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  1. caramellmacchiato

    My opinion about DreamerRO

    Another way I can think of is to increase the drop rate of these certain essential cards for temporary period of time. this could be carried out as an event; in a separate room like the mvp hunting room or whatever. Then supply will come right back up and the prices drop.
  2. caramellmacchiato

    My opinion about DreamerRO

    I would suggest implement a npc (this might sound stupid) that provides essential mvp cards like Kiel, Orc Hero or whatever.. so prices of these staple pieces would always be on the same price, althought I might see a possible fact that Kiels wouldn’t be hunted as much but at this rate, we need to change the newbies life.
  3. caramellmacchiato

    Indonesian Lounge -

    gentong air sa ae lu
  4. caramellmacchiato


    gracias por esta guía. -- Caramello.