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  1. Sadie

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    Added new items: Item ID 23285 ~ 23289: They are supplies that you can also deliver later. Facemask Gloves Fruit Basket Hand Sanitizer Tissue Paper
  2. Sadie

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    should be possible if we had this considered earlier before the implementation of the event but since we have no record of winners it's no longer applicable. The script only record the total monster kills per race and reset it every new rounds.
  3. Sadie

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    unfortunately I haven't find a way to add a gun for them. a class specific elemental sword type weapon and deals a small percent of hp on target per hit. granted.
  4. Sadie

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    temporarily disable 3rd skill on invasion towns due to some 3rd skill performing abnormally during invasion.
  5. Sadie

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    Reduce race requirement to 3k-5k Added @raid command Added divine weapons for rent. Check in [caspen 172 215]. The first week of use is free.
  6. Sadie

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    i'll add the @raid command later
  7. it's because i removed it to test something. It should be activated again.
  8. A small update to our Combat Quest System and Battleground Combat Quest Combat Missions will now be moved from PVP arenas to Battleground. Each mission will require players to join battleground a number of times as well as to win most rounds. Combat Quest Changelog: Old Combat Level and experience will be reset back to 1. If you are already registered. Your level and data will be reset back to 0. New combat mission objectives will be based on battlegrounds win and join. New combat quest will allow players to choose difficulty level. There are 6 difficulty level for missions. Players combat level will allow them access to different combat mission difficulty. The quest reset every 22 hours after you take a quest. The time limit for all mission is 22 hours. The mission are gepard blocked/ID checked. You can no longer do it with multiple account on same PC. Only use one account that you wanted to use for battleground. Failing the mission means reduction on combat exp. You cannot extend mission time. Exp requirement per level is similar on the old one. You can use any character in your account to do combat quest. Registration: To register for combat quest you need to look for the npc named General Kruger. He is located at hero_camp 194 225 or bat_room 160 155. He will ask you to bring some stuffs to test your capabilities. And these are combat level table: Level 1: 1~1,000 Combat EXP Level 2: 1,001 ~ 3,000 Combat EXP Level 3: 3,001 ~ 7,000 Combat EXP Level 4: 7,001 ~ 12,000 Combat EXP Level 5: 12,001~ 25000 Combat Exp Level 6: 25,001 + Combat Exp Combat Quest Level and Rewards: (might be adjusted without prior notice this is still in beta) NOTE: @combat command is currently disabled. Will be added soon. Please be aware that combat shop will also get an update soon. So it's better to start collecting some combat coins now. You might regret it later. Battleground 5x Streak Reward and new refining stone: The combat coin reward will now be replaced by Divinium as Battleground streak Reward. Divinium will allow players to upgrade their +7 to +9 equipment without any risk of breaking but only a downgrade of 1. It also increase the success rate of upgrading by 10%. The item is consumed upon use. You can use the stone by looking for a blacksmith named Mighty Hammer. He can be found around bat_room 172 164, and other area. patch your client to view it. I released another patch to fix the issue. Notes: Changes may apply without prior notice as this new update is still on beta. Report any bug you find with the system so we can look on it. Credits: To our admin and the staff team for suggestions.
  9. Back to scripting. New permanent update coming this weekend for BG and a few revamps soon!

  10. Sadie

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    Just a reminder, the valentines npc will be removed by March 2, monday.
  11. Also added the new alt sprite for mechanic mado. Thanks @Magna Divinus

    1. Magna Divinus
    2. Hope.


      ironman is real ❤️

  12. Added Star Emperor and Soul Reaper Sprite as Alternate Job sprite for Taekwon master and Soul Linker respectively. You can avail them at the elite temple fox lady (alternate sprite npc).

  13. Sadie

    Hi, Help with Progression?

    Lvl 500 -> Hero -> Rank up to B+ -> Become elite -> get elite weapon -> join division -> get elite gloves -> level em up in pvp. During the process you can farm through some other available features.
  14. Added Bossnia Charm Exchange NPC, you can find one in bossnia (bossnia_04 180 180) and MVP lobby room (quiz_00 57,36). The exchange rate is 2:1

  15. Sadie

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    it depends on the type of effects, though we can put additional script to make it work if made as costume too. For this two, should work fine now even if they are made as costume.