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  1. caramellmacchiato

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    but it isn't there yet, is it? Balance is not there yet, not the nerf. I can quote Haze over and over again where he said " Oboro/Kagerou/Rebellion skills are still not balanced" nerf in patch 2 ≠ balance
  2. caramellmacchiato

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    I totally remember patch 2, but then Haze: It seems he forgot about patch 2 too.
  3. caramellmacchiato

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    the contrast. but it isn't there yet, is it? point 1 lets the unbalanced skill continue to be taken advantage of and will further kill the HA dynamic whether you're realizing this or not. as much as you hate the enemy guild, they are the active players that makes everything alive, their opinions mattered too. after point 2 happen, people actually are encouraged to go pvp and give it a go one more time, because it's suddenly seem fair to join again. the contrast I'd like to see Ninja-Rebellion in 2nd maps again though, don't get me wrong. It seems quite unjust that ninja-rebellion main suddenly died out in a blink of an eye. but just not with the same unbalanced skills.
  4. caramellmacchiato

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    This has always been a problem we'd like to report but with all respect before the meta change there isn't really anything to hope for. A few topics were made back then but were disguised as another title; somehow turn into ninja-quarrelling thread, here's one I remember and I can find: You can just imagine my horror when I got spammed 20k per-hit in a wind blade (changeable in other elements) with a spamming speed bursting, next second 2M hp is gone, nerfing the elements are 1 thing but lvl 4 AB spam dispel like crazy, and no one can touch the ninja because they can jump across the screen and dodge a range attack almost most of the time. You just gotta see ninja as a whole, of what it can do; despite it being flagged renewal or 3rd or not, It's about balance regardless; Ninja problem is definitely not new, although you haven't seen any complaint about it on forum recently, its clear in my mind last year when I just got started, people actually stopped/ refrain from going hhh because ninja exists. its definitely a real problem, you can't argue it isn't just because the specific topic about it hasn't been made. Also people had already gotten over it and lived with it assuming they were normal. plus, people just don't have the nerve to suggest anything at all knowing it will be immediately getting dished and ignored (this was different era) Despite it being broken and all, banning them from all 2nd maps sounds quite unjust, these are active-alive players we are talking about.
  5. caramellmacchiato

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    Though I will refrain from mentioning any argument about balancing... this is how it should be from the very beginning, and is the actual fix that mattered to most of us. it's a combination skills of ninja as a whole; it makes them almost untouchable and spit damage like crazy, despite of it being flagged 3rd or not. I mean I'm sure the data shows that these jobs are doing exceptional in the pvp scene.
  6. caramellmacchiato

    GX Caspen Build and MVP Build

    obtainable from DQ shop for 5 tokens, or buy from players.
  7. caramellmacchiato

    Elite Weapon Quest (UPDATED & REMAKE)!

    Elite temple sir, ‘elite weapon expert’ npc.
  8. Have you at least kill 1 person with your elite weapon to get it activated to lvl 1 After that, go to elite temple on the very left an NPC looking like a champion to get your weapon debugged, check again with Reignleif, check status and see if your elite weapon is on lvl 1.
  9. You can elite a sniper or a ranger either way its the elite weapon to that class
  10. caramellmacchiato

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Ol juga paling afk doang gw wkwkwk
  11. caramellmacchiato

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Paling aku
  12. caramellmacchiato

    Daily Quest Revamp

    Grand cross is a hybrid skill (ATK+MATK) though a Hybrid skill, it seems to scale far better with INT as the main stat Bound or not, sniper card works nonetheless. Bound cards doesn’t lose its intended effect, but merely just ‘not-tradable’ thats all. This is because the staffs don’t want people profit even more than what they were given, (selling them for zeny) Sniper Cards work perfectly fine with GC build, despite its description, I can assure you that. So goodluck with your farming! I farmed Hades with those, haha good ol 4 hrs aday-grind.
  13. caramellmacchiato

    Daily Quest Revamp

    I farmed my way out of poverty with 4 sniper cards farming DM in caspen using GC.