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  1. thank you you help more that i think!!!!!
  2. thank you help me a lot, and can you tell me what and where is KOF i really dont have idea what is...... jajajajaaj i feel really bad for asking that kind of things but i really want to know more....
  3. Please i need help and sorry, i lost 4 headgears because i really dont have idea how work or how reduce the chance to broke or failed without broked in +5 +6 +7 and +8 upgrade..... thnaks and sorry, i really noob
  4. camiloys

    the best equips for warlock with DT

    thank you so much for the information and take your time for this..... I appreciate...!!!!
  5. hello Im new in the game and I want to know which one is the best equip.... thanks