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  1. limp

    xmas map

    can we not have pets with in that Christmas map map please its real annoying when u have to farm for the same pet your trying to look for any one else agree rant over lol !!!!
  2. limp

    hello from louyang gang bangers

    ahhhhh i never saw that guild section hence me running it here but cool cool i know now for future ref and yes pop by some time
  3. hey...pssssssssssssssttt... i started a new guild yes another new guild .....well okay Im not interested in getting all crazy and starting a fight inside Woe so i kinda want to try a social approach We hang at louyang we all so have a discord channel that we can voice chat inside but we just need to gain a few more people to join us in discord so if you want to join us just hit me up in game (Limpstar) feel free to come and join us for lols or just as a alt its totally up to you but we are all friendly and want to help each other out again we are in louyang just in case u missed it hehehehehe we only ask that you become a lil more active with in the guild so that when we have a fair amount of people active we can actually do some stuff like ET runs and many more things with in the game so as i have said come and find me (yes Limpstar) at louyang and create some good times ..... P.s we are social!! we have fun!! join are crazy mad world of louyang gang bangers hope to see yall soon Thank you from your friendly guild leader good old Limpy!!! we all so have a co leader shes very friendly u should come and meet her some times any how this is where i depart and thank you for reading and i will see you fellow gamer's with in game see yall soon
  4. welcome welcome to my page come visit and chat any times