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  1. Wow what the heck this is such a detailed and beautiful guide
  2. Latte

    Battleground Garment Master

    Now pls sell me this garment cheap pm pls lol
  3. Latte

    Battleground Garment Master

    There isn’t a fixed phase to it but we can definitely say its a beginning of a system like this and there will definitely be more to come
  4. We have a saying that goes like “an empty barrel makes a loud noise”

  5. Latte

    anyone pinoy guild here?

  6. Latte

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    wyd here
  7. Latte

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    honestly no need such big attitude you can see nothing stays the same in dRO, this time its this, tomorrow it might change, we just tryna adapt out here
  8. Latte

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    I dont think you're supposed to abracadabra a boss right? Idk i might be wrong
  9. Latte

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Try closer range?
  10. Latte

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    All these SOH but no one joinbg
  11. Latte

    How to remove Gepard Ban

    chances are, you were banned for some dRO file tempering, open a ban appeal here http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/48-ban-appeals/
  12. Latte

    How to remove Gepard Ban

    Why were you gepard banned in the first place?
  13. Latte

    Bring back Battlegrounds!!

    ^ exactly my point. I have always believed that incentive as a way to kickstart a feature has never been the best idea, it's nice to have once or twice. I'd rather people play BG because of the fun running around in a little skirmish, rather than for reward. That way we'll win indefinitely.
  14. Latte

    Bring back Battlegrounds!!

    I don't get it. If some of you are looking forward to battleground why isn't anyone joining? Is the incentive not enough? or what's Haze supposed to do at this point to kickstart it? by giving it even more incentive?