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  1. WL= telekinesis intense + soul expansion/ napalm vulcan. With like Vesper ofc if youre MVP-ing. AB= sonic blow Haha
  2. To anyone who hasn’t reviewed.. maybe this week?!


  3. Latte

    Kiel card for returning player.

    In the meantime you can get kiel for 4 dq coins.
  4. Latte

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Luck is really on your side despite of it reportedly being unrewarding and extremely low chance I bet you would win 10 rares if it was any easier. Thanks for coming back and playing it too
  5. Latte

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    The event is supposed to let players craft a donation gears, which takes days if not weeks for an average player to obtain. If one can get an end-game gears in 20 hours with 5K tokens i’d say its basically a giveaway, its a deal. I’ll let you in for a little secret, if Halloween is too easy it’ll affect the economy (there I said it lol), eventually the donation dynamic. If only getting a rare is as easy as gathering a few candies, no one would be interested to do the intimacy race, normal average people even don’t get a rare for months. It’s supposed to be end game— and what happen to the people who has thousands and thousands of candies on their disposal in storage? They would at least get away with how many rare? Theres a lot of things to consider in doing these kind of events, we need to close loopholes as many as possible. the whole point of the event is a quick donation gears crafting, 2-3 in the span of 3 weeks. Unless you have a plan on getting every each one of gears on the shop; which of course the devs wouldn’t let such thing to happen, because again— economy. But then if you have the time to farm non-stop, no sleep and completely sell your soul to the PC i’d say you probably deserve the things you would get. Sometimes along with time passing, the staff team will be reshuffled, they will have different ideas or different concept, so the current Halloween may or may not be harder than previous year, we can’t guarantee its gonna be the same each year. But its gonna be fun and that’s where you can craft one or two things. ps. The trick or treat game with bleach mask you are talking about is on the closing of the event, which ideally is 3rd November. We’ll go from down caspen to the upper north trick or treating together. also, if there is anything you dont understand about the whole quest in the halloween you can use @request and if no one is answering you can DM me here on forum I would be glad to explain/ guide you through it.
  6. Latte

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    that bootique guy consume your loots in exchange for the gears, click on 'buy' and it'll show his requirements
  7. Latte

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Its a sir but ok lol
  8. Latte

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    You can buy them from the witch morgana, (in exchange for halloween drops you farmed). Basically..
  9. Latte

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    yes and no, should be probably ±3weeks. We are entering phase 2 soon so its probably week 2.
  10. Team not GX for farming where ma people at

  11. Latte

    GX Holiday (1) Damage Build

    I originally planned for this build to be able to be used in any holiday event, like Christmas is in 2 months so I didn’t add any of how to deal with peculiar ghost kind of gear so basically the gears above should be able to do quite good in any holiday event. It seems like that evil druid peculiar is designed to be hardest to kill among all, it took me a while to kill it too hmm I do have this Skull Bone Hat that allows you to cast 25% chance lex aeterna on upper HG although I haven’t seen it being significantly add damage but you can try.. its from DQ shop I forgot how many coins.
  12. Latte

    GX Holiday (1) Damage Build

    It doesnt matter the placement actually it’ll work just fine haha
  13. Latte

    GX Holiday (1) Damage Build

    It is if you dont up the skill in the skill tree
  14. Latte

    GX Holiday (1) Damage Build

    Yes it does but your sonic blow wont proc on + range. There is a NPC cater on creating calavero mask now on halloween do look out for that. and please do me a favor link any of your friends who are confused about the build for holiday farm as a GX. I want everybody to have equal build or at least up to par this year and happy farming everybody have a good one