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  1. Bandotta

    Fused MVP cards

    thank you very much for your replay. appreciate that
  2. Bandotta

    Fused MVP cards

    so if i use a regular Atroce as the second and third card. does the second and third card gives bonuses? thank you for your reply. it was really helpful
  3. Bandotta

    Fused MVP cards

    Hello i recently obtain a Fused Atroce Card. i have been wondering about the [not Stackable] description. the card itself as we all know have +500 ATK pts +15hit/upgrade level and 5% chance to cast curse when attacking. what i have been meaning to ask is if i put together 2 or three Atroce cards, on a weapon will i still get the second and third card's ATK bonus or do i only get the first card's bonus ? i thank you in advance for your replies
  4. Bandotta

    Bandotta's Bizarre Adventure

    Met a catty. not a cute one tho it just wanna take stuffs i dropped
  5. Bandotta

    Bandotta's Bizarre Adventure

    actually the Orc Hero dude on the map gef_fild10 XD i'm so damn obsessed with this MVP mob. he's awesome
  6. Bandotta

    Breath Taking Places in DRO

    first post i thought it was edited with photoshop or something XD