonus4 bAutoSpellOnSkill,"GS_RAPIDSHOWER","GS_GLITTERING",1,1000; I figured that the problem is similar with the magic mirror issue where you need to be 1 cell close to your target for it to trigger which is stupid. I'll try to fix it. Fixed.
  5. Sadie

    Glorious Pistol Bug

    Pretty weird, I tested it just now and it's working just fine. The bleeding has a very low chance but I triggered it against an RG. Though I can't really trigger the coin flip. Please do a dummy test. Test the weapon against demi human and non demi human race. Dummy Test Damage difference between fully compounded death weapon vs glorious weapon. Death Weapon compounded with hydra, incantation samurai, tyrant and turtle general. You will see here the huge difference between full def ignore and partial def ignore. It works fine on low def/vit target but not on targets like RG with high vit. Please take note that Glorious Pistol got 50% def ignore not 20%. I tried changing the script from 50% to 100% and it does the same damage on the dummy with 9999 or 0 def so I'm sure the script is at least working. It's just that partial def ignore is underwhelming. I am considering discussing it with our admin to increase the def ignore of these glorious weapon. Although I'd prefer if vets and consultants can discuss it too so I can have better insight on its possible impact in PVP if ever implemented. Dummy Test 9999 def dummy - formless race vs demi human race damage.
  6. Thanatos fragments are now back in being trade-able and droppable.

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    2. Sadie


      no haha. You can probably ask the admin to make it account bound instead of character at best. But then it will kill further the Div events.

    3. 7deadlysins


      tested this yesterday, was able to store my 60 fragments in storage. Thanks!

    4. LightOfGod


      i deleted it sadlife need farm again 

  7. Sadie

    problem recovering accounts

    try to create a ticket. Account specialist department. http://playdreamerro.com/support/open.php
  8. Sadie

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    haven't seen anyone winning a rare on that NPC for almost a year, knowing the rates if I am a player I will really avoid stage 7. He will get the most number of trash talk and and bullying through pm's if it's a player.
  9. Sadie

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    don't try to pvp the npc later.
  10. Sadie

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    no, players won't push their luck to 7 if all stage 6 items are jackpots.
  11. Just a short announcement since this one is long overdue and I am supposed to update this at the same time with WOF rewards. No changes on rates - it still sucks. Only the rewards are slightly changed. WOF update might follow. I might change some rewards in the future. If I could update it I would. NPC is located at cmd_in02 195 115 Weekly Jackpot (March to May - might change it next May): 1. Fortune headgear Chest 2. Poseidon Shoes 3. Magnetite Body Armor 4. Red Rogue Cape 5. Heavenly Angel Wings 6. Shinigami Captain Cloak 7. Gem of Pneuma 8. Armor of forgotten 9. cloak of survivability 10. Juggernaut Armor 11. Executioner's Armor 12. Twilight Boots -Some items are obtainable on these stages but be aware that they can still be rare to extremely rare on those stages. Stage 1 1. Mastella Fruit 2. Blue Siege Potion 3. Large Magic Defense Potion 4. Yggdrasil Berries 5. Abrasive 6. Large Defense Potion 7. Attack Power Up Stage 2: 1. Yggdrasil Seed 2. Box of Sunlight 3. Mastella Fruit 4. Blue Siege Potion 5. Undead Elemental Scroll 6. Holy Elemental scroll 7. War Supplies 8. Undead Scroll Pack Stage 3: 1. 100m zeny bag 2. Biotite/Hero Exp 3. Valkyrie Armor 4. Bloody Branch 5. Megaphone 6. Heroic Coins 7. Valkyrie Manteau 8. Lucky Scratch Off 9. Melee Surprise Box 10. Magic Surprise Box Stage 4: 1. Enriched Elunium/Ori 2. Magic Surprise Box 3. Bubble Gum 4. Bloody Branch 5. Gjallahorn 6. Shadow Armor Scroll 7. Tao Gunka Scroll 8. Pure Oridecon Fragments 9. Mystical Card Album 10. Mystery Box ???? (random item) - May contain valuable items. Such as Lord Tunic, Death Weapon Coupon, Spiritual tunic etc. Stage 5: 1. Adamite Pendant (Extemely Rare) 2. Copper Rosary (extremely rare) 3. Aluminum Gloves (extremely rare) 4. Pure Elunium/ori Fragment (1,4) 5. Pure Oridecon 6. Gym Pass 7. Shadow Armor Scroll/Box 8. Ghostring scroll 9. 1b zeny bag 10. Mystery Forging Box ???? (random item) (rare) -contains random forging material, including chance for Pure Ori and Elu Stage 6: 1. Weekly Jackpot 2. Zeny Jackpot 3. Dawn Essence 4. Pure elunium 5. Pure Ori 6. Hazy Starlight 7. Fortune headgear chest 8. Cold Moonlight 9. Forge Coupon 10.Dusk Glow 11. Hero's Remain 12. Goddess Tear 13. Legendary Card Album 14. Mystery Armor Box (random) - combat armors and some forging armors, also chance for forge coupon. 15. Mystery Custom Card Box (random) - random custom card such as Addax, Draconus, Naght Sieger, etc except hades. 16. Mystery Gem of Power (random) - random Gem of Power has chance for gem of safety and pneuma and other popular gems. Stage 7: 1. Mystery Rare (random rare) 2. Matatabi 3. Glacial Guard 4. Hyounmaru Spirit 5. Sword of Dragon/spell blade 6. Tiamat Deadly Curse/Spirit 7. Etc Rare
  12. Sadie

    Cestus (TK E.Weapon)

  13. Sadie

    Artifact Enchantment Bug?

    I'll look on it. It seems that new orbs/enchant runes aren't working for some reason. The older runes are working just fine.
  14. Sadie

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    blank card is obtained in house of trials. Weeks ago you can obtain it from global buffs.
  15. Sadie

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    it wasn't me who made it untradeable. It's our admin who made the new pets account bounds. Though I want the new pets to be difficult to catch or some sort of exclusive rewards. Still if he made it specially account bound I doubt it will become tradeable anytime soon.