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  1. limp

    Guild Guide 2019

    active guild looking for players for endless tower and more louyang gang bangers come see us in louyang hope this post was okay BTW we are active
  2. limp

    cards and more

    i was just thinking it would be a more realistic option for newer players to join the system and besides the market prices in the vend room are terrible every one and i mean every one in there OP the items and it makes never players thing why am i here trying so so hard to get this stuff when every one OP the items seriously tho i say set a price for Dtokens witch would then in turn set a price for any card right or any item just saying
  3. limp

    cards and more

    hi there i see so many times people talking about Kiel-D-01 when you buy it from donations its account bound and not trade-able if your paying for a item that is donation surely u should be able to trade between accounts i all so feel if you changed this to do so dont u think the market will become a little better and make it not so expensive for the newbies to even get some where whats people think about this
  4. welcome welcome to my page come visit and chat any times