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  1. Sadie

    Incorrect Description List (New)

    You know those eyes in some paintings that keeps on following you? It's a feature.
  2. Celine is getting bored at the factory.. Soon she'll be inviting some dreamers to play with her.

    1. ArchBishopMargaretha




      EXCITED 😄

    2. miareeta



      bring my ab=ez


  3. Sadie

    [Training Room] Modifiable Dummy

    it was just uploaded, but still need reboot for gat tiles to work properly.. You can't walk on it yet.
  4. Sadie

    Donation Rotation 09/2018

    Converted the shops to quest shop style, you can now preview the items before buying them. The announcement when buying is temporary, we will remove them later. If you found any issue please kindly pm me. Thank you.
  5. Sadie

    Glorious Weapon Update

    1 handed now. Range bonus gives all type of buffs that can affect range damage. This includes atk% , long range attack %, critical damage %. Short range is similar except it doesn't give long range attack bonuses and has a better chance for high atk % and some defensive buffs such as max hp%.
  6. Sadie

    Glorious Weapon Update

    corrected the description. I believe that there will be a class discussion soon (maybe sometime after rotation), those skill are better fix via source. Can't boost them with the weapons alone.
  7. Best of luck in enchanting your glorious weapons!

    1. Jean


      Just how low exactly is that low chance of breaking? Because I have my +9 glorious and breaking it would seriously make me want to kill myself  😂

    2. Sadie


      around 10 out of 900.

  8. Bossnia mobs will be giving hero exp from now on. They will give 1k-1.2k exp when killed.

  9. I check the original suggestion and it was suggested to be 5% chance for 10% HP and SP gain. I can't find the discussion on these fused card so I can't tell if it was omitted or nerfed after public discussion. Personally I don't see anything wrong in adding SP gain but I will ask first our admin about his opinion regarding this card.
  10. It doesn't give SP, only HP gain. It drains target SP but don't recover it as SP for the user. Works like pressure but since it is unstackable it is seems useless. As for HP gain, I believe it's working fine as tutting explained. I am not sure why this item is not supposed to be stacked when this type of item only gets useful when stacked. It can become over powered when stacked too much but 2x is not that bad. Maybe change to max 2 stacks, but I'll ask our admin first about his opinion on this one.
  11. Sadie

    Caspen Mobs Stacking

    you can ask a GM to clean them up. Use @request. If it was reported a little earlier I could have fix the gat tiles of this map but it won't make it anymore for the coming patch. Perhaps on halloween patch.
  12. Sadie

    Glorious Weapon Update

    Thank you. Changed mamonite to CT and Cart Cannon. Pierce to Spiral Pierce.
  13. Sadie

    Incorrect Description List (New)

    what do you mean on this one? Because red helios is increase magic damage to demi human, same with its script.
  14. Sadie

    Glorious Weapon Update

    they are account bound.
  15. Sadie

    Glorious Weapon Update

    Please take note that these weapons are still under observations. Changes on their effects or to class skills for balancing might follow later on. These effects are working in game now. Their descriptions will be updated next patch (soon). Or get it manually. Download this. Iteminfo.lua Log out in game. Go to your DreamerRO folder then look for system folder and paste it there. Overwrite the old one. Some might view these weapons as quite overpowered or under powered but I encourage players to test them first before giving their feedback. We are here and we are open for discussion. Pros: 1. Can reach higher damage output than most weapons. 2. Unbreakable except in upgrade attempt or tarot skill. 3. Enchantable 4. Easier to obtain Cons: 1. Cannot be carded/No slot 2. Luck based enchant 3. Refinement dependent effects Glorious Weapons Current Effect: Blue/Yellow means they were tweaked from their original effects. 1. Glorious Krieger: Attack - 420 2. Glorious Bloody Roar: Attack - 430 3. Glorious Jamadhar: Attack - 450 4. Glorious Cleaver: Attack - 420 5. Glorious Two Handed Axe (will remain two handed) : Attack - 500 6. Glorious Spear: Attack - 410 7. Glorious Lance: Attack - 420  8. Glorious Morning Star: Attack 400 9. Glorious Tablet: Attack 420/MATK 215 10. Glorious Apocalypse: Attack 220/MATK 415 11. Glorious Arc Wand: MATK 425: 12. Glorious Cure Wand: Matk 400 13. Glorious Krieger Bow: Attack 420 14. Glorious Claw: Atk 400 15. Glorious Fist: Atk 410 16. Glorious Guitar: Atk 435 17. Glorious Lariat: Atk 435 18. Glorious Staff of Destruction: Matk 390 19. Glorious Gladius: Atk 410 20. Glorious Pistol : Atk 455 21. Glorious Rifle: Atk 425 22. Glorious Gatling Gun: Attack: 425 23. Glorious Shotgun: ATK: 450 24. Glorious Grenade Launcher: ATK 430 25. Glorious Huuma Shuriken: Atk 425/Matk 390 26. Glorious Flamberge: Atk 410 27. Glorious Rapier: ATK: 430/Matk: 380 28. Glorious Holy Avenger: ATK: 420/MATK: 480 Notes: Slaughter: Slaughter bonus is additional physical damage to demi human based on weapon refinement. Formula goes like this. Lvl 1: (Refine -4)^2 Lvl 2: (Refine -3)^2 ex. +6 = (6-4)^2 = 2^2 = 4% extra damage +7 = (7-4)^2 = 3^2 = 9% extra damage ADDED GLORIOUS ENCHANTMENT. You can enchant your glorious weapon upto 3x. The cost of the enchantment is 500m zeny + malangdo coins or 2 SEA GOD anger. SEA GOD anger gives the best stats. However it has a small chance of breaking your weapon. The chance is very small, it is really rare. There are some extremely rare enchants available when you use SEA GOD anger. This includes MATK +7%, ATK +7%, Bear Power (chance to trigger +200 str when you got attacked and transform you into bear for 3 seconds - this is not very rare unlike other) Expert Archer 10 (+20% range damage) Runaway magic (a very small chance(1%) to trigger +200 int that last for 10 secs when using magical attack.) Hawkeye ( a very small chance (1%) to trigger +200 dex when attacking that last for 5 seconds) The lower level of these enchants are also available as well as other such as FATAL - more crit damage. Fighting spirit - atk bonuses SP cost reduction Healing bonus etc Goodluck enchanting BG Players! Credits to our admin Haze on tweaking most of the effects. and to [GM] Ethan for helping with some of the iteminfo.lua update.