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  1. Sadie

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    all except Hades.
  2. Sadie

    Keeper's Set?

    IIRC it's obtainable through Castle Treasure.
  3. Sadie

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    it contains untradeable and tradeable versions. It all based on your luck.
  4. Sadie

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    should be fixed. Fixed PVP mode thanks to our admin. Need a reboot (can't reboot since there's currently some issue with the host )
  5. Sadie

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    We are working on making killing players on PK mode only possible for those who are also in PK mode but it's still under development. We will implement it once it's done. I do understand the frustration of those people who goes on PK mode while they can't kill people who are KS'ing and are in Safe Mode. But you guys are forgetting a very important thing, and that is the fact that while you guys are taking the risk of being PK'ed you guys earn 2 to 3x as much as those in non PK mode. Also all those players who killed you while they aren't on PK mode won't gain anything from killing you, except they'll be forced to be in PK mode where their next kills will give them new points. Killing you because you are in PK mode is simply a way of stopping you from gaining too much. So if you want to avoid getting killed, the safe mode is also available for you. Originally I want it to be a PK mode type map, however our admin suggested the Safe mode and I agreed on putting it because not everyone is as strong as the veterans who can almost instantly kill new players. It gives them a chance to farm. Just as much as you want it to be on full PK mode, others want it to be on full safe mode too. I get your points and frustration but no one is forcing you to go on PK mode, if you don't want to be inconvenienced you can go on safe mode for now. Other than that we will try to fix the PK mode soon. As for the issue of kill stealing, I don't understand it. It wasn't an issue in STP but it was an issue now? Maybe the only reason you guys are getting annoyed about it is because you can't kill the people kill stealing you while they can kill you. Which again we are going to fix this. However again this is a competition, people will stop you from gaining too much as that is the point of the competition. If you go on PK mode, monsters aren't your only enemy but the players as well and it's your choice to do it.
  6. Sadie

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    it's because I had no control whatever skill is allowed inside it, our admin could give you a better answer regarding it.
  7. Sadie

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    there is no such thing as balance for newbies vs veterabs, if it's easy for newbies how would you expect it to be hard for veterans with advantage on skills, knowledge and equipment. You mentioned it yourself, they are older players, so it's given that they have bigger arsenal than new players. Veterans are just going to AOE and KS? Have you been there? Have you seen how huge is the map that veteran barely cares about other players there? That there's enough mob for everyone. The only reason we allow KS there is to avoid drama from players but there's barely any reason to KS anyone unless you wanna annoy another player which is in fact also very difficult because each mob there is pretty much as strong as an average player. Phantamasgoria is not made to feed newbies, it's to give them a chance to compete. You have a choice not to go in PVP. Monsters are all boss type you can use alice card. You can kill them with abysmal knight card, you can use your returner set as well, they are also demi human and returner set and other seasonal gears can reduce their damages not to mention that even donate items are obtainable now in BG. With proper knowledge on what gears to wear especially those you can just obtain almost everywhere in the game it's not difficult to catch up with veterans damage and ability to farm there. Even the best farmer there isn't even using an Elite weapon but a weapon obtain from an instance or lower level hero weapons.
  8. Sadie

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    unfortunately we can't do that, ever since its release only few players keep being interested in Hades Raid because only few know how to kill it and they could easily monopolize the boss. We want to give everyone a chance by changing the system a little. Same group can still dominate it but other player should get a chance to it. --------------------------------------------------- Hades is now added in Phantasmagoria. Its stats are adjusted a little but it will still be very difficult to kill without killing his 4 demonic maidens. I will keep on adjusting it to fit on the event. The 4 maidens might get a card in the future. who knows. I will post more details later.
  9. Sadie

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    there are monsters that might drop card in the future, for one, we are going to add Hades there and remove it in field once we are done adjusting it. The schedule is not my decision and I doubt our admin will change it unless majority of the players want it changed.
  10. We are now saying goodbye to HHH while we welcome the new event that will stay will with us hopefully forever. These new event also known as project HHH Lite is more of a mixed PVP and PVM. Personally I called it Phantasmagoria. This is still in beta and other features included in this event will be added after a few testing including addition of some new mini bosses. Hopefully everything will function as intended since there's a number of changes I had to apply in order for this to work. Mechanics: In Phantasmagoria you are tasked to kill a number of monsters also known as Phantoms. By killing these Phantoms you can receive a variety of rewards which includes: Elite Kills (if you wear elite weapon), Hero kills, Battle Badges, Heroic Coins, Warrior Skulls and DM Points (monster points). These Phantoms are pretty strong, having similar stat with Elite Dungeon Minions. It's enough to kill unprepared players. Their stats might get adjusted later on. You can use PVM items here but they are mostly demi humans so you can just use your pvp gears too. But that is only the PVM side of this event. Before entering the City you will be asked to choose between PK mode and Safe Mode. PK Mode will allow you to receive more rewards in killing phantoms as well as killing players. It means you will receive extra battle badges and DM points when killing monsters, additionally there's a chance for double bonus on elite kills, dm points and full heal. However by going on PK mode you can be attacked by players, not only those in PK mode but also including those players in safe mode. Killing other players while on PK mode will give you similar reward with the old Hero Arena Happy Hours. Safe Mode is the default mode for everyone. You can be on your own world and kill monsters. Killing a player while in safe mode will however incur penalty. Penalty will force you in PK mode. Additional penalty will be added later. You can use @escape or @esc command to jump around the city. It has 60 seconds cooldown. Allowed: Kill Stealing - Phantasmagoria is a competition, it's free for all. You are allowed to kill steal monsters. Last hit matters here. Elite weapon booster - this also works here. But it works better on PK mode. Teleport - You can use teleport command inside the map. It has 60 sec cd. Check @escape or @esc command. Party - You can party if you want, no one will stop you. Attacking PK players while on Safe Mode - Everyone is allowed to hit them. Second Job skills - You are only allowed to use 2nd job skills. Suggestions about the event. You can make suggestions, there's no guarantee that they will be implemented but it could happen. Not Allowed: Bug Abuse - this new system might have bugs and its still on BETA, report every bug you can find in game especially those you believe that could be abused here. You can send me a private message. Abusing any bugs will result in punishment upto permanent ban, depending on severity of abuse. Dual Clienting - This is an automated event. Please check the rules regarding this. Anyone caught doing so will be punished according to the rules. Player Farming - There's still a lot to be added on this event. Hopefully everything will work as planned. We believe that with proper guidance even newbies can farm in this event. Hades Raid Hades Raid is now removed in the field and added in Phantasmagoria. It will spawn around 15 minutes after the start of Phantasmagoria. You have to kill Hades and it's minion before the HHH ends. Hades Maidens: MVP DROPS LAST HIT BONUS: +10 Heroic shop points. BOUNTY SHOWER: When killed, an item shower will drop around the map. It will drop Heroic Coins and Battle badges. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Killing Hades Maidens will weaken Hades dramatically. The death of each of them can greatly affect Hades stats. Hades isn't invulnerable, you can kill him without killing them but I highly recommend killing them first. --------------------------------------------------------------- Other than the original MVP drop of Hades, killing Hades will also result in item shower that contains the ffg drops: Heroic Coins Battle Badges Bloody Branch Stat Foods INT/DEX/AGI/STR/LUK 100m zeny bag etc Hades last Hit +25 Heroic Points To be added in this feature: Hades New System (Boss) - ETA tomorrow. Hades New Minions (Elite Mini Bosses) Boss and Minion drops Daily Quest (kill random specific phantoms) Phantom Treasures Other rewards Adjustment. Changelog/Fixes: Added Exit Guards Remove rewards for suicide (reflect/sacrifice death etc). Change holy 4 monsters to holy 1 Change some monsters element to shadow and undead Added Hades Raid Adjusted Hades stats
  11. Phantasmagorika... phantoms.. phantoms everywhere...

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      next next next year

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      What is this cryptic message im too old for this 😂

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  12. Thanatos fragments are now back in being trade-able and droppable.

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    2. Sadie


      no haha. You can probably ask the admin to make it account bound instead of character at best. But then it will kill further the Div events.

    3. 7deadlysins


      tested this yesterday, was able to store my 60 fragments in storage. Thanks!

    4. LightOfGod


      i deleted it sadlife need farm again 

  13. Sadie

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    haven't seen anyone winning a rare on that NPC for almost a year, knowing the rates if I am a player I will really avoid stage 7. He will get the most number of trash talk and and bullying through pm's if it's a player.
  14. Sadie

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    don't try to pvp the npc later.