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  1. NitrodropMKII

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    any chance the suprise box rare gonna be changed for halloween ?
  2. NitrodropMKII

    Mineral Forgery

    the problem is not the difficulty, i get that mining should be hard since u get end gear with it.. that not the point, im talking about the penalties for mining, i dont have a problem buying boots for 500m but not if they break 3 times in 3-4 hours, it dosnt add or reduce difficulty of mining/forging all it does is to make u loose money, we have casino for it so we dont need it in mining as well... or stupid crap like and npc charging 1.5b for hammer and the fails at making it [seriously, if you cant see the dumbness of that i dont even know what to say]... so many people go out and defend this kinds of dumb shit just because they are already geared up and dont have to deal with it and dont want others to catch up to them
  3. NitrodropMKII

    Mineral Forgery

    dude, are you actually saying spending weeks mining getting minerals for 1 or maybe if lucky 2 attempts at forging and then loosing it all due the high [60%-70%] fail rate at forging is not hard enough ? for real ?.. im not even saying to increase rates of forging just to adjust either pricing or rate of breaking as it adds nothing to the game nor the economy, its just pointless trolling... oh and in case you aren't aware 80% of the server are already geared
  4. NitrodropMKII

    Mineral Forgery

    mining and forging system need overhaul badly! 1st - lower the price of boots/hammer or reduce the chance of breaking, cause its fucking stupid to punish players for no reason just cause they wanna mine mining and making zeny is time consuming as is without having to receive random fines of 500m/1b each time that shit breaks!! so please respect the time your players put into the game doing boring stuff like mining and adjust that crap to a less trolling system cause you will loose players if after spending 4 -6 hours mining you get nothing cause you had to rebuy boot/hammer multiple times!! this will help the economy greatly as it will keep more zeny in play for players to spend on other stuff, and will encourage more players to try out mining/forging [all those who are wondering.. no it will not make mining any less time consuming and it wont make forging "easy" or make forge gear any less expensive so STFU!] 2nd - fix the forging npc!!!!!, if i paid 1b + 75 minerals costing around 500m zeny, i wanna get the fucking hammer!!!!!, can you imagine in real life going to someone paying him money to build you something and then he be like "oops sorry i failed!, if you want me to try again pay me again" ? you will stab him on the spot... fix it so 100% of the time he will make the hammer without problems 3rd - drill creation, is there a reason other the waste player time for having such low chance of creating drill ? if so enlighten me.. fix it! swear to god it seems that mining and forging system currently designed to fuck people over