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    Doram Review

    I am playing Doram character I am really having a trouble of some Items that related for doram charaters were not working properly. 1."Advanced Skills" are not updated those skill are really important as a Doram 2.Item modifiers such as "(Greater Tuna Talisman)" (photo below) could enable to use lvl9 Heal but its not working, "(Greater Bunny Talisman)" lunatic carrot beat +200% damage is not working "(Exquisite Yellow Foxtal Model)" autocasting fresh shrimp if using Picky Peck skill is not working. "(Magic Yellow Foxtail Wand)" autocasting arclouse dash if using fresh shrimp is not working too. 3. Doram NPC in Dreamer mall instead of selling shrimp it is selling Lobster Dorams are awesome race, its having a good buffing skills I really loving it. I hope you guys update it soon. It be highly appreciated. I would like to suggest if you could make Doram elite weapons or Hero weapons. Please update it More power to you guys and to DRO.
  2. daisy143


    Some advanced skills are not working, Greater Tuna Talisman should enable to use heal but its not working. so much skills that item modifiers are not working. please update it.... I hope you guys update it please