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  1. eucliwod

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    i dont know but, i hope it wont get disabled..
  2. eucliwod

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    i forgot, and i cant find that job is from renewal or pre renewal.. but here is the things.. if u want to count all the timeline same as the official RO.. u should add 3rd expanded job(star emperors and soul reapers was added at 20th june 2018 a year ago already at official server).. then i can agree with this changes.. bcz with all due respect to you HaZe, Oboro/Kagerou and Rebellion are still counted as 2nd expanded job.. as mentioned from the Rebellion job player.. how can he run with the skill if no expanded 2nd job skill..
  3. eucliwod

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    kagero/oboro and rebellions is expanded job.. not 3rd job classes.. it is already listed on iRO wiki.. if u count kagero/oboro and rebellions as a 3rd job.. it means they should have Transcendent Second Class.. they dont have it, so it should be not disabled.. because expanded class is expanded one, not the main class.. they arent counted as 3rd job or 2nd job.. so it should be enabled all the skill and the class of kagero/oboro and rebellions is the same as soul linker and TaeKwon master(star gladiator).. if u want to disable dont disable just two job of it, but all the same class as kagero/oboro and rebellions.. BUT it is impossible to disable all the expanded job.. so it means u dont need to disable it..
  4. eucliwod


    wew klaus go 10 come haha
  5. eucliwod

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    i think make the rank reset in a week seems a lot of nerf, coz if u do that none want to play TK anymore.. maybe u can change every 2 month or 3 month.. since TK easily nerfed by SW, and if no rank no damage, if u want damage u want to rank, if want to rank need to farm mobs, too much farm mobs no farm money.. it shouldnt have changed.. @HaZe.. im not a TK player but i feel for them.. XD
  6. eucliwod

    Indonesian Lounge -

    itu lag di PING, BOSS.. gak ngaruh ke PC kl lag di BAGIAN PING..
  7. eucliwod


  8. eucliwod


    the cred sell cheap please thanks..
  9. rip bye scammer



      rip woe though

  10. eucliwod

    Absen Anak-Anak Indo

    Nama : Jeremia William Chandra IGN : Eucliwod, Jey, Asal : Bandung Facebook : www.facebook.com/jeywillchan Twitter : bedeh jaman SMA nih udh gak ada YM : sama jaman SMA udh gak dipake
  11. https://imgur.com/beOckRW https://imgur.com/YFu1eFQ https://imgur.com/FvgWPhT https://imgur.com/R9lENJA https://imgur.com/kyDTILR FROM TOP TO BOTTOM HAHAHA GRAB YOUR POPCORN FOR THIS GAY BULSHIT WHO TALK ALL BIG BOSS BUT BEG FOR SALARY
  12. eucliwod

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    new HG sprite pls???!!! our ro lack of HG sprites if we compete to another RO.. lot of HG sprite will make more people come to see what HG and farm more to new HG! and add more cute HG on PVP SHOP!!!! we need PVP to be active!
  13. eucliwod

    Surprise Rare Box & Rare Token Shop

    the random rare box
  14. eucliwod

    Signature Generator

    cant use this now, 404 not found
  15. eucliwod

    Forum Awards [Applications]

    Billionare and Elite Hero.. IGN : Poochan.