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  1. eucliwod

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    please add BG and woe kills too
  2. eucliwod

    Indonesian Lounge -

  3. eucliwod

    Geopard Shield 3 Bypass

    u dont need /stand command, u can use /sit again to stand your char
  4. eucliwod

    Geopard Shield 3 Bypass

    instal windows on mac
  5. eucliwod

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    Im suggesting about samurai set new sprite please.. since the samurai set is good set and expensive set too.. thank you GM Team
  6. eucliwod

    Overgeared I & II

    /no1 :D
  7. did we said or asl that how can we fight newbie guild? i think u are being delusional here.. here listen.. if u want us to take over the honorable, we can do it sis, it is easy.. so many vets active, but with our economic, we only done dq and some instance, that honorable system is for newbies for grow up.. since what i quoted up here is offensive in my opinion.. so well i wont debate anymore coz i want to wait for haze to talk
  8. i think someone already abuse honorable guild, since i dont have power to check it, well i dont know how they abuse it i agree for removing woe tokens.. is there any connection between honorable with "WOE" in means War Of Emperium from the original meaning? i mean, are honorable breaking emp? pushing to the emperium to get the castle? if no, then remove it.. if u not remove it, none will join woe.. all farming, and abusing all farming method(which i dont know how to abuse farm method since i never farm).. and all method for farming DM already easy, can get DMs thru farming.. now u want more people to buy DM or CC item from farming honorable guild? nahhhhh man that is too much, where is the old method that we all teach about this server when this server at peak, "you want it? u earn it." i dont blame you for making this server newbie friendlies.. but if u add that WOE token into honorable guild, it means all the newbie on that honorable guild, wont woe, they wont even try it.. are u thinking that much? about removing emperium card and change it into another card, i agree as well, so no complain about it.. what ever replies or quote me, i will stick with i am agree for this..
  9. eucliwod

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    it is fixed for sunday castle thanks..
  10. eucliwod

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    only 14 inside master room and it still bug not giving 100eco cant invest too
  11. eucliwod

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    up this, still bug.. 50 eco castle, treasure is not all new treasure.. and still bug cant change the guild leader, before or after woe sunday.. (already can change gm) but eco still 50 @HaZe
  12. eucliwod

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    nice update! long waited
  13. eucliwod

    +8 Poseidon Shoe

  14. eucliwod

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    new rare..