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  1. EternityX

    about thanatos card def

    yes it applies to all types of targets
  2. EternityX

    Glorious Weapon Update

    yeah the MS is good, i just suggested JT as an additional targeted skill for genes. and for the weapon, yeah the e weapon gives bonus to potion pitcher but not nearly enough to say he becomes a glass healer (same with the rapier case, meaning much more heal but soft asf). anyway just something for the management to think about tho about role possibilities
  3. EternityX

    Glorious Weapon Update

    I'm not sure if acid demonstration was made into renewal mechanics but if yes, rather than the 450 MATK, I suggest making the genetic a "glass mage" when the two handed axe is worn meaning x1.3-1.5 damage for AD BUT drastically reduced movespeed (close to cursed state) and resistance to demihumans as an effect of equipping the two handed axe (different option than equipping the glorious rapier). Maybe also an increased effect for potion pitcher to make the gene a "glass healer" too? Regarding the additional fighting choice, instead of making a physical fighting option in which the gene severely lacks capability in innate skills unlike ABs who can be one, make an additional matk/int based fighting option like enabling use of lvl 7 JT.
  4. EternityX

    Glorious Weapon Update

    Maybe the option tag value inverses at the source. Try a ,2 instead of ,1. Just a guess, in case debugging the source would take longer time.
  5. EternityX

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    reductio ad abusurdum. Yeah, on a more personal note, I really don't mind playing in the same conditions in the server. I just gave my 2 cents on how to attract more newbies and resurrect stale old pvp. For so many times I brought in new people to the server, or even witnessed newbies in-game (not millenials whom you discriminate so much btw, rather older working guys who missed RO life). They do not last long for that same reason I mentioned. But again, if majority of the server wants to keep this elite-ist state of mind against newbies, I don't mind watching in the sidelines. I'm done trying to invite more people, so I would just stick to voting and RMS reviews, hoping that it reaches and attracts the very few hardcore non-millenial players peace out
  6. EternityX

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    This is very much explains the situation of the server. Decisions regarding new content etc. are made with the tons of B's in old players' storage. While the movement of new item rotations every now and then is useful in reducing the stockpiled wealth in the server, it is still not enough to reduce the inflation, so much more with this new rewards which is why i also agree to the suggestion above, economy-wise. While I DO NOT AND WILL NOT AGREE WITH THE FIRST SENTENCE, his second paragraph makes a very good point which we should take seriously. The gap between the early-game content (which consists of mob, mvp loots, etc) and the end-game content (elite hero/hero/mining/dm/etc) is just too high! I am NOT suggesting the gap to be totally removed (which is basically what the guy quoted in the first paragraph suggested), just lessened to a newbie friendly level. 1. boost the stats of non-custom and early custom items to be comparable: not necessarily equal to those end-game customs: shields, armor, shoes, card etc), like 5-7% difference in percent bonuses, and 5 point difference in stat bonuses (assuming that the stat bonuses are the current +30) 2. nerf the existing end-game customs (not headgears since they're good i guess. talking about shields/garments/gems etc). for example an old player vs a new player (server newbie but not RO newbie) are dueling. old player has +0 bronzite buckler (common for existing players) and new player has returner's shield at best. there's too much power gap between the two items, regardless of skill. Should the new player grind for 1-2 months assuming a daily play time of 2-3 hours? Imagine all those time grinding before even being a real match to existing players. 3. both 1 and 2 I experimented using returner's set in pvp mixed with easily attainable gears cards and mvp cards (basic things that a newbie can get) and the result is I keep getting killed in literally 1sec from dps type skills! (not bursts like asura which would make more sense to do 1 sec killing). This experiment proved that pvp is no place for a player with less than 2 months worth of game time, in the current server meta.
  7. EternityX

    It's Time to Wake Up Dreamers

    this is the reason why i made this in-depth suggestion: check it out dude and if there's a detail that needs modification etc., let's help each other improve it
  8. EternityX

    Props for the new NPC Sprites

    hard work or not it was a good idea! gj!