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  1. eucliwod

    Thanks for the years of play

    ok.. bye..
  2. man idk how to handle this.. from that SS that u send, i can see you are trying to blame HaZe for not refunding the donation after getting banned, but well.. i cant help your argue.. since u guys breaking rules..

  3. come to woe ya boy.. try to rekt us boy a softie

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    2. eucliwod


      why? scared? haiyahhhhh

    3. Jack


      scared by creed helm.. pff pff pfff

    4. eucliwod



  4. maybe u can rekt and owned other guild on other RO.. sorry to say, here need experience to it.. stay longer maybe u can, but low probability if your attitude still like kids who always ask, never grow bro.. HAHAHA

  5. eucliwod


    same he done it to me too LOL sadlyfe
  6. someone just mad down voting all my post LOL.. trolling? or YOLO because u already got minus reputation???

    1. Jack


      maybe he got a fcking sadlife in reality..maybe he born in fcking poor family? or being bully by kids? dunno..LOL

  7. eucliwod


    siggy gays?
  8. ouch.. mirror pls

  9. eucliwod


    wew.. dont publish my nude ok jack
  10. eucliwod

    BUYING Hero quest elements

    draconus scale u need to farm it yourself.. use hero temple lady pay 1b for easier draconus inside..
  11. eucliwod


    TT but dont racist.. even party name, i dont like when hella start using N word on their party.. last time i reported someone from hella but they not doing anything, especially Freiya not even jail him or banned him from racist(she only said "thanks for the report".. but tomorrow after she said "thanks for the report", i still saw that guy wandering at my base again.. i still have the screenshot, they insult my country on my base.. please this should be taken seriously about RACIST..
  12. eucliwod

    Returning Player

    welcumback oldies
  13. eucliwod

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    i dont know but, i hope it wont get disabled..
  14. eucliwod

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    i forgot, and i cant find that job is from renewal or pre renewal.. but here is the things.. if u want to count all the timeline same as the official RO.. u should add 3rd expanded job(star emperors and soul reapers was added at 20th june 2018 a year ago already at official server).. then i can agree with this changes.. bcz with all due respect to you HaZe, Oboro/Kagerou and Rebellion are still counted as 2nd expanded job.. as mentioned from the Rebellion job player.. how can he run with the skill if no expanded 2nd job skill..
  15. eucliwod

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    kagero/oboro and rebellions is expanded job.. not 3rd job classes.. it is already listed on iRO wiki.. if u count kagero/oboro and rebellions as a 3rd job.. it means they should have Transcendent Second Class.. they dont have it, so it should be not disabled.. because expanded class is expanded one, not the main class.. they arent counted as 3rd job or 2nd job.. so it should be enabled all the skill and the class of kagero/oboro and rebellions is the same as soul linker and TaeKwon master(star gladiator).. if u want to disable dont disable just two job of it, but all the same class as kagero/oboro and rebellions.. BUT it is impossible to disable all the expanded job.. so it means u dont need to disable it..