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  1. gotta love trolls
    talking about you if you can't comprehend sarcasm. not my fault you don't have friends and your only output for stress is this game and still no one cares.

  2. Zaabu


  3. This will be nice! thanks for the event!
  4. Zaabu

    Legit downvoting?

    thanks mah dude! it's just irritating how people wants to see the world burn.
  5. I wish I could just block you . you are really irritating 🙂 oh well haters gonna hate 

  6. Zaabu

    Halloween Event [2018] Finale

    ooooh I'll be waiting for this one.
  7. Zaabu

    Legit downvoting?

    psh crying? it's just not fun to make fun to others but i guess on your state it is. childish and pesky doings. you do know you are irritating other people and it makes you feel good. that's how BULLY starts.
  8. Zaabu

    Legit downvoting?

    get ban for what? u gave 53 downvotes for the last months i guess? u dont even contribute to this community at all? and all you do is jsut downvotes for no reason at all? not a single reason to downvote a question to be answered. and now what? just a hobby? lmfao goodjob for you then. will wait for a staff to respond to this. SS for your downvotes: https://gyazo.com/8b664e486bb962754c0e19034fd95071
  9. Zaabu

    Legit downvoting?

    https://gyazo.com/f1d7efda3d5c3ca4cc2f5f20d479778f Is this even for real? Is this even bannable or something? Its making my rep go down ( i mean not a big deal but still pisses me ) even though I know for a fact I am not doing anything wrong to have a downvote
  10. yeah reacting downvote on all my post makes you the reason for this community not to grow 🙂 just letting you know that.

    go figure something out rather than making this community die

    1. S N I F F U P

      S N I F F U P

       he did wven to me  he vote down to all my post  wtf 

  11. Zaabu

    Scheduled Maintenance Oct 15, 2018

    it comes and go @HaZe
  12. V4P has been fixed i guess because i get 5 points for voting for the 5 sites
  13. Zaabu


    true that! me and my friends are really enjoying the farming grind on this RO
  14. it has been addressed to the staff and even the admin. they're trying to work things out. but keep looking for updates on the Announcements
  15. Zaabu


    true that about work but still sometimes the sense of gaming is gone for just afking and vending it is convinient but on the gaming side its like the population is stable in 400+ just because of the vendors. like literally 350+ are vend and 20+ are real people walking around . P.S just my opinion tho