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  1. Wallace


    ohh~~, okay, i give it a try!
  2. Wallace


    Goodness~ +1 If possible please make heroic seal of honor buyable as well. Since, very hard to earn division coins T_T, stp end in 6 mins, cod dead. Moreover, stp end too fast cant even get the 500 salary points T_T, I was playing Archbishop, relying on the meteor storm cant last hit most monsters, because meteor assault, grand cross, DRAGON BREATH, Warlock's meteor storm are stronger than mine T_T. Resulting don't have salary, no division coins... Sad life. Also most of the time my division always get the last place, i got 25 div coins from event salary and 200 from weekly salary T_T. Ta tsu ke te ku da sai !!!! Help!!! T_T