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  1. Latte

    Clown and Gypsy Taroteers

  2. Latte

    Menghitung Sampai 1.000.000

    485 shopee
  3. Latte


    Sini biar ku invite kalo mau tapi jangan main 2 minggu trus pensi ya wkwk
  4. Latte

    Dreamer RO Memes

  5. Hello, heres to a guide for start ups: http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36996-newbie-guide-your-road-to-hero/ after you get all of those, you might want to start the Hero quest, its unique and exclusive to our server, think of it as the traditional get your char to level 99; http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/59-hero-quest-guide/&tab=comments#comment-174 you can continue going to be a Elite Hero where you will get an end-game weapon, you will probably figure it out after you’re familiar with the server.
  6. Latte

    Share build STP boss !!

  7. thanks for the guide! ps your English is fine
  8. Latte


    Welcome to area 51
  9. Latte

    (Legacy RO Player) New Here Though!

    meet us in Geffen anytime
  10. Diversity is a beautiful thing, you can say all that in real life but wont accept it in a 2D games? as long as they’re not talking about you behind your back just ignore it, if you have a dialect and meet someone in online game you surely would like to use the language lol. although i understood the frustration of being left out and looked like an alien— this just sounds a bit discriminating from you, all roots from discrimination starts with disgust and scared of being one of us. Maybe it isn’t the server that’s wrong, its you. if you cannot accept diversity of human languages then its okay, we’re fine right here right now. plus i dont find myself playing GTA5 with spanish, ive been here for 3 years and all I use is English, in fact we are using it right now.
  11. hi GL ^^ thanks for invite 

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    2. legolas6677


      GL why cant connect to the server?? what happen faild to connect

    3. Latte


      Yeah just be patient the server is currently down lets hope its up in a bit

    4. legolas6677


      ahh ic ^^ heheh ok GL thanks

  12. Latte


    OG is a success, bumping this thread to let people know that Overgeared II is now open for recruitment, ask Seam or me or go geffen for possible invites!
  13. Wish granted, overgeared guild is now a thing /wah