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  1. Latte


    its Norse Mythology, Myths of north germanic people demons and angels are depicted in a lot of fiction and popular culture, it's a simple 2D game, don't be too serious I mean if you ask me, in Buddhism there's really no creator of the world
  2. Latte

    Buying Fused Phreeoni leave price

    Edit: Nvm mine were sold
  3. When you speak two languages and start losing vocabulary in both of them = byelingual

    1. Aselica


      speak caveman

  4. Latte

    It's a bit silly

    The amount of entertainment in this post anyway welcome back glad to have you on our server
  5. Latte

    Glacial Wolf Battleground Set

  6. Latte

    Simple macro for skill spam

    @Azriel try http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Mapin_Auto_Cast_RO a bit more complicated but its worth it lol
  7. Latte

    For sale

  8. Latte

    Phantom Psuchie Damage in HHH

    Died in 0.005 sec upon entering
  9. Latte

    Back to RO after years

    By afker you mean you too right? Afker
  10. Latte

    Pro Tip: How To Be Rich

    Stop posting anything just to stir the pot
  11. Latte

    Pro Tip: How To Be Rich

    leech off of your famous and rich friend Seamless.
  12. Latte

    Moonlight Sonata.'s Event Grinding Tips

    @PattyAnnis this true?
  13. Latte

    Marin taming pet

    Marin's pet food has been changed to an apple recently