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  1. caramellmacchiato

    im curious... how did u find dro now in 2019

    When I was new, I simply type in something like high rate private server ragnarok online which directed me to RMS, dRO was highly ranked RO at that time, I proceeded to download it and the rest is history. I sometimes wonder what age range the players would be. I bet, its the 90s kids which mostly already working, married and have busy lives. Which is exactly why I hope that the whole hero related quest thingy got simplified even more, with tech like smartphone games at the tip of people’s finger tips, no one has that much time to sit in front of laptop as much as we did back in 2009.. simplify everything once again, these grown-ups dont have much time to spare and they want to play now, player count will hopefully sky rocket Also PS when I was really young I skipped school to internet cafés and online RO
  2. caramellmacchiato

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    Lyumia, they change it from the elite temple. Accessible once you get elite, with cost of total 20b; 10b for entry and 10b for alternate sprite let's aim to become elite!
  3. caramellmacchiato

    New To Server

    Hi Orihara! Welcome to the server! Very exciting to have some new players. My advice I would give to new players is usually "don't give up!" Because your story doesn't end when you reach max level 500; do you have what it takes to become a hero? Also use the command @request <your question> if you need immediate help. Me and all other staffs will do our best to guide you around the server. Hope to catch you in-game. Enjoy your stay!
  4. My internet went down for a few hours, went downstairs and talked to my family. They seem like nice people 😌

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    2. caramellmacchiato


      Guys I was joking 😂

    3. onion


      Lol xD it's just that I could so relate to it if it were real

    4. caramellmacchiato


      I mean tbh we dont really talk that much since the world is already in our pockets

  5. caramellmacchiato

    Returning Player

    If your char hasn't been hero at all I would suggest you go ahead and do it also aim to get elite + the elite weapons. In between that you can vote at the main website to get vote coins, recently these coins can get you donation gears effect, also rare wings!
  6. I'm just happy to get kills and badges every round of BG 😀 

  7. caramellmacchiato

    Medal of Honor (Mage) and Glorius Ring Bug

    Glorious Ring doesn’t stack with Asprika.
  8. PSA: since all channels are now closed, any new player that need immediate guidance about the server can use the command ‘@request <your question>’ 😀

  9. caramellmacchiato

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    Brb gamble all of my little zeny.
  10. Just spent hours in monster arena, 2 brain cells left and bout pass out.

    1. miareeta


      Hours... ha. You've gotten stale, mister, when you've done worse for days.

    2. caramellmacchiato


      Stale it is, miss. I’m much older and can’t function properly 

  11. caramellmacchiato

    Elite Hero Job Changer

    I believe, its gonna keep track of that info. That is how your level 4 char is maintained
  12. I guess we were all neglecting the channels until its gone 😂

  13. caramellmacchiato


    Hi, I believe this item needs a server reboot to fix and don’t worry we can assure you everything will be fixed it depends on our admin sorry to keep you waiting all these time.
  14. caramellmacchiato

    how refine +5,+6,+7,+8 safe or without breaking

    I even managed to get an armor to +9 once just by wof! Goodluck. Also never feel bad to ask anything you aren’t clear about!
  15. caramellmacchiato

    What is the advantage to become elite hero?

    Hi, there are plenty of services you can get your hands on in elite temple. You can buy elite weapon kills, 3rd elite weapon, change IGN, change your job sprite, get auras, and also there are plenty of NPC that sells DM/Badges items with discounts! There will be slot machine, healer (with buff too)!