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  1. Wallace

    Christmas Event Feedback

    1. I have spent around 5 hours a day in this event. ( I wake up early to farm 2.5 hours, then after work I farm another 2.5 hours) 2. I like all the npc except the mail post npc in every town. 3. I dislike the mail post npc, I wish it could allow me to deliver 1k tokens per run. Because I don't want to waste so much time in clicking. If possible, make the Christmas Gift box 100% given to player when the player delivered 3k ~ 6k coins. 4. I did participate the raffle, but I have spent 200+ ticks and get nothing, I even used HE gum to farm those raffle. I really want the Cape of Light badly T_T. Perhaps make it available in the Variant shop or Rare of choice shop? 5. Make the mail post npc allow players to deliver 1k tokens or more per run. Also, if possible, make 2 ways of getting rare in the raffle. Allowing players to gamble their ticket as usual or simply exchange their 250 (eg.) pieces raffle ticket for 1 optional rare in the raffle. (The amount of raffle ticket required will based on the rarity of the rare.) 6. During Christmas event, or any other event, add some extra features for battleground. Such as; adding treasure chest that drop blank cards, holly sprig, christmas token in the middle of battleground. Or adding some npc that able to teleport randomly in the bg, when you press it, it could exchange some seasonal etc items with your victory badge or war badges. As long as there is event, add some mini game in the bg with seasonal items. There is no one joining bg in Christmas. Because bg wont drop raffle, holly sprig, Christmas weapon, so people tend to farm fully in Christmas city. If BG could drop some seasonal stuff, i guess sure there are people will join it. 7. I definitely rate this event 10/10 as every single of this feature in this event is the Art of Creation from every developer in this event. Without these talented and dedicated with passionate developers, I won't stay in Dreamer RO without these extraordinary seasonal events.
  2. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    @HaZe, is it possible to make the first 2 rare purchasable with Dreamer Tokens or Zeny? Need some help here T_T!
  3. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    @GM Snowhow long will the raffle machine stay after event?
  4. Wallace

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    Okay, let's try this new changes. It's new year, new stuff, and new hopes . We should think positively for these changes.
  5. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    lol..... Okay nvm, forget what I've said. Happe New Year to all Dreamers and Dreamer's administrator, GM, developers and etc.
  6. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    @GM Snow, the madame chiffon cannot be capture when I click capture monster, it doesn't show the lucky slot machine. Perhaps, is it only capturable when its HP is below 50%?
  7. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    @GM Snow, the room 50 still cannot use Abracadabra. Please fix.
  8. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    LOL, the pet xD
  9. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    @Irish Heart, please kindly check room 48 npc (dancing room), the npc said I have failed the dance test even though I step correctly every step.
  10. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Hahahahaha, then where can I get help from this?
  11. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    I can search the ID 24013 (Fluz Aura). But the Fitting room assistant said invalid item ID. @Irish Heart, please help to install the item ID 24013 into the fitting room assistant. Thank you in advance.
  12. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    I realize that the new lower gear; Flux aura cannot be search using @ii. Other did fine, just this one. Does anyone know the id for flux aura? Thx in advance.
  13. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    @Irish Heart, I hope the last phase boss is susceptible to only physical hit. Because I always disconnected when the boss has only 4~3% hp left then I lagged out from the server when there were 200+ bolting skills cast on the same mob. pls pls pls make it immune to magic pls.
  14. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    I see, the Laria is selling the Vanilla Headgear
  15. Wallace

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Thanks, got it.