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  1. Sadie

    Questions about Hades Immunity

    I do agree that a boss should have immunity on it and I'll look on it. Though to be honest the stronger the GC the higher the chance that they'll die immediately the moment it turns their armor to undead element. Though it's still easy to counter by switching to a different armor once a boss is already inflicted with it.
  2. Sadie

    Questions about Hades Immunity

    Hades immunity is random. It can block 2 types of attack ex. Magic and melee / ranged and melee/ magic and range/ etc. But it has no skill immunity unlike siren. I don't want to explain how exactly Hades immunity work but regardless of how it works RG will get the best out of it because RG Grandcross is not a single type of attack. It can bypass those immunity way easier than the other class because it deals at least 2 type of attacks. Not to mention that they have reflect skill which deals damage regardless of it's immunity. But why I don't mind it? Because again my priority in Hades update is making Hades stay longer in HHH. I didn't put ranged immunity to Hades just because I don't like RK dominating it. I don't care if RK dominates it, however they kill it way too fast. Spiral is a very easy to execute skill. Even if I counter it with pneuma a single prof land protector and an RK combo will still make hades die in few minutes. It's not the case for GC atm. So there's no reason for me to buffs Hades yet. If it comes to the point that it die in few minutes after it spawn I will consider updating it again. I can make it hard for a single class to dominate the raid, just like it's hard for RG to dominate other maidens. But RG has a lot of skill available. They got sacrifice, GC and reflect damage. There's nothing I can do about it. Just like I don't want to ruin RK's spiral pierce by nerfing it, I don't want to nerf RG's skills too. As for Fused Angeling. I don't like how Fused Angeling affect a boss. But I don't know if there's a way to disable it from working against boss monsters atm. Though it is also double edge as it can turn RG's armor to undead element too. And please, it's your choice to fight Hades solo. It doesn't need an update to make it difficult for GC user to win Hades. If you want to compete against them with another class, don't solo it and ask someone else to make their life harder. All it would take is a single class to ruin it for them. That's how you compete for it.
  3. Sadie

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    if they are demi human then yes. But it only affect demi human and players
  4. Sadie

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    who cares if they want to run the instance or not. No one is forcing them. But the very fact that some people are trying so hard to abuse the instance by trying to do it with multiple accounts show that your opinion is completely invalid. I don't care if they don't run it. I want charms to have more uses so people will farm them more. It's not like it's impossible to farm those charms. Newbies can farm them as well as veterans. That instance has at least 12 hours CD for devices. It won't take them too long to farm those charms if they want to try. If they are too lazy to do it, then don't blame me for their laziness. If everyone can earn things even without having appropriate skill then that instance shouldn't have those rewards. The faceworm instance gave them more than enough reward, you have a chance to get a gigantic snake skin without finishing the instance and that garment alone is one of the best garment in the server atm. It's cost will eventually get lower but it's real value as a gear won't go down as it's one of the best out there. Even the cards that you can get there are valuable. As for token of siegfried. Token of siegfried can work on many features and it can ruin them. As much as I want to implement it, it's effect need to be modified for our server and it's not something that I could consider atm.
  5. Welcome Lasagna mobs~

    1. Artemia


      can't wait to replace my daehyon cards with wild hornet's whopping atk bonus

    2. Latte


      ^nab. the suffix is 'Honey'

    3. Sachz


      I took alot of pic at lasag fild it was so cute :3 also I saw Arthur and try to mob info him but it says it didnt drop anything  yet 😄 

  6. Sadie

    Permanent Body Changer

    It's not impossible however we are more worried about possible sprite error resulting from trans sprite using 3rd job skills. So we can only put it into consideration for now. We've been testing for any issues so until we are at least 90% sure there won't be any issue we can't implement something like that.
  7. Sadie

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    we are working on it.
  8. I updated Hades a bit. Check changelog for more details.

    1. iamhii


      Lmao i read it as "HAZES is now immune to range attack"


    2. eraexo


      What is hades you mean card or boss? Hahaha where is the changelog ma am pls i can't find hahaha.

    3. Sadie


      a subforum under announcement,


  9. uhmm? GM Class Normal attack?
  10. Sadie

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    the card is not bugged, there are simply some skills that surpass normal poison status.
  11. Sadie

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    it's just a props to help people determine how fast other players are in finishing the instance. But the rewards inside Faceworm is not completely luck based, it also depends on how fast you beat each stage. This includes the refinement and enchantment the garment get.
  12. Faceworm Instance is finally here, modified with nice rewards and you can do it everyday! Entrance Requirement: (entrance location: @warp dali 81 60) A party (even if you are solo you need to create a party) 150 of each charm color (bossnia charms) [Only the leader need it] At least a Hero Entrance Cooldown: 23 Hours Time Limit: 1 Hour Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Healing Items: Yggdrasil berry Skill allowed: 2nd skills only The instance has moderate difficulty, but doing it solo would greatly slow you due to mobs high life rating. Each monster in the dungeon has very high HP and they could kill you if you don't prepare proper gears. Poison and Undead property armor are recommended for this dungeon. Most of the monsters are insect type and poison element. Please also take note that you cannot re enter this instance if you get out of it in the middle of your run. The Old sign shows players fastest completion time of the Faceworm Nest instance along with the name of the party leader and how many people were in the party. If a new record has been made, it will be broadcasted to everyone in the server. The Interdimensional Device allows the party to enter the instance when spoken to. Inside the Faceworm Nest are Faceworms to kill. There are four main types of Faceworms to kill, three of which are required to be killed in order to move on. The Red Dots in the map is the spawn location of the Mini Boss Dark Faceworm. They spawn once enough number of regular faceworm is killed. Dark Faceworm is not extremely strong but they can be very annoying to kill. The Semi Orange Dot is the MVP spawn location, the mvp can shred it's skin and change it's property. It will start at POISON property and then random element such as FIRE, WATER, WIND and EARTH. It's skill and mood depends on it's property. The RED one is the strongest among it's element. Rewards ++++++++ Each time you kill a Dark Faceworm a treasure box will appear around the map. The treasure box will give you either a Nydhorgg shadow garb or a GIANT SNAKE SKIN. Both can come with random enchant and refinement. Once you killed the Faceworm Queen another treasure box will spawn where you have a better chance of getting a giant snake skin and better refinement. After killing the boss a transport device will spawn and additional treasure boxes called "MERCHANT PRINCE BOX" can be found around the map. The number and location of this boxes are supposedly random. You better search for this treasure boxes as they contain some good items as well. ITEMS EFFECT AND MODIFICATIONS ++++++++++++ GIANT SNAKE SKIN [1] [GARMENT] Reduce damage from medium size monsters by 8% Increase resistance to all elements by 1% each 2 refinement MDEF +15 [COMBO WITH ANY TEMPORAL BOOTS] +10% HP + 5% SP FACEWORM CARD [ACCESSORY] [unstackable] MAX HP + 50000 [COMBO WITH DARK FACEWORM CARD] ADDITIONAL +25,000 MAX HP DARK FACEWORM CARD [ ACCESSORY ] [unstackable] ATK + 200 MATK + 200 [COMBO WITH FACEWORM CARD] Small chance to auto cast lex aeterna when doing physical and magical attacks (smaller chance on magic) FACEWORM EGG CARD [FOOTGEAR] Increase magical damage on neutral, fire and holy element monsters/players by 70% MATK+ 5% [Drawback] Reduce magical damage on ghost, water and shadow element monsters by 50% [Faceworm Egg Combo] Reduce melee attack damage received by 5% [Faceworm Larva Card] [Garment] Increase Resistance to Neutral and Water Element by 20% Increase water element damage by 3% per refine. [Faceworm Egg Combo] Reduce range attack damage received by 5% COMBO NOTE: OBVIOUSLY IF THEY ARE COMBINED THEY GET BOTH EFFECTS, ELSE NONE. Example: Dark faceworm and faceworm card combo will give the total bonus of +25,000 HP and chance to cast lex. [Faceworm Queen Card] [Footgear] [MVP] Crit Rate + 15% Ignore defense of demi human players and monsters [For each refinement] Increase Critical Damage by 2% Crit rate by +1 Flee + 10 PD + 1 MECHANT PRINCE TREASURE BOX REWARDS: Special Enchant Stone Adjustments -since some stone req +12 enchant I adjust the following enchant stones. Note: Iteminfo.lua or item description in game will be updated later. The in game description is wrong. And card prefixes will be updated later too. Changelog: Can only enter once a day per PC. (Gepard) Change Faceworm Queen card effect due to script issue. (Drake card effect to ignore demi human) Red Faceworm Queen is now immune to skills. (You cannot attack it with skills, only through normal attack or lure it to Chaos so it will switch)
  13. Faceworm Nest soon.. maybe this week?!


  14. Sadie

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    I pm the intimacy winner but they want to be anonymous so I'll just put their account ID's Account ID :: 1. 25905xx - Level 55 2. 26472xx - Level 51 3. 24093xx - Level 47 You know who you are so just create a ticket to the admin or pm me in the forum for the rare of your choice. Congratulations
  15. Sadie

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    no, you can receive an ordinary apple from her and she won't bat an eye.