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  1. gotta love trolls
    talking about you if you can't comprehend sarcasm. not my fault you don't have friends and your only output for stress is this game and still no one cares.

  2. Zaabu


  3. Zaabu


    basing on the information for donating via DRO website " 6.If the transaction is approved, you will need to open a Support Ticket to have your donation processed. 7. This process usually takes 24-48 hours.Once the donation is processed you will be able to collect your donation credits from our Donation Girl NPC in Caspen. You may exchange the credits for the donation items available on our Shop."
  4. Zaabu


    do you have a screenshot of it? try to repatch your client or reinstall the installer. if problem still persist try to grab these and paste them in the folder
  5. I wish I could just block you . you are really irritating 🙂 oh well haters gonna hate 

  6. Zaabu

    Unable to receive hero C arc wand

    @itechnology stop irritating people around with your nonsense down-voting. you're not even helping the community. a freeloader might say? hmm
  7. Zaabu

    Unable to receive hero C arc wand

    I'm guessing you already did the Heaven flower quest (because you said you are Rank C now??)  Note : Heimir will ask for 200 honorable kills (This kind of kills can be obtained by killing players in duel arena, @pvpmode, @duel, Hero Arena, and other PvP environment). You don't need to do them, because even without doing it, you can still talk to Reginleif, as long as you have done the Heaven Flower quest. If you wanna try is do the quest again by doing this : However you need to finish first the Heaven flower Quest before she talk to you. First, you must go to [lighthalzen 40 240] and talk to the NPC named Heimer. He will describe to you a quest. and find an item called [Heaven Flower]. Heaven Flower can be found in [odin_tem03] in 3 possible random locations:  After you approach a heaven flower, a Seyren-like mob (The one that spawns at lhz_dun03) will spawn nearby it. He drops heaven flower once killed, but this is not a 100% drop rate. So if you don't get the Heaven Flower, you need to warp to other Heaven Flower's location. If every location has been searched but you still can't obtain Heaven Flower, you need to reset back to Heimer. Once you have obtained the Heaven Flower, return to Heimer and you can now talk to Reginleif. Credits to @Valco for this. If problem still persist try @request for a GM or staff or any assistant in game for more support. also this : C Rank Hero (*Note : Be extra careful when doing 60 kills with 2:1 kill ratio, You might get a problem with creating the C rank weapon if your K:D ratio increase above the suggested limit*) Credits to @Valco for this.
  8. Zaabu

    Unable to receive hero C arc wand

    i don't know what to say right now. i will check it later for you
  9. Zaabu

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    ooooh I'll be waiting for this one.
  10. Zaabu

    Donation item switch?

    yeah figured that out in game anyways thanks tho a GM can close this if possible
  11. yeah reacting downvote on all my post makes you the reason for this community not to grow 🙂 just letting you know that.

    go figure something out rather than making this community die

    1. S N I F F U P

      S N I F F U P

       he did wven to me  he vote down to all my post  wtf 

  12. Zaabu

    Donation item switch?

    @itechnology downvote for what? lmfao ur not making sense at all
  13. Zaabu

    Donation item switch?

    So i recently bought this dark aura donated item and then when i looked out for more items i saw the jazz ring. Is there a chance that i can switch my dark aura to the jazz ring? i just recently bought this i didn't know that the jazz ring exist at all. or atleast refund the dtoken and ill buy the jazz ring instead? or this is no refund at all (which is sad )?
  14. Zaabu

    dual client?

    thanks @Sadie! ( my altar is open still for your confession )
  15. Zaabu

    Unable to receive hero C arc wand

    *List is formated in : Quantity - Item - Obtain 100 - Steel - Sold in Mall 20 - Emperium - Sold in Mall 10 - Star Crumb - Sold in Mall 10 - Elunium - Sold in Mall 10 - Oridecon - Sold in Mall 1 - Heroic Peridot - A quest 20,000,000 - Zeny - Zeph/Selling items/ETC Talk to Heimer, then he'll ask you to meet Hildebrand at [lighthalzen 256 122]. He'll ask you to have 60 kills with a 2:1 kill ratio (Kills : Death) then, he'll give you something like an app (a.k.a. Peridot) Then go to BS Regin [ein_in01 28 85] and he will ask you to bring: referred by this guide if things still bugged please post a thread here http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/6-bugs-exploits/ or @request in game to have a staff guide you